Chapter 1:Civilization of Azeroth: Start the Great Pyramid

Ship to Kalimdor

In the fourth year of the opening of the Dark Portal, Stormwind fell.

Facing the surging orc army, Marshal Lothar made a difficult decision.

All the soldiers and civilians of Stormwind Kingdom boarded ships and evacuated from the port, and went to the northern kingdom of Lordaeron to seek assistance.

Orcs do not have the skills to sail, and they are unable to continue to pursue, but this does not mean that the sea is safe.

The fleet of Stormwind Kingdom was looted by pirates!

Several pirates entrenched at the southern end of the Eastern Kingdom's mainland chose to put aside their grievances and cooperated to take advantage of the fire to slaughter the fat sheep of Stormwind Kingdom.

The naval battle took place at night, and during the naval battle, a ship from the Kingdom of Stormwind accidentally left the fleet, carrying 100 soldiers. , 900 civilians, deviated from the northern route and sailed westward by the current.

The ship's commander, Reid Victory, after eliminating the pirates who boarded the ship during the pick-up battle, found in desperation that they would never return to the correct course.

The endless sea is full of dangers, and the moody currents are one of them.

No matter how experienced a captain is, be cautious when sailing. If you accidentally stray into other seas, you are likely to be carried to unknown places by ocean currents.

As for turning the bow and returning to the correct course? If you do that rashly, the consequences are likely to be the death of the boat!

When the captain told the news, the whole ship fell into panic.

Li De is very clear that if the panic is allowed to ferment, it is likely to lead to a tragedy on a ship isolated from the world! As a commander, he must stand up at this moment!

Standing on the bow, Li De knocked the plate armor on his body like a sound, and the sound instantly attracted everyone's attention.

"I have to tell everyone some unfortunate news, because of those ** pirates, we can't go to Lordaeron.

But I promise everyone that no matter where our ship ends up, I will swear to protect everyone's safety! "

Originally, Li De's words didn't play a positive role.

Unexpectedly, just as Li De finished speaking, a golden light descended from the sky and shone on Li De's body!

At the same time, a prompt sounded in Li De's ear.

"Congratulations to the host, for achieving the achievement of killing a thousand enemies, and being promoted from an elite warrior to a hero warrior."

Li De has never been more grateful for the slowness of this system. This achievement has been achieved early in the battle, but it is only now that it is finally recognized.

And this scene, in the eyes of everyone on the boat, is simply a miracle!

'The Holy Light is above! Could it be that this commander will lead them to a brighter path? ’

People started to make up their minds unconsciously, and Li De's subordinates asked carefully.

"Captain, how do you feel?"

Li De smiled brightly and spoke to his subordinates calmly.

"Just now, I became a hero."

Another exclamation! Hero warriors, this is a level that can only be possessed by top generals! Marshal Lothar of the kingdom is a mighty hero!

After the "miracle" just now, the civilians on the ship heard the news and became more certain of their guesses.

The protection of a heroic warrior is more reassuring than ten elite warriors.

Seeing that people were no longer panicking, Li De finally relaxed his tense spirit. Most of these civilians came from an urban area. As long as they stopped panicking, their sheriffs would naturally maintain order.

Because of the relaxation, a strong feeling of exhaustion followed.

Leaning against the railing of the ship, he sat heavily on the deck, and the plate armor on his body rattled.

At this time, Li Decai had time to open the system interface to check it out.

After he was born into this world, he enlisted in the army at the age of 16 and is now 28 years old. During these 12 years, his enemies have changed from kobolds, gnolls, murlocs, trolls, orcs...

Until today, he finally achieved the achievement of killing 1,000 enemies and became a hero!

'Who would have thought that a waste like me would actually become a hero. ’

Thinking like this, Li De called out the name of the system assistant.


"Listen to your instructions, my leader."

"Check the productivity points I have."

"Follow your orders, your personal data interface has been opened:

Leader: Reed Victory

Civilization: Azeroth

Wonder Level: 1

Wonders built: 0/3

Buildable Level: 1/7 (Ancient Age)

Individual strength level: 2/5 (hero level)

Available Productivity Points: 2049

Settlement: none

Placeable plots: none

(Note: Productivity points are not enough to build wonders.

Listening to Eureka's icy electronic voice, Li De sighed, which is always the case.

"It's just over 2,000, and it took me 12 years. It's a long way off."

Thinking that the least expensive ancient spectacle would also require 18,000 productivity, Li De couldn't help feeling disheartened.

2049 points are productivity, which Li De obtained by killing 1,000 enemies in 12 years.

The calculation standard of the system is:

Kill the common beast that violates this faction, get 1 productivity;

Kill the beasts and weak intelligence races (such as kobolds and murlocs) that violate this faction, and get 2 points of productivity;

Kill the high-intelligence races (such as gnolls, trolls, orcs) that violate this faction, and gain 3 points of productivity.

provocation and killing will not count.

Although at the beginning, Li De thought it was a little cold-blooded for this kind of behavior that clearly marked the price of life.

But later, with the frequent beeps of the system and the astronomical figures required to build the spectacle, Li De became numb.

'Anyway, it is estimated that it will not be able to achieve it in a lifetime. If it likes to report it, just report it. ’

Although he insisted on this idea in his heart, Li De couldn't help but look at the still gray spectacle interface.

When he was an elite soldier, he could only view one spectacle, but now that he has become a hero-level powerhouse, he can view 3 wonders, all of which are randomly refreshed "ancient wonders".

This is because his construction level is still 1, and there are only 6 ancient wonders to refresh the Curry.

The wonders of the next era can be unlocked only after 3 wonders are built and the construction level reaches 2, and the wonders of the refresh interface will also become 4.

'You can't even reach the wonders of the ancient times, how dare you think about those? ’

Li De laughed at himself and looked at the three ancient wonders in the refreshment pool:

1. Stonehenge (Ancient): Productivity 18,000 points.

Build Terrain: Requires proximity to a quarry.

Spectacular effect: Invite a wilderness demigod/loa/prophet to come, and create a religion belonging to the leader by comprehending at Stonehenge.

(Note: If the leader has a monastery, the cost of productivity will be reduced by 30%)

2. The Great Pyramid (Ancient): Productivity 22,000 points. UU reading www. uukanshu. com

Build Terrain: Requires Desert Plains or River Shock Plains.

Spectacular effect: Randomly make a production professional under the leader become a grandmaster; all production professionals under the leader will increase their abilities by one level (the master level and above will not be improved).

(Note: If the leader has a master mason, the cost of productivity will be reduced by 40%)

3. Oracle (Ancient): Productivity 29,000 points.

Build Terrain: Requires Hilly Terrain.

Spectacle effect: The city with this spectacle can attract a hero-level powerhouse (and above) to visit every month, and increase its favorability, with a 0.01% chance to trigger the hero to take effect.

(Note: if there are two or more heroes (including the leader) within the leader's sphere of influence, the cost of productivity will be reduced by 10%)

Looking at the system's introduction to these three wonders, Li De's saliva almost didn't flow out, but looking at the productivity that needs to be spent, and looking at his poor 2,000 points, Li De suddenly felt sleepy.

Forget it, go to sleep, there is everything in your dreams.

Li De fell asleep leaning against the side of the boat like this. He had a dream. In the dream, he was standing on the top of a high mountain. There were many majestic wonders in the city at the foot of the mountain. Behind him stood the strong men of all Azeroth...

I don't know how long it took, Li De suddenly shuddered, opened his eyes and found that the captain was calling him.

It turned out that it was already dawn, and Li De yawned and stood up.

"How long have I slept?"

The captain didn't answer his question because he had more important things to tell him.

"Mr. Commander, judging from my experience, the ship has been heading westward, and I dare to make sure that we will arrive at the legendary continent, Kalimdor!"

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