Chapter 749:Big Guys’ Little Milk Group is a Black Heart Lotus

Come on, a sister-in-law and take over the actor brother.

"Haven't I been filming in the film and television city recently? It just happened that my second cousin built a new laboratory here, and he wanted to learn how to cook, so he asked me to come over and teach him how to cook when I had time..." Shi Yu Man looked at the small soft eyes and said with anxiety.

Xiao Ruan Ruan didn't speak, and stared at him silently for a while.

Seeing Shi Yu's heart fluttering, he subconsciously felt that Xiao Ruan Ruan had seen through everything, and he panicked and wanted to confess and be lenient, "Xiao Ruan Ruan, actually..."

Xiao Ruanruan withdrew his gaze, held the box of brooches, and ran upside down in front of brother Shi Yu with a pair of short legs, frowning with a serious face, and taught a lesson: "Brother Shi Yu, I remember that you cleaned up before. It's very good, why is it lost now?

Didn't you say that these brooches were expensive during the interview?

You just throw it at the second cousin. Although the second cousin won't want you, there are occasional guests here!

In case the guests bring ignorant children, wouldn't it be a pity that the children were broken as toys? "

When Shi Yu listened to Xiao Ruan Ruan's chattering like a little old lady, his heart jumped into his throat and fell back, and he reached out and pinched Xiao Ruan Ruan's chubby little face, "It's okay, these are all It was given to me by the organizer, I have a lot of them, and it doesn't matter if they break."

As soon as he finished speaking, the door of the medical laboratory opened, Xiao Yiyi walked out with two report sheets, and said in a cool voice, "The organizer who invited you to the event is quite generous!"

Shi Yu raised his head to meet Xiao Yiyi's eyes, and instantly rolled his eyes and smiled a little to please, "It's just so-so, so it's alright!"

"You've given brooches worth tens of millions, so it's okay to call them?" Xiao Yiyi's voice was still cold.

Shi Yu raised his eyebrows slightly and changed his face instantly. The expression that was full of flattery just now was full of threats at this time.

Xiao Yiyi looked away calmly, she waved to Yanyan softly, and said, "Yanyan, this is the paternity test between you and your parents, whether you are with your parents or your mother, the test results have reached the same level. 99.9%, you are undoubtedly the biological child of your parents, don't you worry now?"

Yanyan took the paternity test result book in Xiao Yiyi's hand, and the old ** sighed, "Hey, it turns out that I was born to Lao Yu and Lao Li, Xiao Ruan Ruan, it seems that we have no relationship in this life. now...

But don't worry, Xiao Ruan Ruan, in the next life, in the next life, I will definitely be your daughter! "

Little Ruan Ruan: …

At this time, Shi Yu had already gone into the kitchen to cook. After Xiao Yiyi made it clear to Yanyan, he naturally changed his white coat, tied his waist, and walked into the kitchen.

Xiao Ruan Ruan poked her head and glanced into the kitchen, only to feel that there was an inexplicable harmony in the scene where Brother Shi Yu and his second cousin were cooking together, as if they had cooked together for many years.

But think about it, since the second cousin is learning cooking from brother Shi Yu, then every time brother Shi Yu cooks, the second cousin must be there to help.

Soon, bursts of fragrance wafted out of the kitchen, and Xiao Ruan Ruan heard Yanyan's saliva next to her.

She also hurriedly swallowed her own saliva while Yanyan was swallowing.

"Little Ruan Ruan, don't you love the fourth brother anymore? You come to the second cousin to eat delicious food, and you don't even call the fourth brother with you..." The fourth brother's aggrieved voice sounded outside the door.

When Xiao Ruan Ruan saw the fourth brother who came in behind the second cousin's assistant, his eyes were full of helplessness, and Xiao Nian said solemnly: "Fourth brother, I now think that the eldest brother is planning to hold a banquet and find a fourth sister-in-law for your blind date. It was a wise decision!"

Come and get a sister-in-law to accept her handsome brother!

"Xiao Ruan Ruan, you really...don't love me anymore..." Su Yan said this line, it was heartbroken, and I felt pity.

Yanyan couldn't help but ran up and hugged him, "Fourth brother, don't be sad, it's alright, Xiao Ruan Ruan doesn't love you anymore, Yanyan loves you!"

Not only Yanyan, but even the second cousin's male assistant couldn't help but say shyly: "Brother Su, don't be sad, we will love you forever!"

Hearing this, Su Yan instantly gave up pretending to be pitiful, looked at Xiao Yiyi's assistant seriously, pressed his fist to his lips, coughed twice, and concealed his embarrassment, "You are also my fan?"

The assistant's little brother blushed all of a sudden, suppressed his inner ecstasy, and nodded embarrassedly, "Yeah."

"Look around and show me a pen and a notebook, and I'll sign your name." Su Yan said calmly.

The assistant brother didn't react for a while. After a moment of stunned, he found a marker in ecstasy and handed it to Su Yan, "Brother Su, you don't need a notebook, just sign on my clothes!"

Su Yan took the pen, and Long Feifeng danced and wrote his name on the assistant's younger brother's clothes, then returned the pen to the younger brother, and said seriously, "Cough, what I said to Xiao Ruan Ruan just now can't be spread out. !"

"Brother Su, don't worry, I'm already a mature star, I understand." The assistant's little brother was so excited that his face turned red.

Only at this moment did Su Yan find time to look at the box full of brooches on the coffee table, pick one up, play with it and ask doubtfully, "When did Mr. Xiao start wearing this kind of thing?"

"It's not from the second cousin, it's from brother Shi Yu." Xiao Ruanruan explained to the fourth brother actively.

"Shyu's?" Su Yan frowned, his question hadn't been asked yet.

Xiao Ruanruan explained again: "It wasn't that Brother Shi Yu bought it, it was Brother Shi Yu who went to participate in activities, and the organizers of those activities gave him."

The shock in Su Yan's eyes is obvious, this basket costs tens of millions, and the organizers of Shi Yu's participation in the event are so lavish, why doesn't he know?

Shi Yu just came out of the kitchen serving dishes. Seeing that he was lying about to help, he quickly greeted: "Fourth brother, Xiao Ruan Ruan, Yanyan, you are going to wash your hands and eat."

Su Yan put down the brooch in his hand, gave Shi Yu a deep look, and then went to wash his hands.

After lunch, Su Yan greeted Shi Yu indifferently and said, "Shi Yu, your studio is not too far from my place, you can go back with me later."

Shi Yu glanced at Xiao Yiyi subconsciously, and Xiao Yiyi was eating elegantly without looking at him.

The frustration in Shi Yu's eyes flashed for a moment, he put down his chopsticks, washed briefly, and followed Su Yan out.

After getting into the nanny car, Su Yan looked at Shi Yu seriously, "Shi Yu, aren't those brooches from the organizer?"

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