Chapter 1:God Soldier Atlas

Chapter 1:

Zhou Shu looked at the surrounding environment, and his whole person was in a daze.


This idea is a little bit nonsense, Zhou Shu himself couldn't believe it.

But facts speak louder than words. He really can't think of anyone who would play such a joke on him except for crossing.

He obviously slept in his luxurious 20-square-meter bedroom last night, but when he woke up, he appeared in such a dilapidated farmyard. If someone was joking with him, the cost would be too great.

By the way, it’s impossible to find such a dilapidated courtyard in the city now...

My own bedroom is bigger than this entire yard!

Zhou Shu murmured silently, and suddenly a piece of messy memory flew roughly into his mind.

The sudden encounter caused Zhou Shu to snorted and squatted down with his head in his hands.

After a long time, the pain in his head gradually disappeared, and his eyes became clear again.

Daxia... Foundry Division...

Zhou Shu browsed the memories that emerged in his mind, and had a general understanding of his own situation.

This body, also named Zhou Shu, has just turned eighteen this year. The three generations of his ancestors were all craftsmen from the Division of Casting and Weaponry of the Ministry of Industry of Daxia. They were in charge of casting weapons.

Both the predecessor’s grandfather and father passed away early due to overwork, so the predecessor had just turned eighteen, and he inherited his father’s business and became an apprentice in the division of soldiers. As a result, he was also exhausted from life and death, and Zhou Shu’s was lost for nothing. Traverser.

"Forging soldiers... isn't it just forging iron?"

Zhou Shu looked at the living environment in this life while browsing his memories.

The small courtyard he is now in is the residence provided to the craftsmen by the Division of Casting and Soldiers of the Ministry of Industry. Regardless of his family’s ancestors, the three previous generations were all staff members of public institutions directly under the state ministries and commissions. a house.

Before the death of his former parents, his savings were exhausted in order to treat the illness.

In other words, this small courtyard now is the only place for this body to settle down.

at least has a foothold, not to be on the streets...

Zhou Shu thought comfortingly.

Being in the capital is not easy...

It’s pretty good to have a dormitory.

This yard adds up to 20 square meters. In addition to a simple bedroom, there is a shed in one corner of the yard. The underside of the shed looks like a blacksmith's shop. It was the guy who used to eat.

The place to work and sleep together, this Zhubingji is also a place to eat people without spitting out bones.

"Sure enough, as the bottom, there are leeks to be cut everywhere."

Zhou Shu sighed inwardly.

In fact, the treatment of the Division of Soldiers is pretty good. Even the lowest-level apprentices like Zhou Shu can take care of the food and the living. There is a monthly salary of half a tael of silver each month.

But it can't stand the intensity of this work.

Take Zhou Shu’s current situation as an example. The Division of Casting Soldiers requires them to hand in one hundred weapons every month, which means that he has to cast at least three weapons a day to complete his mission. Otherwise, what is waiting for him is the punishment of flogging.

His predecessor learned from his family, and he has been in contact with casting soldiers since he was a child. Even so, it would take two or three hours for him to cast a weapon.

To cast three weapons, it would take seven or eight hours. This is still the case where everything goes smoothly.

Actually, the success rate of casting soldiers cannot be 100%. Once they fail, they have to start again. Therefore, his daily work time is almost eight hours!

In other words, in addition to eating and sleeping every day, he has to work all the time to barely complete the task.

It’s not surprising that the predecessor will be exhausted to death with this kind of work intensity.

"Is it just going through, will you be exhausted?"

Zhou Shu wanted to cry without tears. With such an approach, he felt that he would not survive a month.

"If you want to survive, it seems that you have to find a way to become an official soldier."

Zhou Shu thought in his heart.

He signed a contract with the Division of Soldiers, and it is impossible to leave, but inside the Division of Soldiers, he also has his own way of promotion.

He is now an apprentice forging a soldier, belonging to the lowest level of work, similar to a handyman. Above the apprentice, he is an official forging division.

The Zhubing Division is already a technician of the Zhubing Division, and his treatment is very different from that of the Zhubing apprentice.

They can have a real residence, the kind with a kitchen and toilet, and their salary is several times that of an apprentice. The most important thing is that their work intensity is not as strong as that of an apprentice.

For the casting division, as long as 30 weapons are handed in every month, the mission is completed.

Above the casting divisions, there are senior casting divisions. Those people are the core talents of the casting division. Every senior casting division is the wealth of the casting division. Their treatment is better than that of the casting division. Much higher.

Above the senior soldiers, there are great craftsmen. If the senior soldiers are the wealth of the soldiers, then the great craftsmen are the treasures of the soldiers.

Every master craftsman is a national treasure level existence, that is not an exaggeration at all.

In terms of status, the master can almost be equivalent to the doctor of the Zhubing Division. The doctor of the Zhubing Division is an official position from the fifth rank to Zhou Shu's previous life. It is equivalent to the deputy department level and the deputy mayor. One level.

In fact, it is the doctor of the Zhubing Division, and he has to give three points to the masters. After all, there are many officials from the fifth grade, but the masters are very few.

Above the master, there seems to be a more powerful caster, and that is not the information that Zhou Shu's predecessor can access.

If you can become a soldier, the future is very bright, but becoming a soldier is not so easy.

The three generations of Zhou Shu's predecessor were all apprentices of the casting division. Up to the predecessor, they had not been able to become the casting division. This shows the difficulty.

If you want to become a caster, the condition is actually very simple, that is, a weapon that can cast in and out of products!

The weapons of this world, UU reading divided into heaven, earth, mystery, yellow four, etc., Zhou Shu and other apprentices cast, are standard weapons, not classified.

The secret recipe for casting the weapons is in the hands of the caster, and has always been secretive. Zhou Shu has no inheritance. It is almost impossible to become a caster.

In fact, there is no one in a hundred who can be promoted to the ranks of tens of thousands of apprentices.

"Is it possible, are you really trapped here?"

Zhou Shu picked up a standard long knife cast from his predecessor and looked at it. He didn't know anything about ironing, and he didn't know the difference between standard weapons and imported weapons.

"What should we do?"

He is thinking hard, trying to come up with a solution from the memory of his previous life.

Suddenly, there was a flower in front of him, and he saw a golden light, slightly dizzy, and a booklet with a blue cover appeared in front of him.

On the cover of that booklet, there were a few quaint big characters written on it. Zhou Shu knew what they meant when he first saw them.

God Soldier Atlas!


The blue cover of the booklet was flipped without wind. I didn't know how many pages I had flipped, and finally stopped.

Zhou Shu's gaze fell on the writing, and saw a figure of a long knife drawn on the writing. It looked exactly the same as the standard long knife in his hand. The figure was drawn very delicately and looked like a real thing.

On the top of the long knife, there is a line of ancient characters.

"Sharp standard long knife"!

Just when Zhou Shu read the small print clearly, a message suddenly appeared in his mind.

The casting method of the standard long knife!

Zhou Shu’s eyes lit up all of a sudden, and there was a solution to the dilemma before him!

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