AuthorSalted fish on fishing rod
Num. of chapters1878 chapters


This is the world of spirit beasts. Humans can sign contracts with spirit beasts or command spirit beasts to fight, or borrow the power of spirit beasts to fight. Relying on the power of spirit beasts, countries are established on various continents, and one day becomes a mystery. Of teenagers broke into this world.

Spirit Beast Alliance: Why is there a new beast? fast! Quickly send someone to sign a contract with it.

Divine Beast Hall: Lord Divine Beast, do you want to join our Divine Beast Hall? There are many of your companions here.

Feng Yuan, who was rubbing the head of the beast, smiled and said to the stunned crowd, “Excuse me, it has already signed a contract with me.”

I silently added a sentence “from when it was not a beast.”

Feng Yuan “Hmph~No matter what pet it is, it can evolve into a beast if I want to~”

This is a story about pets, a story about a strong man who can cultivate a beast at will

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