Chapter 536:I Don’t Want to Be a General, I Choose Buddhism

Admit our relationship

Yamato didn't notice the expressions of Jack and Sasaki at all, but raised his mace, put on a heroic gesture, and said imposingly.

"Come on, Jack, Sasaki, I wanted to teach you two ** a long time ago."

But unlike Yamato's imagination that Jack and Sasaki would shoot without hesitation, Jack and Sasaki took another step back.

Yamato frowned slightly and shouted.

"What do you two ** want to do? Fight and don't fight, retreat and don't retreat?"

Unlike Jack and Sasaki, the rest of the "Hundred Beasts Pirates" remnants can't recognize Ion's appearance in an instant, let alone deeply understand that Ion is enough to match "Hundred Beasts" Kaido A terrifying strength comparable to that of "Redhead" Shanks.

In the eyes of the rest of the "Hundred Beasts Pirates" remnants, Ion is like an ordinary little navy who didn't know where it came from, and he did not associate Jack and Sasaki's strangeness with Ion at all.

Immediately, the rest of the "Hundred Beasts Pirates" remnants subconsciously shouted under Yamato's provocation.

"Hey, Yamato, don't be too arrogant, Boss Jack and Boss Sasaki didn't make a move, just to see the face of Boss Kaido."

"That's right, don't let it go within three times, it will kill you."

"It's not just killing you, but what are you looking at the navy over there? Don't get too close even if you're inquiring about intelligence, get out of my way, believe it or not, even you..."

However, before the "Hundred Beasts Pirates" remnant could finish speaking, a huge elbow slammed into his face, swallowing all the rest of his words, and the whole person even flew upside down. dozens of meters away.

"Shut up you bastards."

Jack's expression was especially terrifying as he glanced at the remnants of the "Hundred Beasts Pirates" beside him, warning with an extremely ferocious aura.

In an instant, the rest of the "Hundred Beasts Pirates" remnants had no idea why Jack "Drought" was angry, but they were completely shocked by Jack.

However, the next moment, under the staring eyes of the rest of the "Hundred Beasts Pirates" remnants, Jack "Drought" suddenly knelt down in Yamato's direction.

? ? ?


In the eyes of Yamato and the rest of the "Hundred Beasts Pirates" remnants, Jack said loudly.

"Please take action to rescue Boss Kaido, Brother Jhin and Brother Quinn from the revolutionary army. As long as you are willing to take action, I will do whatever it takes."


Yamato looked at Jack whose attitude had turned a hundred and eighty degrees in front of him, his expression was wonderful, and he replied in a daze. "Jack, even if you say so, I..."

Before Yamato could finish speaking, Jack interrupted Yamato. "Yawa, don't interrupt..."

However, before Jack could finish speaking, Jack noticed Ion, who was holding his arms around his chest like a bystander not far away. At this moment, his face seemed to sink slightly. The warning was self-evident. Blocked the rest of Jack's words.

And aware of Jack's incomparably obvious change in expression at this time, Yamato turned around abruptly, noticing Ion who didn't know when he was standing not far behind.

Immediately, Yamato realized something, pointed his finger at Ian, then pointed at Jack, and asked leniently.

"Jie...Jack, was I just begging you...?"


Ion shrugged and said disapprovingly.

"As a pirate who is like a scum of the sea, Jack is worthy of praise for his loyalty and loyalty. However, his head is not very flexible..."

As he spoke, Ian stepped closer to Yamato and said.

"Jack, did you make a mistake? How could I, as a navy, deliberately rescue the pirates? I rescued those two guys and sent you both to the undersea prison for detention?"

As for Ion's answer, Yamato's expression twitched slightly. "Yan, you're not talking big words again, are you?"

"I said, how on earth do you believe that I am a little bit stronger than you think..." Ion asked weakly.

Yamato pouted and said disapprovingly.

"Tsk, do you really think I'm an idiot? Under normal circumstances, no matter how you think about it, you can't just pick up a strong man at the beach, right? And if you're really strong, you wouldn't be so stupid that you almost drowned in a shipwreck. ."

Hearing Yamato's remarks, Ion was a little impressed with Yamato.

This seems like a stupid, but not totally stupid woman.

Witnessing the seemingly extraordinary exchange between Ion and Yamato, Sasaki also had hope at this moment.

In the past, this woman I had always looked down on, this time seems to have really gotten to know a remarkable person!

If Lieutenant General Ion feels the kindness of Yamato and is willing to lend his strength to deal with the revolutionary army, then at least it is not impossible to rescue the two bosses, Jhin and Quinn. matter.

Immediately, Sasaki took a step in Yamato's direction, the embarrassed but rebellious expression turned into a little flattery and respect, and unconsciously rubbed his hands and asked Yamato.

"Yawa, how is your relationship with Lieutenant General Ion?"

Yamato turned his head slightly to one side, pointed his thumb towards Ion, and said with a heroic expression. "He's my little brother, just tell me if you have any request."

As soon as this statement came out, Ion's expression was weird, Jack and Sasaki were almost shocked and their eyes popped.

"Navy Hero", Lieutenant General Yan, nicknamed "Sakura Dragon", turned out to be... Yamato's younger brother?

Looking at Jack and Sasaki's unbelievable expressions, Yamato tapped Ion's chest with his elbow and said.

"Hey, say something."

"What did you tell me to say?" Ion asked back with a tug at his mouth.

"Of course I admit the relationship between you and me."

Saying that, Yamato's head turned to Ion's side, and he said in a dissatisfied tone.

"You won't be so disrespectful, I just wrapped my chest for the first time for you."

? ? ?


Hey, hey, don't be so easily misunderstood when you talk, okay?

If this word reaches Hancock's ears, I'm afraid Hancock will rush directly to Wano and kill you...

Ian couldn't help but complain again and again.

As soon as Ian looked around, he found that the expressions of Jack and Sasaki became more and more shocked and weird, and the expressions of the rest of the "Hundred Beasts Pirates" remnants were also wonderful.


Ian spread his hands and said.

"In short, my relationship with Yamato is quite pure. She saved my life, so as a navy, I didn't arrest you on the spot immediately. Thank you Dade, you scum of the sea."

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