Chapter 352:Civilization of Azeroth: Start the Great Pyramid

Entanglement with Bwonsamdi

Li De and Bwonsamdi stood very close to each other, seemingly engaged in a silent contest.

Agamaggan looked at Bwonsamdi and snorted dissatisfiedly. He accepted the three Loa, which did not mean that he would not hold grudges against this guy. Just now, he was trying to take away his own soul, and he almost succeeded.

After a long time, Bwonsamdi, who was more talkative than Ghani, finally spoke up first.

"It seems that you are really not afraid of me."

Li De smiled calmly.

"Why should I fear you? The path I have followed has prepared me at all times to face death calmly. Of course, my death is not within the jurisdiction of your Zandalar Death God."

This indifferent tone made Bwonsamdi very uncomfortable.

"Stop talking nonsense! I lost a lot in this incident! But you have gained huge benefits! This is what I owe me! You and your country need to pay the corresponding price!

You must promise to offer me ten thousand souls! Otherwise I will never give up! "

Li De shook his head, how could he agree to such an overwhelming price?

"Gani Zun has already explained everything to me, and the conditions are agreed long ago. Hu Hai will not pay any price. No matter the success or failure of this matter, the risk can only be borne by you alone."

Having said that, Li De turned his head to look at Aga Magan.

"Please forgive the disrespect of my next language..."

Looking at Bwonsamdi again.

"Well, huge risks correspond to huge profits. The soul of a demigod, even if it's just a simple message, has huge value.

If anything is causing your loss, it's your own greed.

Greed itself has to pay a price, such a simple truth, as the dignified ** of death, Luoa, shouldn't you not understand? "

Li De's words made Bwonsamdi a little furious. As expected, according to the information he had, this guy was very difficult to deal with. It seemed that he could only be soft.

"Duhu Li De, I have heard your name a long time ago, and I know that you are the most fair person.

Although my agreement with Gani is true, it is also true that I have helped you tremendously. Without my reminder, the battle plan would have been out of control at the beginning. This is a fact that no one can deny, right?

In our agreement, we didn't require me to make a kind reminder, right? I think with your fair heart, you can't ignore this matter, right?

Not to mention, when the situation in the middle was going to get out of control many times, it was I who added strength to make everyone survive. The losses were heavy, probably more than when I walked away, and the impact had to be paid. You can't help but weigh my difficulties, and please have pity, my poor old Bwonsamdi. "

Bwonsamdi used three "poor" in a row, which made the three Loa who were familiar with him stunned, and Ghani pouted mercilessly.

"This old guy is really shameless. He knows that Li De has a benevolent heart. Even the most vicious ** will be treated fairly during the trial, so he deliberately pretended to be such a poor bastard."

Ghani's words were very mean, but he still couldn't change Li De's thoughts.

Although there is an element of miserable sales, I have to admit that I really owe Bwonsamdi a favor. If it weren't for this guy's full participation, the unity of the six source powers would not have been possible at all.

Don't care if you have a heart or no doubt, it's a fact that you owe him a favor. If this matter cannot be handled properly, it is really easy to bury hidden dangers, and Bwonsamdi is not a good stubble.

Don't expect anything good to be missed by such a guy.

Li De weighed it carefully in his heart, but Bwonsamdi misunderstood that the other party was thinking about how to default, so he resorted to a last resort, half-truths and threats.

"If I remember correctly, Takshiro is Li Deduhu's friend, right? He is my believer.

An honest person like you shouldn't want to see it happen because he hurt his friends, right? "

As soon as Bwonsamdi said these words, old Ghani began to curse.

"Despicable guy! You are just a scoundrel! How can you threaten others with your own followers?! You are also worthy of being a Loa?!"

Bwonsamdi turned a deaf ear to this kind of accusation, and his dictionary did not have the word morality. Compared with morality, he cared about fair trade the most, and of course it had to be a fair trade that he recognized.

Unexpectedly, Li De waved his hand calmly, signaling to Old Gani to take it easy.

"Elder Takshiro is indeed my friend, and I plan to invite him as a guest in the near future. Of course I know that he is your believer, but there is no need to say that.

I have known you for a long time. People who are not familiar with you think that you are synonymous with terror, cunning and cruelty. But in fact, Elder Takshiro has already made an accurate summary of your behavior.

You never arbitrarily deprive your life, nor do you torture your soul for no reason. What you are truly terrifying is that under the banner of a fair deal, people will fall into your trap and pay a much higher price than what you get. Constant access to the service from the soul. "

Li De's words caused Bwonsamdi's face to change color back and forth, just like all those who have been exposed to tricks.

"This guy Takshiro... really figured me out... I will take away his soul sooner or later..."

Bwonsamdi said through gritted teeth, which made Li De feel a little amused.

"You've said similar threats a thousand times, haven't you?"

That sentence made Bwonsamdi feel a little discouraged, and he said it in a somewhat exasperated manner.

"It looks like you are really good friends. He even told you this."

Among the many believers, Bwonsamdi admires Takshiro the most, and hates Takshiro the most. The reason for both is the same: Takshiro is very similar to himself.

Bwonsamdi is very good at seizing the opportunity. When people encounter difficulties, he will show up at the spot, and then share his strength under the banner of a fair deal, and convince the other party to sign an expensive contract.

But Takshiro is a guy with firm beliefs and no material desires. Takshiro, who is familiar with history books, can always find the law, try to figure out Bwonsamdi's thoughts, and exchange the minimum price for the power only needed, from Don't be greedy to get an extra point.

All this made Bwonsamdi, who has always been unfavorable, hated him so much that he would often appear and threaten to collect Takshiro's soul and torture him most cruelly.

At first, this did cause Takshiro's fear, but when he got over his fear, he realized that the other party wanted to arouse his fear, which led to a mistake in reality judgment, in order to speed up death into his hands. .

In other words, Bwonsamdi himself can't do anything to the living with his own hands other than collecting the dead!

At this moment, Bwonsamdi looked at Li De with a smile, and couldn't help but feel a little dejected.

"You have great strength and firm belief, but you also know a friend who is familiar with me. No wonder you have nothing to fear. Today, I am unlucky..."

Old Gani was almost unable to straighten his back with laughter. It was the first time he had seen Bwonsamdi collapse with his own eyes. But then don't do it too much after thinking about it. I was going to comfort this guy a few words in the past, but unexpectedly, Li De's conversation changed.

"What you said is right. I do pay attention to fairness. I owe you a favor, I admit."

Through the mask, Bwonsamdi's unbelievable eyes could be clearly seen. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

"Don't tell me you agree..."

Reed raised his hand to stop Bwonsamdi.

"Don't say anything about contributing your soul. There is no room for discussion, but I will give you other forms of compensation."


Bwonsamdi looked impatient.

"That's fine, I'm not interested in anything but the soul, you mortals craving for material things should be put away as soon as possible.

What about building palaces, offering gold and silver offerings, and sacrificing blood... vulgar, vulgar is unbearable. "

Looking at Bwonsamdi, who grinned, Li De laughed dumbly.

"You really underestimate me. How could I not know that you don't care about these things. I want to talk to you about what you are interested in."

"I'm interested in?"

"That's right, I want to talk to you about death."

"Hey, death? Do you understand?"

Bwonsamdi's originally high evaluation of Li De suddenly fell a lot. As a living person, I have never even seen the real appearance of death, and I am worthy of talking about death. It is simply arrogant and arrogant.

'Hmph, it turned out to be just a delusional person. ’

When Bwonsamdi made such a judgment on Li De, Li De uttered a sentence in a faint voice.

"At least, I know that you are not real death, you are just using the name of death to find opportunities between life and death..."

Bwonsamdi was shocked and looked at Li De with some fear, but after hesitating for a while, the other party finally said the word with a heavy bite.

"The thief."

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