Chapter 644:Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master's Wife-Chasing Strategy

The Man Immersed in the Night

Chapter 645: The Man Immersed in the Night

Xu Yuanfei never expected that the person standing in front of her was—

Jing Hanchuan!

He raised his hand to block her kick. His fingers grabbed her ankle, and the warmth from his fingertips slowly seeped through her pants. Her entire leg started to go weak, and she could barely stand up.

Jing Hanchuan’s eyes narrowed… She actually knows how to punch and kick. And with this strength, she’s quite ruthless.

If he hadn’t reacted quickly, this kick would have hurt him for days.

Xu Yuanfei subconsciously wanted to withdraw her foot. This posture…

Too embarrassing.

But his wrist strength was very strong. Normally, she would have attacked long ago. But at this moment, she was still concerned about her face and wanted to be a lady in front of him. “Mr. Jing, you…”

“Have you practiced martial arts before?” Jing Hanchuan’s face was calm. His eyes reflected light and shadow as he approached her, as if he wanted to see through her.

“I’ve learned a little self-defense.”

“It should be more than a little.”

Looking at her reaction speed, he knew that she hadn’t simply learned a little.

“I started learning when I was a child. Can you let go of me first?” For some reason, Xu Yuanfei felt so nervous that her body was a little weak.

This seemed to be the first time the two of them were alone in private.

She knew that she was facing the light and hiding in the dark. Jing Hanchuan couldn’t see her expression, but she could still feel her face blushing and her heart palpitating. Her surroundings were so quiet that she could almost hear her heartbeat…

It was getting faster and faster, as if it wanted to burst her eardrums.

Jing Hanchuan’s fingers loosened, and her leg was instantly released. Just as she heaved a long sigh of relief, he had already brushed past her.

He walked to her side, stopped, and turned his head to look at her lightly. “There’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you.”


Their sleeves rubbed against each other, and their skin seemed to be touching. There was a faint smell on his body that she couldn’t describe. It might be the winter sun or the smell of mud after the rain. In short…

It made her happy; it made her heart tremble.

“Have I offended you?” He seemed to be leaning closer.

Xu Yuanfei only saw a black shadow approaching, and the aura was very dangerous and strong.

“No.” Xu Yuanfei clenched her fists, her palms warm.

“Then, why did you make me such a sour lemon cake?

“Do you really think I won’t settle the score with you? Or are you deliberately attracting my attention…

“… and want me to look for you?”

His breath approached her again. Xu Yuanfei could clearly feel that when his breath blew over, it was a little cold and brushed past her ear gently…

Blood instantly rushed to her ears.

“Sour? Maybe I put it in the wrong fruit.” Xu Yuanfei definitely wouldn’t admit that she had deliberately taken revenge on Jing Hanchuan to vent her anger for her brother.

“Miss Xu.”


“The darkness can envelop you, but it can’t hide you.” Jing Hanchuan chuckled softly. “You’re nervous.”

“No way.”

“Your ears are red, and your breathing is faster than before…” Jing Hanchuan laughed.

Xu Yuanfei gripped the corner of her shirt tightly. At this moment, she couldn’t even care less about her blushing face. She only felt that her ribs couldn’t hold back her wildly beating heart, and her mind was a mess. She thought that she had excellent self-control…

But she just didn’t know how this man could be so seductive.

Xu Yuanfei calmed down. “Mr. Jing, I called someone just now, but there was no one in the house. I thought something had happened, so I came in without permission. I’m really sorry. Then, I’ll…”

Before she could finish speaking, the lights in the room lit up. The furnishings of the entire room were clearly visible, and they were so simple that it was hair-raising. Other than the simple decor, there was only a two- seater sofa and a coffee table in the huge living room.

There was a fish tank on the coffee table, and the small fish wagged their tails briskly. How could they know how anxious Xu Yuanfei was at this moment?

“Let me have a taste of today’s dessert. If you put the wrong thing in again…”

“I’ll accept a refund!” Xu Yuanfei immediately said.

Jing Hanchuan’s expression didn’t change. He lowered his head and opened the package. His movements were very slow, making Xu Yuanfei even more anxious. Can’t he be faster?

I want to help him!

The house was more than two hundred square meters, and there was almost no furniture or furnishings. It was empty and deserted. At this moment, if anyone spoke loudly, it seemed to echo.

He isn’t at home at this time. What is he doing here?

“It seems like you can’t wait anymore. Why don’t you sit down and wait?” Jing Hanchuan raised his eyebrows.

Xu Yuanfei looked around. There’s only this sofa. How am I supposed to sit?

“No thanks. I’ll just stand. Please have a taste.” Xu Yuanfei really wanted to escape this place. The feeling of not being in control was really not good.

“How are the goldfish I gave you?” Jing Hanchuan suddenly asked.

Xu Yuanfei was stunned for a moment. “I’m really sorry. I don’t know how to raise them. I fed them too much fish food, and two of them died.” At first, she thought that goldfish also had three meals a day. She was worried that they wouldn’t be full, so she gave them extra food every day after work. Then…

Their white bellies flipped over in two days.

“Do you know how much each of my fish is worth? Two of them died?” Jing Hanchuan’s voice had a dignified aura. He didn’t need to raise his voice to give off a strong sense of oppression.

“Do you know how much I like fish?

“My feelings for these fish are deeper than you think.”

“But…” Xu Yuanfei gritted her teeth. “Didn’t you give them to me?”

Jing Hanchuan raised his eyebrows. S he’s quite good at talking back. “I’m afraid none of those fish will survive in a few days.”

Xu Yuanfei felt guilty.

“Goldfish are also divided into different types. My fish are all competition- grade breeds and mixed blood. An ordinary one costs more than ten thousand yuan. My fish cost more than that. You killed them just like that?”

Ten thousand yuan for one?

Xu Yuanfei really didn’t know that goldfish were divided into different levels and even had competition-grade breeds. She was really dumbfounded at this moment.

Mixed blood?

Goldfish were mixed-blood. At most, they were hybrids.

She had heard that Jing Hanchuan loved to raise fish and that there were countless kinds of fish at his home. A simple goldfish cost more than ten thousand yuan. How prodigal was this person? No wonder he raised them like sons.

“Then…” Xu Yuanfei bit her lip. Does he want me to compensate him for the fish?

“Let’s not talk about the price. These are two lives. Don’t tell me you don’t want to take responsibility?”

“Responsibility…” Xu Yuanfei was dumbfounded.

Jing Hanchuan had already lowered his head and started eating, completely ignoring Xu Yuanfei’s dumbfounded expression.

I just came to deliver food. Why do I suddenly feel like I’m carrying a debt of tens of thousands of yuan?

“The dessert today tastes good.”

“That’s good.” Xu Yuanfei smiled bitterly. “Then, can I leave first?”

Just as she was about to rush out of the door in a hurry, his clear voice came from behind her. “Take good care of my fish. I’ll check on them at any time.”

Xu Yuanfei hurriedly closed the door and left. Two Jing family members were standing at the door.

“Miss Xu, shall we send you downstairs?”

“No thanks. I can walk by myself.” Xu Yuanfei quickly walked toward the elevator. As she walked, she took out her phone and checked [competition-grade goldfish]. What the hell? There really is such a thing. They’re really not cheap.

I actually killed things worth tens of thousands of yuan?

Xu Yuanfei was in a daze as she got out of the elevator…

The Jing family members entered the house. They watched Jing Hanchuan eat with his head lowered, and there was a strange smile on his face.

“Sixth Master, why did you lie to her? Miss Xu runs a small business, so she probably makes at most tens of thousands of yuan a month. The fish you gave her cost tens of thousands, yet she killed them. When she went out, she was still stunned.”

“I’ve realized that you two talk a lot now. Do I need to tell you what I do?” Jing Hanchuan frowned.

He just wanted to scare her. The lemon-flavored crepe cake was so sour that his teeth still hurt when he thought about it.

The Jing family members lowered their heads in silence.

You even talked big about mixed-blood fish. They’re clearly garden fish that are ten yuan for six, and the store boss specially gave you extra because you frequent the store.

Xu Yuanfei really didn’t expect those fish to be so valuable. After returning home, she even stared at the fish tank for a long time.

I spent twenty yuan on the fish tank, but the fish inside are actually worth more than one hundred thousand yuan. What a sin!

After Jing Hanchuan finished eating, he returned home. He suddenly remembered her red face and hot ears in the dark and her stunned expression from being fooled by him. He laughed softly.

The driver and the person in the front passenger seat were so frightened that their backs turned cold.

You scared her half to death, yet you can still laugh. What kind of terrible taste is that?

When he returned home, Sheng Aiyi was still watching a midnight TV drama. The big shot of the Jing family was sitting beside her and already sound asleep.

“You’re back so late? Where did you go?” she asked casually, just like an ordinary parent.

“Matrimonial house.” Jing Hanchuan walked upstairs confidently.

Sheng Aiyi blinked. Matrimonial house? Why did he go there? Does he suddenly want to get married?

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