Authorlife sucker
Num. of chapters43 chapters


System: The world you came to has no Gundam, no WOW, no Warhammer, no Xueyue, no…

Mu Feng: So I can be a copywriter (excitedly rubbing hands)

System: In the random product, three products have been delineated for you, Planet Killer, Death Star, Barbatos Gundam, please choose any one to complete your novice task.

Mu Feng: ? ? ? ?


Yoshida? D: Change, change! (referring to take out the knight’s belt)

Gui Yanye: hatchet (referring to Denglongjian)

Current progress: main world (daily episode) → One Piece → main world (modern content of Ghost Slayer) → One Punch Man → main world (Dragon Race 3, Magic Change? Brother Zheng???;??/

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