Chapter 748:Big Guys’ Little Milk Group is a Black Heart Lotus

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Xiao Ruanuan squatted down with Yanyan, looked at Yanyan's depressed little face, and asked carefully, "Yanyan, what's the matter with you?"

Yanyan raised her head and looked at Xiao Ruanruan, a pair of black and white clear eyes were actually filled with a layer of water mist, Xiao Ruanyan was startled, is Yanyan sad because her family is not bankrupt?

"Xiao Ruan Ruan, I found another piece of evidence that I am not Lao Yu and Lao Li..."

Xiao Ruan Ruan: "...Tell me about it."

Yanyan's little nose twitched, and her tears couldn't fall, "You are your brothers' sister, and Wenwen is her parents' daughter. Look at how many bodyguards follow you when you go out, and how many assistants are around Wenwen.

Even the Mu Yiling we saw at the doctor Shu Shu has many assistants, Lao Yu and Lao Li did not hire a few more people to take care of me before they went bankrupt, it must be because I am not biological, uuu..."

Xiao Ruan Ruan: "..."

She turned around and looked at the bodyguard who was following her not far away. In fact, she didn't want it!

But because of what happened before, she couldn't convince her big brother to rest assured that she was alone, alas!

Xiao Ruanruan originally wanted to talk to Yanyan about the concept of education, but after thinking about it, for Yanyan, if she wanted to talk to her about the concept of education, it would be no different from chanting.

So, she directly pulled Yanyan up from the ground, "Go, I'll take you for a paternity test!"

The eyebrows and eyes of Yanyan and her father were simply carved out of the same mold. It would be strange if they were not biological.

Yanyan struggled a little, then she stood up with Xiao Ruanuan's strength, made a big determination, clenched her fists and said, "Okay, let's do a paternity test!"

After he finished speaking, he pulled Xiao Ruan Ruan's arm nervously, "Xiao Ruan Ruan, if I really aren't born to Lao Yu and Lao Li, then you have to help me and my fourth brother to ask for mercy and let the fourth brother take me to film and make money. Feed me!"

The little soft and fleshy little bun patted Yanyan's little hand, and said very loyally: "Don't worry, if you are really not your parents' biological, I will raise you, and I am rich now!"

Yanyan immediately raised her sleeves to wipe the tears from her face, and hugged her little soft arm tightly, "Okay, okay!"

Xiao Ruan Ruan: "..."

Why does she feel that Yanyan seems to be expecting that she is not born to her parents?

Xiao Ruan Ruan took Yanyan back to her villa in the capital, and was going to find a few strands of her parents' hair for a paternity test.

At the same time, I called the second cousin and was surprised when I learned that the second cousin was near the film and television city, and that he also built a laboratory near the film and television city.

The second cousin didn't like quiet the most before. His laboratory was in the suburbs. Why did he suddenly change his temper and build the laboratory in a bustling place next to the film and television city?

But Xiao Ruan Ruan didn't think so much. When she brought Yanyan back to her villa, fortunately, the aunt at home was lazy today and hadn't cleaned up the room, so the two of them easily found a few pieces of Yanyan's father and mother. Falling hair with follicles.

Xiao Ruan Ruan carefully packed her hair in a bag, and went to find her second cousin with Yanyan.

He Yue sent the two little guys to the address Xiao Yiyi sent.

After Yanyan walked into Xiao Yiyi's laboratory, she plucked two hairs from her head without hesitation, and handed the hair to Xiao Yiyi's hands as if she was dying.

The little brows frowned and said seriously: "Second cousin, if the test results are not good, you don't have to hide it from me, I have already prepared for the worst!"

Xiao Yiyi listened to Xiao Yanyan's adult words, and couldn't help reaching out and rubbing her little head.

He rubbed Xiao Ruan Ruan's smiling head again, and said, "Xiao Ruan Ruan, the second cousin will do the appraisal first. You take care of yourself and Yanyan's children outside. If you want to eat or play, just tell the assistant Shu Shu. ."

"Okay!" Xiao Ruan Ruan nodded obediently.

After Yanyan waited for Xiao Yiyi to enter the laboratory, she completely released her own nature. She looked around curiously, and even had a lot of fun when she saw a biological microscope with the help of her assistant.

Where is the need for little soft care!

Xiao Ruan Ruan was sitting on the sofa, with her little feet hanging in the air, shaking it a little boringly.

Just shaking it, she suddenly found a beautiful phoenix brooch in a storage box on the lower level of the coffee table. It looked familiar, but the second cousin never wore such a thing.

She took out the brooch in confusion, and after looking it over and over twice, she suddenly realized that Brother Shi Yu was wearing this brooch when he attended an event two days ago.

In the small video made by her fans on the Internet, when brother Shi Yu was asked about this brooch in an interview, he also said that he liked the brooch because it was expensive, but unfortunately it was prepared by the organizer, not him. of!

But how did this come to the second cousin?

Xiao Ruan Ruan put the brooch back in doubt.

When she put it back, she found that there were many, many beautiful brooches in the storage box below. She pulled it a little, and then quickly took out her mobile phone and searched for a collection of videos of Brother Shi Yu wearing a brooch, made by fans of Shi Yu.

Then, after a comparison, these brooches were really worn by brother Shi Yu before.

There are so many brooches worn by brother Shi Yu that are all here with the second cousin...

Although she knew that brother Shi Yu had a better relationship with cousin Er than he had with other brothers, she always seemed to feel that something was not right!

Before Xiao Ruan Ruan could understand, she heard Brother Shi Yu's voice coming from outside, "Second Xiao, is the meal ready? I'm so hungry..." I'm so hungry...

Before Shi Yu could say the last two words, he entered the door and met Xiao Ruan Ruan's dark and bright eyes.

He subconsciously looked at the brooch in the storage box on the coffee table in front of Xiao Ruan Ruan...

He has been a little bit brooch-conscious recently, but every time he goes to attend an event, the brooch prepared by the organizer is in line with his wishes. After he came back, when he pulled Xiao Yiyi to watch his event video, he unconsciously talked to Xiao Yiyi. Then twice the brooch is beautiful.

But who knew that Xiao Yiyi would go directly to buy the brooch he wore at the event from the organizer every time.

And he had inquired, Xiao Yiyi still spends a lot of money to buy it every time.

Now it is rumored in the circle that no matter what activities are held, if the funds for the activities are not enough, invite him to go, and prepare him a more expensive brooch, and he will be able to return blood.

But as soon as there were too many brooches, he didn't care about them anymore, so he placed them under the coffee table indiscriminately.


Shi Yu looked at Xiao Ruan Ruan's clear eyes that seemed to penetrate everything, and rubbed his nose awkwardly, "Xiao Ruan Ruan, that me..."

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