Demon School

Demon School

24 Karats Handsome Crow

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Author24 Karats Handsome Crow
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Introduction: Xueba is divided into three types,

The first type of advanced school bullies, they are the top of their respective fields, such as Yuan Longping, Gao Kun;

The second kind of legendary schoolmasters, whose influence far exceeds their own fields and has an impact on the entire era, such as Fermi and Turing;

The third kind of god-level academic bullies, they affect the development of the entire human civilization, such as Einstein and Newton. In addition to this, there is a kind of demon. They not only excel in the field of scientific research, but also do things that mortals cannot do in other fields. Feynman is a 65-year Nobel Prize winner and an excellent drummer;

Niels Bohr, one of the greatest physicists of the twentieth century and a goalkeeper for the Danish AB team;

Of course there is Schrödinger. In addition to the famous cat, there are countless enviable romances. And Lu Qiujian is to become this fourth type of academic hegemony.

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