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Battle of Mount Hyjal:

The overwhelming Burning Legion, Malfurion on the front line saw his death as his own.

Outside the barracks at the rear, Li De leisurely started his singing.

A spectacle composed of countless terracotta figurines rises from the ground!

“Building Wonders: Terracotta Warriors.

Spectacular effect: All combat units are upgraded by one level! ”

“This…is this the power of a demigod?”

Malfurion clenched his fists and asked in disbelief.

“You’ve become stronger, send it quickly!”

Li De said, but what he thought in his mind was:

“What’s the best way to build the next spectacle?”

This is a story of a traveler with a spectacle system, farming in the world of Azeroth, and blooming the light of civilization.

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