Chapter 605:Human Shackles


After Changqing Soao left, Luo Kai was still in deep thought. This powerful ** of the Middle Ages obviously knew himself. His words clearly revealed several key information. The first was experience, and the second was reincarnation.

Now, he also understands why the dream from the first perspective of others always appeared in his mind before, the one called Luo Jian, because Luo Jian is himself, maybe the last life, some life experiences can't be completely erased even in reincarnation, just Just like a computer hard drive, once the content is recorded, it can never be completely formatted.

This is also the topic of the discussion on Buddhism and Taoism in the Taixuan Taoist Temple earlier, that is, each of us is born wise, and our soul contains all the information of our past, present, and even the universe. From a scientific point of view, each of our creatures is originally the source code for the construction of the universe.

"Any experience with the nature of suffering is the test of fate for people." Human life seems complicated, but it is actually very simple. Consummation, but just the current life is not enough, life is too small for the universe, mayflies will never be able to penetrate the secrets of the starry sky, even the gods with lifespans comparable to the stars are far from enough, only to find breakthrough cognition in life and death direction.

As Changqing Soao said, there are no two identical leaves in the universe, and there are no completely similar stars. Similarly, there are no identical people. There is no same life direction in one life. In the power of "Spiritual Mind", different life experiences will always bring different powers, and each life experience will leave a deep imprint in the soul, just waiting for you and me to dig it out.

Just like Luo Kai himself, the power of "water" has the greatest influence on him in this life. Although what he cultivates is a small cosmic way that embraces all things, the energy of other properties is far from being comparable to that of water. The only thing that can be compared to water is the "sha energy" that represents destruction.

This "water" does not refer to actual water, but the concept contained in "water". The highest good is like water, and water is good for all things without fighting. His character, his strength, and everything he has are engraved with the brand of water, including the power of the five elements. The derived power of thunder is included.

In the higher-level spiritual power system, all kinds of power are derived from consciousness energy, which is the manifestation of spiritual power brought about by life experiences. For example, some people are close to the starry sky and nature, and they are accompanied by plants and trees all their lives. The power displayed is a kind of "wood" energy with healing properties. This healing is not only for the body, but also for the wounds of the mind.

Or some people are accompanied by slaughter all their lives and their sins are monstrous, then the power they show may be the power of karmic fire brought by boundless evil thoughts.

For mortals, these may just be the accompanying temperament or xinxing, but for those gods who have practiced for tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of years, it is the most powerful manifestation of power.

Nanfeng and Fujii Mingye each woke up from the freeze, and found that Changqing Soo had disappeared, and they all said timidly: "Where's the Iceman King?"

Luo Kai didn't want to reveal what Changqing Suoao had just said to him, and shook his head: "I don't know, I just woke up too."

Nan Feng said with a heart-pounding expression: "What a terrible power of ice that can freeze time. I'm afraid that this person is not under the ten major demon gods in the Pantheon at all, and belongs to a moderate four-dimensional life form, which is the ability of three-dimensional cosmic beings. the limit reached.”

Fujii Mingye was only full of fear. Originally, he had doubts about the authenticity of this world, but now he has no doubts. They have indeed returned to the Middle Ages, the ten major demon gods of the Pantheon, and the material interface is blocked on the earth star. The six evil gods of , and the ancestors of the celestial spirit clan all came from the Middle Ages, which was an era where the four-dimensional transition was still preserved. Later, in the Middle Ages, all beings completely cut off the ascending channel and could never make the four-dimensional transition.

For them, it may be best if they can stay in this time period, because this era still retains a lot of knowledge of powerful Taoism. As for the dark era of the universe, they can find a way to hide in the anti-space, and the gods can already put their bodies in Free transformation between reality and reality.

"Look, what's wrong with this world?"

While thinking about it, I suddenly found snowflakes floating in front of my eyes again. I was shocked at first, and then I found that these snowflakes had no substantive auxiliary power, no ice power that can freeze time, just a turbulent flow of data.

Nan Feng closed his eyes for a moment, and then said solemnly: "This data world is about to collapse, and it is due to external forces. If I guess correctly, there is a problem with the demon sealing star outside, which means that as a four-dimensional space Ya. If there is a problem with Tlantis, then the three-dimensional space that supports it will no longer exist, but it's okay, I have read all the data of this world, and if I can crack the source code, I can reshape it."

The scene in front of him is like being in a TV screen with no signal and full of snowflakes, as if the server has been destroyed, then the virtual world stored in it will naturally collapse.

As the snowflakes became thinner and thinner, the pale red Pluto appeared under him again. At this moment, Pluto was like a ball tightly bound by chains. Tighten, and a large number of strange monsters that accompanied the World Tree were smashed by the starlight.

The body of the World Tree is like a group of inflated bubbles, bursting under the pressure of starlight, and countless jet-black mists fly in all directions, escaping to other planets.

Among them, a group of black mist flew straight towards the three Luo Kai who had just been in action. A slender figure was wrapped in the black mist, and it was Xuan Xuan.

Before and after arriving, Xuanxuan stopped abruptly, and said happily to Luo Kai: "You are not dead?"

Luo Kai was startled, the woman in front of UU Reading was the little girl named Xuan Xuan, who was also the body of the Nightmare Demon God. He was very sure that according to what Little King Kong said, this little girl was the master who controlled the matrix world. , the situation of the other party should be the same as his own, because he lost his memory for a period of time for some reason, but he still knows the past, but this little girl seems to completely regard herself as a person in this world.

Xuanxuan glanced at them and said faintly, "Are you ready to leave the matrix?"

Luo Xin was surprised and said, "You know?"

Xuan Xuan sighed lightly: "I know you are from the outside world, sigh, hurry up, the ** of the heavens is coming, if he finds you, you will surely die, he will escape from the dream and cross the real time period to chase and kill you. , In addition, you must also be careful of extraterritorial demons in other time periods."

Nan Feng's expression changed, and he leaned over and said, "You are the Nightmare Demon God? What do you mean by extraterrestrial demons at other times?"

Xuanxuan shook her head: "I'm not a nightmare demon, I'm just me. As for this extraterrestrial demon, it's a long story. Everything must obey the law of conservation of energy, and the matrix world is no exception. The reason why the matrix world can maintain It works because it suppresses a powerful extraterritorial demon.

This kind of creature is not born in our world, nor is it from the positive and negative space, but from other multiverses. It is extremely powerful and likes to spread nightmare demons the most. Seal it, Jiuji Dojo used the unique spiritual energy generated by this monster to build a matrix world, and was later transformed by... She was transformed into a kind of dream channel that spans the past and the future, well, I will let go of the port sent you away. "

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