Chapter 559:God Soldier Atlas

Wherever you pass, dig 3 feet into the ground

A figure shrouded in black robes, with only one pair of eyes exposed, followed behind a man with golden wings on his back, all the way forward.

Feng Wu felt bitter in his heart, but he didn't dare to say or ask.

He is now thinking, will the lord of the giant spirit clan kill people?

He will never forget that he saw a giant spirit clan with his own eyes and turned into a golden-winged Peng clan, and became exactly the same as Elder Luo. The shock in his heart at that time was simply incomparable.

All the bizarre things he had seen in his life were nothing compared to the one in front of him.

He had never heard of any race that had the ability to become another race.

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, even if someone told him, Feng Wu would not have believed it.

He looked at Zhou Shu's back and felt very uneasy in his heart.

Become Elder Luo and let him lead the way to the Silverscale Clan.

Then the Silver Scale King is still looking for trouble with the Golden Winged Peng clan, right?

No way--

Feng Wu felt that his thoughts were a bit crazy, but apart from this possibility, he really couldn't think of other possibilities.

If this kind of thing happened...

Feng Wu dare not imagine what kind of consequences it will have!

The Jin-winged Peng clan and the Yin-scale clan are opposed to each other. The culprit is hard to say.

At that time, whether it is the Jin-winged Peng clan or the Yin-scale clan, if they find the Feilian clan and let the clan hand him Fengwu over, will the ancestors protect me?

There was some confusion in Feng Wu's eyes, he felt that in all likelihood he would not.

The Feilian family has always paid attention to self-reliance. How many Feilian family died in the process of doing business, and they have never seen their ancestors stand up to avenge anyone...

Therefore, the lord of the giant spirit clan in front of him is the root of his life.

Only by holding this thigh tightly can he possibly protect himself.

Feng Wu secretly decided that no matter what Zhou Shu asked him to do, he would definitely do it, and he couldn't care about that much now.

This lord of the giant clan has such a miraculous ability, as long as he follows him closely, he should be able to survive.

"Sir, over the mountain in front of you, it's the territory of the Silverscale Clan."

Feng Wu pointed to a mountain in front of him and said, "The Silver Scales live on the mountain, as long as you go over the mountain in front, you can see them."

"My lord, what can I do for you next?"

Feng Wu said.

Zhou Shu gave him a strange look, "Don't you hate me?"


Feng Wu said decisively, "Sir, I know you are not an ordinary person, I Feng Wu, I am willing to follow you!"

"My lord, although I can't fight with Fengwu, I am the best businessman in the world. There are many things I can do..."

Feng Wu had sold countless things, but it was the first time in history to sell himself.

But the truth is the same, sales, always make the strengths clear.

Zhou Shu looked at Feng Wu and nodded, "Your ability does have some effect on me."

"Okay, if you have the heart, you can wait for me in the fortress of the giant clan now."

Zhou Shu waved his hand and said.

Feng Wu was both surprised and delighted, this lord, actually let him go?

But he was a little worried, "Sir, do you really need me to stay and help you?"

"I'm going to pick the Silverscale family, are you sure you want to stay and help me?"

Zhou Shu said with a half-smile.


Feng Wu's mouth was dry, it turned out to be true, what this adult wanted to do was really what he thought.

"I'd better wait for you in the fortress of the giants."

Feng Wu said stubbornly.

Zhou Shu nodded and stopped talking nonsense. He stepped heavily on his feet, and the whole person rose to the sky.

After a while, Feng Wu heard a roar in the distance.

His eyelids twitched, resisting the urge to take a look. He flapped his wings and flew towards the direction of the giant spirit clan's fortress.

He really couldn't bear what was going on here.


Behind Zhou Shu, the wind and thunder wings turned into countless flying knives, sweeping like a dragon, directly penetrating the body of a silver- scale clan.

The scales of the Silver Scale family are unparalleled in defense and can even reflect sword light.

However, these wind and thunder wings were cast from the scales of the silver scale family as the main material.

With his spear, attack his shield.

In the end, Feng Lei Wing was even better. The Silver Scale Clan let out a scream, and there were countless blood holes on their bodies, obviously they were dead.

Although Feng Lei Wing is not Zhou Shu's natal weapon, Zhou Shu is its creator. Under his control, Feng Lei Wing changes at will, lingering with the flying knife of the power of thunder and lightning, a few breaths have been taken away He took the lives of several Silverscale clans.

[The wind and thunder wings you cast are successfully killed, and you will be rewarded with a Qi Yang Dan. 】

[The wind and thunder wings you cast are successfully killed, and you will be rewarded with two Qi Yang Dan. 】


A barrage flashed before his eyes, and Zhou Shu seemed to be transformed into a robot, rushing to kill in the fortress of the Silverscale Clan.

"Luoqiu, you dare!"

With a loud shout, it sounded in Zhou Shu's ear, and I saw a figure rushing up at a very fast speed.

Judging from his speed, he was much stronger than the Silver Scales who died under Zhou Shu before.

This is obviously the powerhouse of the Silver Scale Clan.

"Why don't I dare?"

Zhou Shu shouted loudly, "The King of Silver Scales dares to go to my Golden- winged Peng Clan's fortress to spread wildness, and I dare to come to the fortress of the Silver-Scale Clan, who can stop me?"

Zhou Shu drank this, the wind and thunder wings stimulated the power of thunder and electricity, and a thunder of the thickness of a bucket was launched from the wind and thunder wings, and shrouded the silver-scale family.

The Silver Scale Clan was furious, "The warriors of the Silver Scale Clan, come together and kill him for me!"

The Silverscale Clan has always been short-sighted, never thought that so many people were killed in their own nest today.

Tolerable or unbearable?

Now, regardless of whether Luoqiu is the elder of the Golden-winged Peng clan, he must die!

If he doesn't die, how can the Silverscale Clan get a foothold in this world?


Countless silver-scale powerhouses rushed over from all directions.

These powerhouses are comparable in strength to those of the Heavenly Cave Realm. There are so many powerhouses, even Zhou Shu, who is far from an opponent.


The wind and thunder wings closed in front of him, and a surging power came. Zhou Shu's figure flew out uncontrollably and directly hit a mountain in the distance.

"Listen to the cubs of the Silverscale Clan, I, the Golden Winged Peng Clan, are at odds with you! You all die for me!"

Zhou Shu, in the eyes of the Silverscale Clan, it was Luo Qiu, the elder of the Golden Winged Peng Clan, shouting loudly.

I saw the thunder on his body, and the wings behind him turned into countless flying knives with lightning, shooting towards the city of the Silverscale Clan.


In an instant, the entire city of the Silver Scale Clan was smashed into ruins by flying knives and lightning, and the members of the Silver Scale Clan fled out in embarrassment.

This blow may not have killed a few of the Silver Scale Clan, but the fortress of the Silver Scale Clan has become a mess.

The strong men of the Silver Scale Clan were furious. They looked at Luo Qiu and vowed to smash him into tens of thousands of pieces.

When everyone looked at it, they saw a scene that led them to some surprises.

I saw Luo Qiu, the elder of the Golden-winged Peng clan, standing close to the foot of the mountain, his eyes closed, and he was already breathless.

he died.

A silver-scale clan was stunned for a moment, then the figure swayed, rushed to Luoqiu's side, reached out to feel Luoqiu's breathing, there was no breathing, he was really dead.


The strong man of the Silver Scale Clan let out a roar, "You dare to kill the people of the Silver Scale Clan, and destroy the fortress of the Silver Scale Clan. Even if you die, I will definitely not let you go! You Golden Winged Peng Clan, you must give my Silverscale Clan an explanation!"

He grabbed Luoqiu's body and made a move, "The warriors of the silver-scale clan, follow me to the Golden-winged Peng clan, we want the Golden-winged Peng clan to give us an explanation!"


The shouts shook the sky, and countless silver-scale clans rose into the sky and flew towards the golden-winged Peng clan in a mighty manner.

In the mountains and forests in the distance, Zhou Shu's figure appeared silently, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly as he looked at the silver-scaled clan flying towards the Golden-winged Peng clan in the air.

That's right, the dog bites the dog, there's no need for him to do anything else.

As a result, in a short period of time, the Golden-winged Peng Clan and the Silver-Scale Clan should not have the heart to care about the Fire Clan's affairs.

Now there is only one Bai Ze family left!

Zhou Shu's eyes narrowed slightly. The Bai Ze family is said to be the most intelligent race among the ancient races. They are not very good at calculating.

"Raise soldiers for a thousand days, and use them for a while."

Zhou Shu said to himself, "The giant spirit clan should have already solved the Heiyu clan. They learned my eighty-nine profound arts, and they took the innate divine weapon that I forged with my own hands, just to practice with the Bai Ze clan."

"If they can solve the Bai Ze family, then they will have the ability to truly compete in the world."

Zhou Shu glanced at the direction of the Silver Scale Clan. When he just broke into the Silver Scale Clan Walled City, he found that the mountain where the Silver Scale Clan Walled City was located turned out to be a Red Fire Copper Mine.

This is a good material for casting soldiers, and it is the most suitable for casting swords.

Now that you have encountered it, it is naturally not easy to let go.

Now that the Silverscale Clan has come out, there is no one in their fortress, which is a good opportunity to do it.

Zhou Shu's eyes flickered, his body swayed, and he moved around the mountain where the fortress of the Yinscale family was located.

Although Zhou Shu has the ability to move mountains and seas, but doing that, the movement is too much.

He has another better way, that is, the Heavenly God Soldier!

Just got a piece of heaven-repairing stone from Xiao Linger, Zhou Shu is preparing to cast a cave ** weapon for Xiao Linger.

The cave ** soldier needs to cut the space of heaven and earth to supplement the cave inside it.

The space where the silver scale clan's fortress is located is just right, and by the way, this red fire copper mine can be taken away together.

Soon, Zhou Shu made arrangements for a hundred miles.

The next step is to cast the Divine Soldier of the Cave Heaven.

After finding a secluded place, Zhou Shu sat down with his knees cross-legged. Now he has reached the realm of casting magic weapons, and he does not need a specific place at all, and he can do it anytime, anywhere.

Mainly because of the limited time now, the struggle between the Silverscale Clan and the Golden Winged Peng Clan does not know how long it will last, and the Silverscale Clan may come back at any time.

Zhou Shu had to forge the Dongtian Divine Armament for Xiaolinger before they came back.

By the way, let the Silverscale family be homeless...

The iron smelting hand unfolded, and a flame was burning, and the air echoed with a crackling sound.

With the addition of the Heavenly Emperor Jade Book, it didn't take long for Zhou Shu to cast the Dongtian Divine Armament.

Under the shroud of white light, only a quarter of an hour had passed from the outside world, and Zhou Shu had an extra three-foot long sword in his hand.

The long sword was slender and the whole body was fiery red, and it looked like a crystal clear feeling.

Looking at the long sword in his hand, a strange color flashed on Zhou Shu's face.

It wasn't that he was dissatisfied with the long sword he had forged.

But the long sword has been completed, and it did not provoke Tianlei!

In later generations, the innate divine soldier is cast, and when the soldier is completed, there will be a catastrophe. Only after passing through the catastrophe can it be a real congenital divine soldier, otherwise it will be destroyed under the catastrophe.

But before this eternity, casting the innate divine weapon, there was no catastrophe!

Zhou Shu had actually discovered this problem when he was casting the Sky- opening Axe, but he didn't care too much.

Now, after many attempts, he finally determined that in this world, there is indeed no heavenly tribulation against the innate soldiers!

"Could it be because there was no Divine Armament in the Heavens before in this, so God hasn't realized the threat of Divine Armament in the Heavens to it, so there is no catastrophe?"

Zhou Shu was thoughtful.

There is no way for him to ask God about this kind of thing. After all, up to now, he doesn't know what kind of existence God is.

"It's a good thing that there is no catastrophe, otherwise, the movement is too big, and I have to find a way to cover it up."

"Okay, the Dongtian Divine Armament has been cast, and now the Yinscale family can be made homeless."

Thinking of the expression when the Silverscales returned from the expedition, if they could come back alive, and found that they didn't even have a home, Zhou Shu smiled.

Little Linger, Master, this is to avenge your clan.

Let's see who dares to play your mind again in the future!

With a smile on Zhou Shu's face, he pinched a magic formula with both hands. The long sword he just forged was automatically suspended in the air. The blade trembled slightly, making a buzzing sound. Come.

Then, within a radius of 100 miles, there are four directions from east, west, north and south, and there are several places on the ground that emit strong rays of light.

Those rays of light were connected in an instant, and then a sound as if a bubble was punctured, the space that was a hundred miles away suddenly disappeared in the air.

Then the space in all directions, like a stream of water, automatically filled the vacancy.

This kind of situation is like in a vast ocean, someone takes a scoop of water, and the space created by that scoop of water will automatically be filled by the surrounding sea water.

At this time, if someone came to check it, they would only feel that the place of a hundred miles had never existed, and there was no trace of it.

The water has passed without a trace, and there is a ladle of water missing in the sea, who can see it?

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