Chapter 348:Civilization of Azeroth: Start the Great Pyramid

my heart is unbreakable

Ke Suen closed the huge one eye, leaving only Li De and "himself" in the entire space.

"This is impossible!!!"

Li De roared towards the endless darkness, and C'Thun said in a sticky voice in his ear.

"Nothing is impossible, just face your truest fear, it has always existed in the deepest part of your heart. You know, I have always been there."

Following C'Thun's whispers, Li De was shocked to find that the Rune Warblade in his hand had changed, turning it into his first weapon during the construction period: Sansa the Counterattack!

"You long for my strength, you know it will make you stronger, but why don't you want to face me? Is it from arrogance or from cowardice?"

C'Thun tortured Li De with whispers, and the illusion it created was responsible for leaving bigger wounds on Li De's body.

This is the most terrifying thing about the ancient gods. They never disdain to use their powerful power to convince others. They only need to play with people's hearts, and they will make the target sink into self-doubt, hesitant until the spirit collapses, and they completely lose themselves and become their slaves. .

Just as the minions of the ancient gods are called the faceless, a life has lost even its self, how can it be said to have a face?


While Li De was facing the biggest crisis in his life, Loa and the people in Stonehenge also fell into a dead end!

Backed by the entire Emerald Dream, Agamaggan struggled repeatedly, and started a tug-of-war with the gray fog of death summoned by Bwonsamdi, and what was trampled under the feet of this giant pig was the inextricable shadowy mire.

But at the edge of this swamp, the tainted blood spreads outward like boiling, and the whole process is also mixed with holy light and elements.

Even more shocking than these, it was the Stonehenge that was supposed to stand forever. At this moment, the boulders swayed left and right, as if they fell in pieces like dominoes at any time.

Torcali looked sad, she was trying to guide Li De's spiritual power, eager to help him break through the shadow of the shadow, let his soul return, and preside over the stability of Stonehenge.

Krasus and Kel'Thuzad in the sky glanced at each other, both frightened by the crumbling Stonehenge.

The sight in front of them made both of them decide that the plan of the Loams was doomed to fail. They decided to abide by the previous agreement and rescue Li De first regardless of others.

However, when the two entered Stonehenge from the air and tried to rescue Li De, they were shocked to find that they were fixed in mid-air and unable to move!

Krasus smiled bitterly, he seemed to understand why.

There are multiple demigod levels and multiple source powers wrestling in Stonehenge. It can be said that this place cannot even be said to belong to the physical plane at this moment. It is indeed a bit arrogant to want to enter and exit Stonehenge calmly just because of one of his giant dragon princes and this other magister.

In the current Stonehenge, everyone is locked there, unable to move, and has fallen into a very dangerous balance.

There are only a few possibilities to break this balance: life and death, shadow and purification are the two pairs of wrestling; Li De wakes up from the spiritual world or sinks into the spiritual world completely.

In the first two pairs of wrestling, whoever wins or loses between life and death will lead to the accelerated collapse of the shadows, and the blood will kill everyone.

If Shadow and Purification wins the latter, then it is nothing more than waiting for life and death to decide the winner, and everyone will come to rescue Li De, but I don't know if Li De will survive at that time. If the former wins, the outcome will be death.

As for Li De's awakening or sinking, after awakening, Stonehenge has stabilized, and there is more time to wait for the two pairs to decide the winner. If it sinks, it will be the collapse of Stonehenge, and there will be a huge explosion that destroys the world.

After calculating, there is a high probability that it will be a dead end!

"I really lost a lot of money today! I really regret coming to covet the soul of a demigod! I should have known that there was a huge risk to cross the continent to collect souls!"

Bwonsamdi shouted regretfully, and everyone was a little disheartened.

But at this moment Torcali shouted loudly.

"do not give up!"

The people who couldn't move and could only continue to release their power turned their eyes to look at Tokali, the mellow voice of the earth Loana was a little hysterical at this time.

"Li Deduhu is still fighting in the spiritual world! I can't imagine what he is facing at the moment, but the enemy may be stronger than what we are facing!

He hasn't yielded yet! How can we give up! "

Gani also gave a low laugh here.

"Hehe, as expected of an old sister, it's all about life and death, let's fight!"

After this, the words of Torcali and Ghani were echoed.

"Don't worry, the orcs have sworn that they will never give in."

"Well, although I still have some lifespan, it is fortunate that there are several alternative heirs to the Ring of Earth."

"For the Holy Light."

In the sky, Kel'Thuzad laughed freely.

"It looks like everyone is still very motivated."

Then he looked sideways at Krasus.

"His Royal Highness, I don't know if the dragon has similar magic. I had an immature task before, planning a magic circuit in the air."

Krasus gave him an affirmative answer.

Seeing that everyone didn't give up, Bwonsamdi spat nonexistent spit.

"You three made me miserable! I will control the power to maintain the balance with this pig! You better find a solution!"

This guy no longer wants to take away the soul of the demigod, he just wants to be able to retreat. If Stonehenge collapsed, he would certainly be badly wounded, if not in danger of his demise.


In the spiritual world, Li De was extremely miserable at the moment.

The warhorse Chaoxia was drained of blood and fell to the ground. He himself was cut off by the illusion, and his arm was cut off by the illusion.

"Don't struggle, I've been your old friend for a long time, I know how wise you are, and you already have the answer in your heart. If you fall into my arms, you will be unparalleled, and even... surpass me!"

Ke Suen's bewitching wave was higher than wave, Li De's tenacity did not make him unhappy, on the contrary, the more tenacious Li De was, the more happy he was. A person with such a strong heart, if he can win over into his minions, is definitely the sharpest weapon! Even helping yourself out of trouble is possible!

Li De was silent, and he seemed to finally be shaken.

"In your arms, can I really be that strong..."

This sentence brought great joy to C'Thun in hiding and darkness.

"What else is there to worry about? Isn't the most obvious example in front of you?"

There was also an eager expression on Mirage's face.

"Don't hesitate, enjoy this gift, the wonderful world is beckoning to you."


Li De's mouth made a meaningful sound, and the only remaining eye stared at the other party, and the teeth that were missing half of his cheeks were open and smiling.

"Hehe, you really aren't me... You really aren't me... Haha... You're not me!"

Li De's laughter was getting louder and louder, and it seemed a little permeating in the empty darkness.

The illusion was a little flustered, and even the warhorse under his crotch took a few steps back uncontrollably.

"You... what do you mean by that?!"

Li De held his head high, closed his eyes and showed a calm expression, which made him look so reassured. Suddenly he opened his eyes, his eyes were like electricity!

"C'Thun! You want to create a me that I can't defeat, and let me lose myself? Your plan is bankrupt!"

C'Thun in the darkness didn't speak, and Li De didn't want to talk to it at all, it was more like speaking to himself.

"This guy is exactly the same as me in terms of ability, voice, and tone of voice, but a fake is a fake.

What am I pursuing for greater power? wrong! What I'm after is a stronger self!

It was exposed at the last minute! A me who is only addicted to powerful forces and completely abandoned myself, how could it be me? Even if it was me, it was never me!

In my spiritual world, if you are so powerful, why create a stronger me?

Illusion is an illusion, you can draw my shape, but you can't understand my heart!

How could an illusion without self be able to defeat me! "

With the last cry, Li De jumped up, and the broken sword in his hand penetrated the heart of the illusion without hesitation.

"Oh, I'm never sloppy when it comes to killing people."

C'Thun's giant eyes opened again, and a hint of surprise seemed to be read from it.

"How could it be? It's so perfect, you shouldn't see through it..."

Li De actually smiled at the giant eye.

"Will the ancient gods be surprised too? It turns out that things like you also have emotions.

The illusion is indeed perfect, but you are the one who made the mistake. What flashed past was joy and greed, right?

Even if it is only for a moment, greed will hinder correct judgment, that is, at that moment, you expose your own essence, let me see you clearly, and the illusion clearly. "

A trace of confusion flashed in the giant's eyes again, it didn't think this was the reason for its failure.

"My greed is fleeting, but your greed is all the time."

"Yes, strength, power, love, I am greedy all the time, so I often make mistakes.

But I am a living person. When different people get together, their greed will intertwine and influence each other. So even if greed occasionally makes mistakes, in general, they can move forward together. .

You are different. What you advertise is the truth of the universe, and it is strange that the truth is greedy. "

The giant eye blinked, and it was the first time anyone dared to calmly explain to it.

"Mortal, are you proud?

You are really lucky to win once, but you won't win all the time, as long as you lose once, you will lose everything.

I will keep watching you, like the illusion that you just destroyed. The old gods never created anything, it's the fear in your heart, you can pretend you can't see it, but you can't deny it doesn't exist.

When the right time comes, it will appear in front of you again. "

Li De laughed.

"I know, thank you for your reminder.

Avoiding fear cannot eliminate fear. The best way to eliminate fear is to face it!

You who are good at playing with people's hearts, don't you know how strong my heart is? How dare you confidently beat me!

You may really have rich emotions lurking in the depths of the shadows, but no matter how much you play with people's hearts, you are still just an unintentional thing! "

The next moment, Li De's whole body was as good as before, the wound seemed to have never existed before, and the one clenched in both hands turned into a rune warblade again.

He howled loudly, and the fallen warhorse stood up, his swaying mane gleaming with golden light! Li De jumped on the horse's back with a deep jump, pulled the horse's reins into the air, and plunged into the center of the giant eye!


The dark spiritual world suddenly becomes brighter!


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