Chapter 535:I Don’t Want to Be a General, I Choose Buddhism

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On the revolutionary army ship that was moving away from the "Island of Ghosts", Yi smiled and dialed Dorag's phone bug and reported.

"The leader, Kaido's daughter Yamato and Vice Admiral Ion appeared in the 'Oni Island'. In order to preserve the living strength of the comrades, the old man chose to give up the remnants of the 'Beast Pirates' who were about to be dealt with. And evacuate."

After saying these words, Yi Xiao was already mentally prepared to be reprimanded by Drago and even punished.

After all, the task of Yixiao staying in the "Island of Ghosts", in addition to dealing with the valuable items that may remain in the "Island of Ghosts", is to temporarily take care of the remnants of the "Hundred Beasts Pirates" who have not had time to transport them away. Avoid those "Hundred Beasts Pirates" remnants from causing damage to the security of "Wono Country".

However, what surprised a smile was that Drago's reaction was unusually calm.

"I see, with a smile, you are now leading the rest of the comrades back to the 'Capital of Flowers'. The conflict between us and the Navy and Qiwuhai will soon break out. This side needs your combat support."


He smiled and nodded in response, but turned to ask.

"It really doesn't matter that Lieutenant General Ion leaves it alone? If you, Chief, come and join me now, it might be a good opportunity to deal with Lieutenant General Ion."

As the suggestion of a smile sounded, Drago was silent for a few breaths before continuing.

"Don't underestimate that man, smile, even if you join forces with me, you may not be his opponent. If you want to contain his combat power, the best way is to set the battlefield in the 'wano country', he is a righteous and A peace- loving man, in order to avoid affecting the innocent, he will not go all out."

"Is that so? That Lieutenant General Ion is also a person with benevolence and righteousness."

He nodded with a smile, then hung up the phone bug in his hand, seeing the domineering feeling that the "Ghost Island" was getting farther and farther away from him, his closed eyes showed a few turbid whites, and he sighed helplessly.

"It's really a pity in my life that I need to fight against this kind of man because of my position."


At this time, Yawn, who was feared by the smile, spent a lot of energy, and this completely dispelled Yamato's idea of ​​​​unshackled.

"However, it's nice to be young..."

Ion stared at Yamato's back, who was clearly limping but still jumping fast, and couldn't help sighing.

This kind of incomparable energy, Ian, who is gradually entering middle age, is really envious.

However, Ian is not anxious at all. Quan should take a leisurely vacation while cultivating Yamato, and follow Yamato in a leisurely way, giving Yamato enough to go with the "sea of ​​beasts". It's time for the remnants of the thieves to meet again.

These remnants of the "Hundred Beasts Pirates" are all subordinates that Ian carefully selected for Yamato, and they are basically not very smart, relatively honest and loyal pirates.

'With Yamato being Kaido's daughter and saving their lives, it probably won't be difficult to conquer these pirates, right? ’

Ian thought to himself.

'Really, it's really hard to find good people like me. I try my best to cultivate... Cough, let's not talk about cultivating Yamato, and even prepare the team, funds and so on. Even raising a daughter is nothing more than that, right? ’

'Speaking of which, I wonder if Yamato knows the truth in the future, will he gratefully recognize me as his godfather? ’

Just as Ian rubbed his chin and guessed how likely he would recognize himself as a loving father given Yamato's incomparable lack of fatherly love, a series of battle roars came from the big pit not far away. Voice.

"Huh? Fight?"

His thoughts were interrupted by this unexpected movement, and Ion couldn't help speeding up a bit to rush past.

In the big pit at this time, many members of the Beast Pirates who have just untied Hailoushi's handcuffs are in the "drought" Jack and the senior cadre "Animal, Dragon and Dragon Fruit, Ancient Species, Triceratops Form" Sasaki. Under his leadership, he showed obvious hostility towards Yamato.

"Yamato, get out of the way." Sasaki shouted.

Jack, whose ivory on one side of his head had collapsed in half, said even more firmly. "The boss must be imprisoned in the 'Wano country'. Even if there is a big disturbance, I must rescue the boss."

Yamato, who stood in front of these "Hundred Beasts Pirates" members, had no intention of backing down and shouted. "That ** Kaido is dead."

Immediately, Yamato's eyes turned, and the momentum was getting heavier and heavier.

"If you have the idea of ​​going to the 'Wano Country' to destroy and force the revolutionary army to hand over Kaido, then I can only knock you down completely here."

Jack said disdainfully. "Just you?"

Not only Jack, but even the rest of the "Hundred Beasts Pirates" members showed no reverence towards Yamato.

It may be said that among the members of the "Hundred Beast Pirates" whose overall thinking is full of violence and war, they have always disliked Yamato's kind of samurai thinking.

Especially in the past, Yamato challenged Kaido madly, but was defeated by Kaido countless times, which made them subconsciously think that Yamato was a weakling.

"Yamato, for the sake of you saving me and Kaido boss, I don't want to shoot at you now, get out of the way, don't get in the way."

Sasaki opened his mouth to warn, but his palm was clenching the handle of a knife, ready to shoot.

As for Jack "Drought", he still showed a fierce aura when he was in a state of embarrassment, as if he might crush Yamato, who was less than half his size, in front of him at any time.

The surrounding members of the "Hundred Beast Pirates" also gradually became fiercer.

After being briefly held captive by the revolutionary army for a few days, the anger they continue to accumulate can be said to erupt at any time. With Yamato's insignificant prestige in the "Hundred Beast Pirates" in the past, it is impossible to suppress it with favor alone. live with them.

Just as the battle between the two sides was about to break out, Ian's walking figure appeared not far behind Yamato, staring at the extremely fierce "Hundred Beast Pirates" remnants in front of him with a playful gaze.

In an instant, Jack the Drought and Sasaki took a step back, as if they had seen something extremely terrifying.

"Navy Hero" Tefimer Yann!

This man...why is he here? !

As officers who participated in the naval war against the "Beast Pirates" and the "Red-Haired Pirates", "Drought" Jack and Sasaki felt panic at the moment.

If it was in the past, Jack "Drought" would never have looked at the so-called navy, but after witnessing the battle between Ion and "Redhead" Shanks, Jack "Drought" has completely It is clear that the level of the man in front of him is different from his own.

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