Chapter 1812:Full-time Occupation

first encounter

And these gas poisonous gas Sun Zhe Kuangfeng instantly came to Ye Xiu's chanting mask.

And now everyone in Happy couldn't help, because they were all turning their perspectives. After all, there were flash bombs here.

This is also the reason why Tang Yin is directly responsible for the high- density attack such as the hurricane. After all, he will lose his vision when he explodes the flash grenade. At this time, we can only rely on prediction and intensive bullet rain for defense. Fortunately, Tang Yin's bullet rain was enough to block Zheng Xuan's wave of thunder.

However, even though Ye Xiu's qi mask would not be poisoned, it would still be corroded by the poison gas of the gas grenade.

And after the delay of this small meeting, everyone in Happy also entered Yu Wenzhou's attack range, and when they raised their hands, several cursed arrows shot at Ye Xiu's qi mask.

Ye Xiu's psychic hood only used one level after all. After experiencing the corrosion of poisonous gas, it finally shattered under the attack of Yu Wenzhou's last cursed arrow.

This wave of cooperation from everyone in Happy has perfectly resisted the offensive of the Blue Rain crowd.

But this wave of offensive is just the beginning.

Ye Yushengan and Liu Yun, the two swordsmen at the core of the Blue Rain team, followed the wind and killed them in an instant. And because both of them started with three-stage slashes, plus the advantage of tailwind, the speed of the two of them at this moment was unbelievable.

Meteor style!

Both of them operated their own swordsmen at the same time to use this skill at the same time, but because of the difference in the weapons of the two sides, Lu Hanwen used an epee, and Huang Shaotian used a lightsaber, so although the two sides were indeed using the same A skill, but there is also a difference between the speed and the slowness of the attack.

Among them, Huang Shaotian was undoubtedly the faster one, followed by Lu Hanwen.

But even though their attacks were different in speed, the 1v5 was relative to Huang Shaotian's attack. With such a strong wind force as this gust of wind, both sides used the skills with the fastest attack speed and attack speed among all the swordsmen's attacks, which resulted in the two of them attacking fast and having a little visual capture speed of ordinary people.

The figures of the two characters directly transformed into a brilliant sword light like a meteor. Almost as soon as Shunzhun did, he flashed directly into Happy's battle formation purple, and brought two blood flowers to form a pinch attack with his teammates who hadn't arrived, and the two of them were not just blowing up in Happy's battle formation. There were two blood flowers and a white light. And this white light was a flash mine that Tang Yin had placed on the ground when Ye Xiu opened his umbrella for cover before he used the storm.

The only result of stepping on a Tangyin flash mine is to enter a dizzy state.

But this is not over yet. When the two were unable to move due to dizziness, two words appeared on the public channel: "Look at the move!" And the one who said this was Steamed Bun Invasion.

When Baozi Gong finished sending the message on the public channel, a handful of sand had already been abandoned to the two of them. The two people who were dizzy could not move and could only watch Baozi throw the sand directly into their eyes to complete the blindness.

You must know that stun can also be quickly relieved by pressing the arrow keys quickly, but blindness will not have this benefit. That is, in addition to being purified, it can only be released after the time of the abnormal state has passed.

In the next moment, two rays of light lit up on Huang Shaotian and Lu Hanwen, directly releasing their abnormal state. It was Blue Rain's Healing Guardian messenger who made the move.

"Beautiful!" Huang Shaotian praised his teammates, and once and for all, together with Lu Hanwen, he wanted to raise the sword in his hand. This is one of the top picks for one of the initial skills!

Picking up is a very basic skill, and it is easy to avoid under normal circumstances. It is not difficult for Baozi to avoid this blow. The current problem with the document is that this time, Huang Shaotian and Lu Hanwen cooperated to take over the top picks. Two top picks, one faster and one slower; one left and one right; relatively longer. Such different surprises directly blocked the space where the steamed buns escaped.

Fortunately, just thinking that Blue Rain was the two launching the attack at the same time, the Steamed Bun on Happy's side was also not fighting alone.

Ding! Snapped!

Two different parry sound effects sounded. One silhouette kicked the giant sword that Lu Hanwen was about to lift directly to the ground with one foot, and the other side even swung it out behind him to slash, two lightsabers staggered. Make it difficult for Huang Shaotian to get one step closer! And there were two more figures in front of them, who rushed to rescue Tang Yin and Ye Xiu!

It was Ye Xiu and Tang Yin who had just been gathered by Huang Shaotian and Lu Hanwen. Because of the opening of the qi mask, Ye Xiu's umbrella shape was canceled. As a result, after the qi mask was broken, the two were slashed by Huang Shaotian and the others. After all, at that time, one of them released the psychic hood and the other needed to attack, so they couldn't avoid the flashing grenade, and Huang Shaotian and the others seized this opportunity to launch an attack.

But they are not the ones who were beaten in vain, UU reading www. uukanshu. After the two of them were hit by Steamed Bun's attack, they were also hit by the rigidity of the ultimate move and launched a counterattack directly against them. At this time, the blinding of the two of them happened to be touched by their treatment and attacked Steamed Bun. As a result, their swords were still raised, one was stepped on during the session, and the other was cut back by a sword.

Lord Grim blocked Huang Shaotian's attack and went straight to the top. Following the momentum of the sword-drawn slash, there was a whirling slash, and his body turned a little, and he slashed again towards Huang Shaotian in front of him, and faced Ye Xiu's sudden attack. , or he could only withdraw his sword and stand in front of him, using the swordsman's blocking skills to block Ye Xiu's attack.

There is no way. After all, the judgment of Sword Drawing is higher than that of the previous pick. In addition to Ye Xiu's Sanren's professional setting, his Sword Drawing level is not low. Huang Shaotian, who was judged to be at a disadvantage, could not pursue at all.

Huang Shaotian's side was suppressed by Ye Xiu, and Lu Hanwen's side was even worse. Tang Yin stepped on Lu Hanwen's epee with an instant kick and stepped on Lu Hanwen's epee. At the same time, he raised his hand and hit Lu Hanwen's head with a headshot. Facing such a scene, Lu Hanwen He could only squat down, because the giant sword had not yet come out after being stepped on by Tang Yin, so he could only squat down under the giant sword and also use a block to block Tang Yin's headshot.

Then Tang Yin was about to break Lu Hanwen's defense with a single shot. And when Tang Yin raised his foot again, he was about to step on it. Lu Hanwen resolutely rolled, avoiding Tang Yin's stomping shot and retreating, along with Huang Shaotian, who was slashed by Ye Xiu with a swinging sword and wanted to break the defense.

Of course, Huang Shaotian and the others didn't simply roll back and retreat. While rolling, Huang Shaotian and Lu Hanwen also used their Sword Falling Sky at the same time.

The sword light pierced by the two pointed directly at the Baozi invasion that had just been protected by Tang Yin and Ye Xiu!

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