Chapter 621:I Cultivate Immortality By Being Passive

Karma is here!

"Impossible! It's impossible! How did you do it!"

The seven-star old man's tone was full of disbelief that his body was actually occupied by Daoyan.

And he was banished to a magic weapon.

"Nothing is impossible! Cause and effect are amazing things!"

In the body of the seven-star old man, there was a sound of Daoyan.

"Blame! Blame you for believing in cause and effect too much!"

At this time, Dao Yan has completed the bird's occupation of the dove's nest, and all the cause and effect are carried on the body of the seven-star old man.

And because of karma, the old man of Seven Stars will not fall no matter what.

As a result, the seven-star old man became an excellent tool spirit.

Yin Yang Jade, one of the many treasures of Qixing Pavilion.

Everything is in Dao Yan's calculation.

To put it simply, Dao Yan occupied the body of the Seven-Star Old Man, and the Spirit of the Seven-Star Old Man was driven to the Yin-Yang Jade.

And most of the cause and effect that the two of them bear at the same time are borne by the seven-star old man.

After all, the body that Dao Yan is using now belongs to the Seven Stars Old Man, and the Seven Stars Old Man's spirit is on Yin and Yang.

In this case, Dao Yan got rid of most of the cause and effect.

Now it only takes an opportunity for Daoyan to reincarnate and completely get rid of his current identity.

Get rid of the karma of Qixing Pavilion, then reincarnate into a new body and practice again.

To say hatred? At the beginning, Dao Yan may have some.

But as time passed, he couldn't remember what his so-called relatives looked like, and even the memory of his parents became blurred.

After practicing to the back, the feelings become more and more indifferent.

After all, when a person experiences hundreds of years, any memory will slowly disappear.

Moreover, once you start your practice, it is difficult to stop.

Any cultivator wants to go further, the feeling of controlling power is too wonderful.

Mastering great power also means being able to take other people's lives into your own hands.

The monks who have tried this taste will naturally continue to improve themselves.

Daoyan has his pride in his heart, and he doesn't want to live on Seven Star Island all the time.

"I don't want to hide away like a mouse! I want to go to Zhongzhou, I want to live for myself!"

While speaking, the seven-star old man's body began to change.

The tall and straight body became sturdy, the skin began to lose its luster, and the causal backlash slowly began to manifest from the flesh.

There is no Seven Star Island to suppress cause and effect.

Dao Yan's original cause and effect were also accumulated on this body.

Ominous! has slowly unfolded.

Similar to the situation of the five declines of heaven and man, it has already appeared on this body.

One of Daoyan's eyes was blinded inexplicably, and blood and tears continued to flow down.

The teeth are also slowly loosening, and a few large teeth are slowly falling out.

Such a situation would never happen to any cultivator.

But it's happening right now, and it's just the ominous beginning.

Why did the former Sect Master of the Seven Star Pavilion only pursue a safe fall in the back?

Because this ominous process is so torturous.

Can you imagine it? Dangtang is a powerful cultivator in the Ascension Realm, but his body is not as good as the day.

The process of mortal aging is repeated over and over again in the body.

Strength is declining day by day! Can't die in the end!

Later, he will be affected by various crazy emotions, and the memory of the crazy period will be extraordinarily clear when he is awake.

That state is simply better than death.

"Mirage Dream!"

Dao Yan had long expected the ominous appearance on the face of the flesh.

His understanding of the Dao of Cause and Effect is far beyond that of ordinary people, and he naturally has countermeasures.

Due to another period of cause and effect, the ominous abnormality on his body was temporarily transferred to the spirit of the old man of Seven Stars.

Because this physical body belongs to the Seven-Star Old Man, it is completely feasible to transfer it to the Seven-Star Old Man's spirit.

But the price of doing so is to owe cause and effect again.


Do not!

Do not!


The seven-star old man finally felt the fear. After countless hours, he suddenly felt a little creepy.

This disciple in front of him is usually thinking about something.

After the karma backlash was transferred, Dao Yan suddenly blocked the voice of the old man of Seven Stars.

"Next is the reincarnated body! The perfect body!"

After solving the titular master, Daoyan put all his energy on Zhou Feng.

That's right! For him, Zhou Feng is the perfect reincarnation body.

That terrifying physique, that pure power, is undoubtedly a perfect body.

Why did Daoyan say that Zhou Feng was his chance.

It is because the talent Zhou Feng showed is extremely difficult.

As long as he can successfully get rid of the karma of Qixing Pavilion, he can once again occupy Zhou Feng's body.

Then he will become a real genius, and it is not a dream to enter Zhongzhou at that time.

He waited so long for this opportunity.

nobody! No one can stop him!

Even the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea will become his stepping stone, and those ancient arrogances will become resources!


! "

Daoyan began to laugh wildly.


On the other side, Zhou Feng encountered a siege.

This siege was very sudden, and it could even be said that he was puzzled.



In an instant, blood columns rose from bottom to top, and endless blood filled the surrounding area.

"Have you finally dared to come out?"

"Our family has been waiting for countless years, let's die!"

"The feud of the generations! Let it be resolved today!"

A man who looked like a madman stared at Zhou Feng fiercely.

Hatred, resentment! There is also a relief emanating from these people.

These people appeared very suddenly, Zhou Feng was walking on the sea, and suddenly fell into a siege.

"Is this a misunderstanding?"

Zhou Feng looked around for a while, and instantly realized that this was definitely a misunderstanding.

The reason should be on the cup of Dao Enlightenment tea. This kind of good thing cannot be obtained without a price.

Being able to comprehend the Dao for a short period of time, even if the time is extremely short, is an absolute good thing for a cultivator.

Daoyan didn't use it himself, but left it to him, even if Zhou Feng was Daoyan's father.

Is the trouble coming?

Zhou Feng suddenly discovered that the entire space around him was locked by some kind of force.


There was a sudden cry.

The cry was extremely miserable, and a young girl slowly descended from the sky.

Before I could see the person's appearance, countless blood-colored lightning bolts roared like a long river.



A huge explosion sounded courting death! "

Hit by this blood-colored lightning, Zhou Feng's face changed instantly.

"Longevity Fist!"

Simple and pure power came again, and he punched.

In an instant, that weird and crazy momentum was smashed.

Tianyu immediately became clear and bright.

But soon Tianyu turned ** again.


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