Chapter 560:God Soldier Atlas

Angry Silverscale 1, the determination of the djinn


The Silver Scale King spit out a mouthful of blood, and the Silver Scale clan next to him quickly supported him.

The silver-scale king was miserable, and his face was full of hatred.

"Golden-winged Peng, this matter is not over!"

The Silver Scale King gritted his teeth and said.

When the army of the Silver Scale Clan brought Elder Luo's body to the Golden Winged Peng Clan, the Silver Scale King and the Golden Winged Peng King were fighting to a fiery stage.

When Elder Luo's body was thrown at the gate of the Jin-winged Peng tribe, the Jin-winged Peng King was angry.

When he saw the indiscriminate attacks of the Silverscale clan against the Golden-winged Peng clan, the anger of the Golden-winged Peng King was completely unstoppable.

At that time, he would never even think about how this happened.

The elder of the Jin-winged Peng clan was killed, and the corpse was thrown at the door of their own house. How could the Jin-winged Peng clan endure this tone?

The same is true for the Silverscale Clan. If it was said that the Golden Winged Peng Clan might have been wronged before.

But Elder Luo rushed to the fortress of the Silver Scale Clan to start a killing spree, which all the Silver Scale Clan saw with their own eyes.

Even the fortress of the Silver Scale Clan was beaten into ruins by Elder Luo, which was simply a slap in the face of the Silver Scale Clan.

If the Silver Scales clan does not fight back, they will definitely be the laughing stock of all clans in the world in the future.

Both sides shot with anger, and the battle was extremely tragic.

The Jin-winged Peng clan ranks sixth among the ten thousand clans in the world, while the silver-scale clan ranks ninth, and the gap between the two is not too big.

The strength of the two races is similar, so it is naturally impossible for such a one-sided scene to occur.

The result is naturally both losers, and both clans suffered heavy casualties.

In the end, both sides couldn't take it anymore and retreated.

The Silver Scale King led the army of the Silver Scale clan to retreat strategically, with many scars, and after the Hui tribe was repaired, he would launch a counterattack.

In this matter, if the Golden Winged Peng Clan is not taught a lesson, all the tribes in the world will think that their Silver Scale Clan is easy to bully!

"Your Majesty—"

A weak voice spoke to him.

"What's up?"

The Silver Scale King said angrily.

He is in a bad mood now.

"Fortress, gone..."

There was some panic in the voice of the silver scale clan, and there was also a trace of doubt and confusion.

"What fortress is gone? Have you been fooled by the Golden Winged Peng?"

The Silver Scale King said angrily.

He raised his head, looked forward, and frowned suddenly.

"Where is this place? Wrong way?"

He said solemnly, an unpleasant feeling flashed in his heart.

"There is no wrong way."

The Silver Scale Clan whispered, "That weeping poplar tree was planted by your own hands when you were young, King. After it, it should be the territory of our Silver Scale Clan."

"but now……"

He rubbed his eyes and looked forward again. The scene that should have been very familiar, but now, is completely gone.

The silver-scale king was panting heavily, the silver-scale family could see it, how could he not see it?

The surrounding scenes are both familiar and unfamiliar, but the fortress of their Silverscale Clan has disappeared!

Not only the fortress of the Silverscale Clan was gone, but also the surrounding area.

"Golden Winged Peng Clan!"

The Silverscale King gritted his teeth. If this kind of thing has nothing to do with the Jin-winged Peng clan, he wouldn't believe it if he was killed.


King Silver Scale was in a state of agitation, and he opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of blood, then closed his eyes and fell backwards.

"Your Majesty!"

The people of the Silver Scale Clan exclaimed and gathered around.

"Our home is gone!"

A strong man of the silver-scale clan shouted with grief and indignation, "All of this is thanks to the golden-winged Peng clan. I, the silver-scale clan, swear by the golden-winged Peng clan, to never die!"

"Never die!"

The silver scale clan all roared loudly.

Underdogs will win, the Silver Scales clan, and now the fighting spirit is soaring!


Outside the Djinn Clan Walled City, a team of Djinn Clan Warriors walked towards their own city, supporting each other.

All of them were injured, and without the support of their companions, they would almost be unable to walk, but each of them had excited expressions on their faces.

At the very front, the giant spirit king Canghuan, was lying on a simple stretcher, and a few less injured giant spirit clansmen dragged the stretcher forward.

Compared with the misery of the giant spirit family, Ji Lutian became a stark contrast.

He flew in the air with his hands behind his back, his clothes were spotless, and he looked like a fairy.

"Canghuan, your giant spirit clan has developed this time."

Ji Lutian said.

"I would like to thank Mr. Ji for helping."

The giant spirit king Canghuan's tone was weak, but the excitement on his face could not be concealed.

In the first battle, the Black Feather Clan exterminated their clan, and although the Giant Spirit Clan suffered heavy casualties, in contrast, they truly stood up!

From now on, the giant spirit family has flowed from the bottom to the middle, and can even look forward to the first-class.

This was something he had never dared to think about before.

The giant spirit family is expected to flourish in his hands. Even if he is seriously injured, what does it matter?

"How are you going to thank me?"

Ji Lutian said.

Giant Spirit King Canghuan: "..."

This Ji Lutian doesn't play cards according to the routine.

Aren't you and the Zhou Shu brothers in the same group? Didn't we agree that half of the harvest of the giants belongs to you?

Need another thank you gift?

"Mr. Ji, what do you need?"

The giant spirit king Canghuan pondered.

He wasn't afraid to pay more. If he could ask a master like Ji Lutian to help, no matter how much he paid, it would be worth it.

"Ji Lutian, how do you want him to thank you?"

A voice suddenly said, I saw Zhou Shu's figure suddenly appear beside Ji Lutian, and said indifferently, "How about letting you be the King of Giants?"

"Do you think I'm stupid?"

Ji Lutian rolled his eyes and said, "When the King of Giant Spirits, am I courting death myself?"

"Then do you think there is something in the giant family that can enter your eyes?"

Zhou Shu said angrily.

"I'm just joking, what are you doing so seriously?"

Ji Lutian said.

"Brother Zhou Shu, fortunately not humiliated, the Heiyu family has been completely removed from the name."

Seeing Zhou Shu, the giant spirit king Canghuan exclaimed excitedly.

"As expected. If a small black feather clan can't handle it, then you, the giant spirit king, can find a piece of tofu and kill it."

Zhou Shu said calmly.


Canghuan, the king of giant spirits, doesn't know what tofu is.

"King of the Giant Spirit, the Heiyu clan is nothing but a stone. Just kick it away and you don't have to worry about it."

Zhou Shu continued, "I'll give you another task."

"If you can complete this task, I guarantee that your giants will be famous all over the world."

"What mission?"

The giant spirit king Canghuan said, "As long as my giant spirit family can do it, I will do my best."

"The Bai Ze family knows."

Zhou Shu said calmly.

"The Bai Ze family, I know..."

The giant spirit king Canghuan was a little stunned, and said in a daze.

The Bai Ze clan and the Hei Yu clan are not the same thing.

Brother Zhou Shu would not think...

"Clean up the Bai Ze family."

Zhou Shu said.


The giant spirit king Canghuan fell off the stretcher at once, not caring about the pain on his body, he grunted up and looked at Zhou Shu with a shocked face.

"Brother Zhou Shu, the Bai Ze family..."

The giant spirit king Canghuan said weakly.

That is the Bai Ze clan, the tenth-ranked existence of all clans in the world!

Moreover, it is rumored that the strength of the Bai Ze family can be ranked higher, but they are low-key and unwilling to compete.

Even if they are only the tenth-ranked existence of all races in the world, that is not something that the giants can provoke.

The giant spirit clan, even if he defeated the Shura clan and the Heiyu clan now, there is no way to compare with the Bai Ze clan.

Their giant spirit family can't even make it into the top 100.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Bai Ze clan, if they just send out a few strong men, can sweep their giant spirit clan.

"you are not willing?"

Zhou Shu glanced at the giant spirit Wang Canghuan, and said plainly, "It's okay if you don't want to. I think there are still many races that you are willing to do. I'll just find other races."


The giant spirit king Canghuan was shocked. What Zhou Shu meant was that he wanted to abandon the giant spirit family?

Without Zhou Shu's teachings, and without the weapons he casts, can the djinn clan continue to be brilliant?

The giant spirit king Canghuan understood too well, if it weren't for the Eighty-Nine Xuan Gong and the Kaitian Axe, he would not have been able to kill the Shura King and the Black Feather King.

Without eight or nine profound arts, their giant spirit clan would not be able to destroy the black feather clan.

Eighty-nine Mysterious Arts have made their giant spirit clan undergo earth- shaking changes!

The giant spirit king Canghuan knew very well that it was not because of how powerful the giant spirits were that they could destroy the Shura and Heiyu families.

If you change a race and get Zhou Shu's help, you can do the same.

Seeing that the giant spirit family is about to prosper, Zhou Shu has to leave the giant spirit family, how could the giant spirit king Canghuan allow such a thing to happen?

"Brother Zhou Shu, it's not that Cang Huan is unwilling, but that my giant spirit clan really can't beat the Bai Ze clan."

The giant spirit king Canghuan said with bitterness in his mouth.

"The number of Bai Ze's clan is indeed not much more than that of our giant spirit family, but their strength is far higher than our giant spirit family."

The giant spirit king Canghuan explained, "Even if my strength is greatly increased now, if I put it in the Bai Ze family, it can only be regarded as the existence of the middle and lower classes. The powerhouse of the giant spirit family is much stronger than me."


Zhou Shu said that the strength of the giant king Canghuan, even in later generations, can barely reach the level of Wang Xuanyi and the others. Zheng Chengan and Tang Qianluo, the masters of the cave, are not necessarily his opponents.

Such strength, in the Bai Ze family, can only be regarded as the middle and lower levels?

But thinking about it, there is a possibility. When he went to the Silver Scale Clan before, the strong people in the Silver Scale Clan were indeed no weaker than Wang Xuanyi, and they were extremely numerous.

Don't look at these ancient races who don't understand the way of Lingyuan cultivation, but they are really loved by the world, and their natural strength is extremely tyrannical, not much worse than Lingyuan cultivation.

Of course, if they can cultivate spiritual energy, their strength will definitely be stronger.

Take the giant spirit king Canghuan as an example. Before cultivating the eighty-nine profound arts, he was only comparable to a good Dongtian martial artist, but now, he is comparable to a top Dongtian martial artist.

"If it wasn't for the Bai Ze family being strong enough, I wouldn't need them to be the whetstones of the giant spirit family."

Zhou Shu continued, "King of the giant spirits, if the giant spirit family wants to rise and stand on the top of all races, then sooner or later they must face the Bai Ze family. If you can't even cross this hurdle, then your giant spirit family, What qualifications do you have to be the ruler of the world?"

I never thought of becoming the ruler of the world, nor did I ever think of letting the giants stand on top of all races.

At most, I just want to make the giant spirit clan squeeze into the top 100 of all clans in the world.

When you come up, let me use the eleventh-ranked Bai Ze clan as a sharpening stone. Isn't that asking our giant spirit clan to seek death?

Is it a question of sharpening the knife? This is to give the knife to others and let them use the knife to cut us.

"Brother Zhou Shu, our giant spirit family is not afraid of a battle, but I'm afraid that if we can't do it, it will delay your important affairs, Brother Zhou Shu."

The giant spirit king Canghuan said weakly, the excitement of defeating the Shura clan and the Heiyu clan just now has vanished.

Feelings say that he thinks that the giant spirit family has made a great innovation, but it turns out that with the Zhou Shu brothers, it is just the beginning.

Bai Ze clan, giant spirit king Canghuan felt a headache just thinking about it, how could this be beaten.

"You haven't beaten it yet, how do you know you can't beat it?"

Zhou Shu said, "King of the Giant Spirit, have you ever fought against the Bai Ze family?"


The giant spirit king Canghuan said If he had played against the Bai Ze clan, then I am afraid that he is no longer there.

"That's it, you haven't played against the Bai Ze family, so how can you be sure that your giant spirit family can't beat it?"

Zhou Shu said, "You must have underestimated my eighty-nine profound arts."

"As I said, cultivating eighty-nine profound arts, the world is big, you can do whatever you want. Not to mention the Bai Ze family, even if there are thousands of families in the world, who can help you?"

"Brother Zhou Shu, what you said is you, how can I, Canghuan, have such ability."

The giant spirit king Canghuan smiled bitterly.

He knows how much Canghuan has and how much he has.

"Without further ado."

Zhou Shu snorted coldly, "After learning my eighty-nine profound arts, if you can't even clean up a mere Bai Ze clan, then you are too wasteful, I might as well take back the eighty-nine profound arts and teach them to other races. !"

Giant Spirit King Canghuan: "..."

Having said that, what else could he say?

If you do, the whole family may be wiped out.

If you don't do it, you will be abandoned by Zhou Shu. With the strength of the giant spirit family, you may be exterminated one day.

Like the Shura clan and the Heiyu clan, they are similar in strength to their giant spirit clan, doesn't this also mean that the clan will be exterminated?

Speaking of which, go ahead, if you win...

Who can tell?

Although the Djinn family can't do it, aren't there brothers Zhou Shu and Mr. Ji Lu Tianji?

Take a gamble, win the gamble, the future of the giant spirit family is infinitely bright.

Losing the bet is just an inevitable outcome that will come a few days earlier.

The giants have nothing, what are they afraid of losing? If you don't seize this kind of opportunity before you, then you deserve to be bullied by the giants!

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