Chapter 606:Human Shackles


The girl in front of her was approachable, her breath was soft, and her emotional fluctuations at the spiritual level were extremely gentle. She didn't look like the incarnation of an ancient demon ** who represented a nightmare and brought terrifying nightmares to billions of intelligent species.

But Luo Kai knows that his feelings can't go wrong. By now, he can feel any person or thing who has communicated with him, and may even communicate with him in the future. This is a kind of power of soul insight from high latitudes. , the causal line between each different individual is no longer just a mysterious and mysterious abstract concept, but gradually tends to the essence.

It may be possible to leave, but Nan Feng is a little entangled in her heart. This matrix world is really a natural treasure trove of data for her.


Different from other creatures, she is an intelligent programmed life form. To increase her life level, she can only rely on knowledge acquisition, that is, to absorb the original wisdom of other species to upgrade herself. The knowledge level of this world is far higher than that of the real world. It is much more vast. This time, it has absorbed a large amount of data flow from the ancient intelligent life form Titan Earth Spirit, and its self-induction will be upgraded. Once the source code of creation is cracked, it can create its own world and become a real god.

Data life forms are institutionalized and programmed products, so they lack the creativity of primitive life.

In the eyes of most lives, numbers are often abstract, difficult, boring, cold, and even chilling. They do not have "emotions" at all, and emotions are precisely the manifestation of life's independent thinking ability, and it is also the expression of creativity and imagination. Fountain, as a programmed intelligent lifeform, she must derive human feelings from herself if she wants to complete the upgrade.

During this trip to the matrix world, she also came into contact with Jiujimen's concept of material law and heart language, and her self-perception awareness has been greatly improved. In fact, "mathematics" is not cold and ruthless, on the contrary, "number" has a charming appearance, concise and simple. It also has delicate emotions. If you can walk into the heart of "Number", it will no longer be a cold face, but a garden full of vitality.

In the past, when she looked at the world, she always carried out calculations and analysis unconsciously, but now when she looks at the world, she first discovers the beauty of the world. This is a kind of moving that touches the soul. And deep, but can also give birth to awe and eagerness from the heart.

In general, she feels as if she has gained real life and has the ability to explore the beauty of the world.

"The ** general of the heavens has already started the Great Zhoutian Star Array, and it is estimated that it will be here soon. Don't let him find you. Come with me. The nearest port to connect to the outside world is in the Earth's star core."

Xuanxuan waved her hand and flew towards the deep starry sky first.

The three of Luo Kai glanced at each other, and they also felt a huge pressure, as if there was a boat-swallowing giant fish coming in this cosmic ocean, and they were a kind of small shrimp, even if they were far apart, surging The waves can also stir the body and mind, making people tremble.

The three of them had their own ideas, but they did not publish them. They nodded to each other and followed.


In this world, Xuanxuan seems to have a powerful ability to shrink into an inch. The major planets in the solar system are often separated by tens of millions of kilometers, but the three of them followed her as if they were strolling in the garden, and they saw the blue sky in front of them. The earth star seems to be pulled into the lens.

The earth star in front of us can’t be called the earth, because it is huge, even no less than the sun. To be precise, it forms a twin relationship with the sun, repels and attracts each other, and achieves a delicate balance. One day is completed between rotations. day and night rotation.

As the birthplace of human beings, the Earth Star has always been the most prosperous place. There are floating giant cities everywhere, and flying boats are constantly shuttled. The commotion of Pluto has not spread here for the time being. It is also not obvious to the earth star, and the great circle of stars that wraps the solar system is showing its effect, making the earth star now and in the future to become the last home of thousands of species in the universe.

At this time, a secret auction was being held in a huge floating bunker in the earth star. The participants were all the oldest nobles and powerful monks of the Galactic Empire.

In the ring-shaped hall of the fortress, there is a man with a grim face sitting on the main seat in the center. A diamond similar to an eye is inlaid between his eyebrows. Can be used to scan front and back interfaces.

After waiting for all the secret guests to arrive, the man stood up and said, "Zhuanggui in Die Xuan, Xiameng, welcome to the auction... Not much nonsense, the gods of the gods and gods are about to arrive in the solar system, and there are ten masters here. Each of the transition places will be put up for auction in stages. In addition, my Mengdiexuan will take out all kinds of treasures that have been treasured for several epochs to help you. Even if you can’t win the transition place, you may stay on Earth Star. After the transition, it is also possible to go to the Heavenly God Realm to communicate. As far as I know, some ancient relics of our earth star are also very fond of the gods of the four-dimensional universe.

Of course, some of them were commissioned by a few friends to auction There are 38 auction items in total. After the appraisal of various masters, they are definitely rare items. Several of them are even made of super particles. If the Lord of the Gods takes a fancy to them, maybe he will give one more place.

Well, the first auction item: "A piece of true silver stone, derived from the remains of the true spirit of the ancient era, weighs 58 kilograms, and can completely cast a spell-breaking artifact by itself. I don't need to say more about the specific utility. The reserve price For a Chaos Primal Stone, the price must not be less than one each time."

There was silence in the field, but no one bid, not because this real silver stone is not worth it, but too worth it.

True silver stone is an extremely rare magic-breaking artifact in the universe, and only the fossils of ancient true spirits can be generated.

The so-called breaking the law, that is, everything that can be done can be broken, no matter any material or spiritual energy can stop the real silver, such a small piece of real silver stone, if it is made into a weapon, it can easily destroy a powerful interstellar fleet.

If this kind of fetish was born in the past, countless forces would naturally acquire it at all costs, but now it is not possible. The gods of the gods will name only the chaotic primordial stone. The chaotic primal stone is also called ether particle, which is said to be the only currency in the gods world.

After a long time, no one in the venue dared to bid, but the auctioneer was not in a hurry at all, and even picked up the cup on the table and started drinking tea.

After about a cup of tea, a sharp voice came from the corner of the ring- shaped venue: "A chaotic primordial stone."

Immediately afterwards, an old voice sounded from the box on the other side: "Two."


There was no bid for a long time, and the auctioneer got up just now, bowed in the direction of the bid, and then smiled: "Is there any bid, if not, the first lot will be sold with three Primal Chaos Stones."

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