Chapter 534:I Don’t Want to Be a General, I Choose Buddhism

Yamato bound

The five hundred and thirty-ninth chapter of the body is bound by Yamato

, I don't want to be a general, I choose Buddhism

Hearing this with a smile, he nodded slightly and said. "So that's the case. Did you come here on purpose to save the remnants of the 'Hundred Beast Pirates'? This old man understands."

Immediately, he smiled and pondered, and said.

"Since it is Lieutenant General Ion, it is not incomprehensible to retreat, and the remnants will be returned to you."

Immediately, Yi Xiao nodded slightly towards Yan, then turned around and walked towards the coast of "Oi Island", as if he believed in Yan's character and was not worried that he would attack.

The rest of the revolutionary army watched Yon and Yamato vigilantly, and retreated behind Yi Xiao.

Soon, a large number of revolutionary troops disappeared in front of Ion and Yamato, and they gave up the "Oni Island" and left by boat.


When Yamato saw this, he lifted the "Okou True God form" and returned to his normal human form. He shook his gray hair, and turned his head to Ion in surprise.

"Yan, are you really famous in the outer seas? That guy just gave you face so much that he even gave up the whole 'Island of Ghosts'."

"so so."

Ion replied casually, then looked at Yamato beside him.

At this moment, after Yamato was released from the "Okotsu True God Form", the ghost mask originally worn on his face had disappeared, revealing a delicate face that was completely different from her bold and straightforward character. The whiteness of the skin made Ion suddenly I recalled the white fluffy texture of the hair under the "True God Form of Big Mouth" just now.

And Yamato's amber eyes are extraordinarily clear, without any extraneous impurities, as if she can directly detect what the blunt woman is thinking through her eyes.

Immediately, Ian's eyes moved down along Yamato's smooth chin, and he suddenly found that Yamato's sleeveless kimono was a little loose and tattered at the moment.

The point is that Yamato is in a vacuum state, and Ion is still standing on the side, which is almost unobstructed at a glance.


Yan quickly turned his head to the other side, his expression became slightly unnatural, and he couldn't help but complain.

'This is how the sea came to test the old navy? ’

Yamato noticed Ion's somewhat unnatural expression and asked unconsciously. "What? Ion."

Saying that, Yamato moved slightly closer to Ian, as if to observe whether Ian was injured somewhere?

"Hey, Ian, if you feel any discomfort, just say it, don't hold back."

Yan's mouth twitched slightly and reminded. "No, clothes..."


Hearing Ion's words, Yamato's amber eyes blinked, and then he directly stretched out his hand and ripped at Ion's clothes, asking.

"Come on, let me see what's hurt there."

? ? ?


Ion, who was shocked by Yamato's reaction, was slightly stunned, and suddenly felt that a corner of his clothes was ripped off.

Immediately, Ian pushed back a few steps and waved his hand, but in his heart he was completely out of touch with this unconscious woman.

Is this thing really unaware that he is a woman?

Immediately, Ion pointed to Yamato's body and said bluntly. "It's your clothes."

Yamato looked down at his clothes and tugged them casually, but he was extremely puzzled. "My clothes? No problem."

"No one taught you..."

Speaking of this, Ion's voice suddenly stopped, and he felt as if he had said something superfluous.

Yamato didn't hide his past from Ion, so after just half a day of contact, Ion almost got Yamato's past experience completely clear.

As the daughter of Kaido, the governor of the "Hundred Beasts Pirates" who advocates violence and war, Yamato's past life was almost all spent challenging Kaido and being imprisoned.

As for education, warmth, and companionship, there is no such thing.

The only books that accompany Yamato, only the voyage diary of Kozuki Oden, which is carefully treasured by Yamato, is the small and only window through which Yamato can observe the outside world.

It is precisely because of this that Yamato worships samurai incomparably, and for a considerable lack of common sense, even under the infection of the violent environment of the past, Yamato subconsciously ignores the difference between himself and men.

Immediately, Ion tore off a long strip of cloth from the navy cloak on his body, threw it in Yamato's direction, and briefly explained and reminded... that.

The awkward words in it almost made Yon feel like he was playing a hooligan.

"What, such a small thing..."

Yamato muttered in dissatisfaction, still feeling disapproval.

Only at Ion's strong request, Yamato obediently wrapped the strip of cloth that Ion threw as a bandage.

With the sound of clothes rubbing...

"All right!"

Yamato's voice sounded, and Ion turned back.

However, as Ion saw Yamato's appearance at the moment, his eyes widened slightly.

Under the wrapping of the cloth wrapped round and round, Yamato is obviously less exposed to the outside world, but it is inexplicably more...astringent.

In particular, Yamato's bold and straightforward expression formed an extremely sharp contrast and temptation with that proud figure.

"What? Are you still not satisfied?"

But Yamato looked at Ion's expression and thought that Ian was not satisfied, so he frowned and said unhappily.

"It's almost good, don't be rude, Ian, even if I wrap your chest around your chest now, I feel a little hard to breathe, and wrapping it a little more will definitely affect the fight."

Having said that, Yamato stretched out his hand and wrapped a strip of cloth around his chest and tugged it casually, trying to loosen it up a little.

"Cough cough..."

Ian coughed twice, pushed his glasses subconsciously, then put his hand down unnaturally and replied. "So be it."


Yamato said unhappily, then turned his left foot and strode toward the deep pit not far away, his demeanor can be described as heroic and unrestrained.

Just as Ian stepped up to follow, Yamato continued to speak. "It's really annoying, it feels like the focus of the whole person has changed."

Yan's mouth twitched slightly and replied. "Get used to it, etiquette is also one of the compulsory courses for samurai."

When Yamato heard the words, he had already lifted up and planned to untie the cloth, and asked back. "You won't lie to me, will you?"

"Only this point, I definitely didn't lie to you, don't normal samurai usually care about clothes?"

After a pause, Ion did not forget to add.

"Guangyue Otian jumping ** is forced to help, don't learn that."

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