Give Me Your Hands and Marry Me

Give Me Your Hands and Marry Me

Yao Yao Zhi Xin

359 chapters

A Miao’s first impression on the male protagonist: a psycho and pervert who always attempts to make physical contact with her through unrighteous means.

Shen Xinglan’s first impression on the female protagonist: dunno.
A Miao, a street burgler, ran into Shen Xinglan, a billionaire in S City. Who would’ve thought that they would start a beautiful, romantic love story with ups and downs?

Shen Xinglan came back from a kill-training base on a distant island and started a successful career as a businessman. Along with numerous incredible helpers, can he manage to resist the plots and schemes against his enemies in his family? Does he have more secrets? What’s the untold stories of A Miao’s mysterious background?
Join their journey!