Chapter 1:I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry

Is the fish salted today?

[Z Xiaosheng walked the bird in public at the press conference of the new drama surnamed Z, and apologized afterwards to Sao Aurui~ the staff of the dumpling pot. 】

[The actress surnamed C wrestled on the red carpet. After turning eight 360 degrees, she stunned foreign photographers. She called the Chinese Kung Fu and the dog. 】

In entertainment newspapers, every day the big celebrities and celebrities fight for attention in order to gain attention. Various tricks emerge in endlessly. Under the impact of these eye-catching explosive information, a piece of [Dreaming Entertainment Culture Company, black-hearted owner Huang He] is hidden in the corner. Take his sister-in-law and his sister-in-law ran away], he looked very inconspicuous.

However, for a group of employees of Dream Entertainment and Culture Company, and Yu Qiuqiu, this is undoubtedly a thunderstorm.

Huang He is the CEO of Dream Entertainment Culture Company, and You Qiuqiu is a contracted artist of the company.

The boss ran away...

You Qiuqiu was unemployed, on graduation day.


Dreaming entertainment culture company.

"The company closed down, do you think you are not responsible, are you not ashamed, are you sorry?!"

In despair, a short and lean man in a flowered shirt stood there, spitting and splashing, pinching his waist.

He is the company's agent, named Pete. When a group of people hurriedly gathered here after the boss had run away, he was most excited. Of course, he was not giving solutions, but criticizing them one by one.

No one spoke, and didn't want to touch the mold, Yu Qiuqiu even shrank himself and moved his chair quietly.

She was afraid of being sprayed by the spitting stars.

But Rao was so, she was successfully captured.

Pete's sharp gaze turned to her and stopped on her.

"You, Yuqiuqiu." Pete pointed at the woman hiding in the corner and sneered. "You said, don't you feel ashamed?"

Everyone looked at the woman who was cueed by Pete, with sympathy in their eyes, thinking that she was really pitiful, and Pete always liked to find Yuqiu.

But Yu Qiuqiu is not found, it is difficult, after all, even if she hides in the corner, she still shines, with a halo.

Women are very good-looking, even in the beauty of the entertainment industry, their appearance is considered top-notch.

She wore a goose yellow mid-length platycodon skirt. Her long black hair was made into a woolen curl shape. Her hair was thick and dense enough to make a group of bald girls shed tears of admiration; her thick black hair was the size of a slap. A heart-shaped face, white skin, a healthy blush on the sides of her cheeks, Qiong nose and round eyes, should have looked pure and innocent, but because the corners of her eyes rose, she was a little more charming.

In short, it is sweet and salty, with great plasticity, and can be called a great beauty. If the team is a little bit more ambitious, it is not impossible to set up a person who wants to spend money among individuals.

Suddenly she was cueed, her red lips slightly opened, Yu Qiqiu glanced at Pete, and then looked at the people around her, confirming from everyone's reactions, that's right, she called her.

Everyone was staring at her, even if Yu Qiuqiu didn't want to talk anymore, he still wanted to express.

So she cleared her throat, and when Pete asked if she was ashamed of the company's bankruptcy, she seemed to ponder for a while before speaking.


In fact, You Qiuqiu felt that Pete's question was unreasonable. The company went bankrupt when the boss and the sister-in-law ran away. What does it have to do with their gang of artists?

She is not a sister-in-law.

But it is clear that Yu Qiuqiu has chosen a relatively safe answer, and he has not satisfied Pete.

He was very angry, like a balloon that was about to explode, and opened his mouth to curse.

"Look at the company's signing of you in the past few years, what contribution you have made to the company, and what wealth has been created."

"Blind with a good face, it's actually a parallel import waste. I have never seen an artist who can't support the wall like you!"

It's a parallel import, and it's a waste. Pete's scolding is bad enough, and the rest of the company can't listen to it. They think he's still a little bit past, and they start to make ends meet.

There were several people between Pete and You ball. He was stopped, and he patted off a few hands that touched his clothes. From the gap between people and the arm socket, he looked at You ball and said to her.

"You Qiuqiu, I'm going to be an agent for Moran of Jiyu anyway. You can continue to mess around like this. If you can take a role, I will live the last show and eat shit!"

After listening to these words, You Qiuqiu wrung his beautiful eyebrows.

Pete thought that the other party was finally in a hurry, before he was about to show a smug smile, Yu Qiuqiu issued a disgusting "Huh--"

She looked at him and said seriously, "Why are you so sick."

I want to eat that stuff live.


Pete scolded and left, and the atmosphere in the whole room eased a little, but only for a moment. After all, their boss is running away and they are really facing unemployment.

"Ball ball."

You Qiuqiu was poked on the elbow.

She looked to this side, and her goal was a slightly black face with Chinese characters. A man could not be called handsome, or even a bit naive, but he was very reliable, and he had a good relationship with You Qiuqiu.

You Qiuqiu, "Brother Li, what's wrong?"

Brother Li yanked the chair towards You Qiuqiu and rubbed his hands. "You said our company boss ran away, what can you do?"

"I still have an ancestral ability to play monkeys, but the big deal is that I will continue to take my monkeys around to discuss life, or... you also go to play monkeys, you have thin skin and tender flesh, and monkeys will get tanned."

Worry, he is really worried about Yuqiu's situation, and even has the idea of ​​taking Yuqiu into the line.

You Qiuqiu knew that Brother Li was doing this for her own sake, but she still shook her head like a rattle.

Sorry to interrupt, she doesn't think she has that talent.

In fact, Yu Qiuqiu has not considered playing the monkey, but one day when Li Ge’s monkey jumped on her head, You Qiuqiu decisively crossed the work of playing the monkey from his career chart. .

You Qiuqiu feels that she will be unemployed after graduation. It is the plot * who is forcing her to change career, although the plot * may not be too lazy to be a passerby like her.

After all, she left no name at all in the novel.

Yes, You Qiuqiu lives in a novel.

In fact, she should be regarded as an aboriginal novel. She has both parents and a happy family. She went to acting school and went smoothly. She really realized that she lived in a novel and had a dream when she was a sophomore, and dreamed that the world she was in was actually A novel.

It was a typical cool article in the entertainment industry of a female protagonist. The female protagonist met the gods and killed the gods and the Buddhas.

Shuang, Yu Qiuqiu is a little tired in his dreams.

At the time, she did not regard it as a matter of eating and sleeping. She vaguely remembered that she dreamed that the heroine had worked with several popular actors in reality, and she felt that she would be able to integrate reality.

Then, I saw the heroine on TV.

Then, the heroine is basically a dream-like trajectory jump red.

You Qiuqiu is sure that she is really in the novel, but other people are either the heroine or the female partner. No matter how bad they are, she is a cannon fodder. She doesn't even have a name.

Pete said that she couldn't help the mud on the wall. It was actually wrong. She didn't fight for it, but the plot was too strong. Even if Yuqiuqiu tried to fight for it, she didn't get any results.

So, does she make any difference?

Pete said Moran is a five-line star, Yuqiuqiu has no memory that Moran will be a big hit behind her, but it is indeed much better than her.

Yu Qiuqiu, "..."

If others know that she is still a passerby in a novel, they will probably be autistic. You Qiuqiu has a bigger heart, and this kind of thing is useless for autism. She really loves the company’s five insurances and one gold. She did nothing for a month and had a basic salary of 3,000 yuan, which she took for several years.

It's all gone now.

"Brother Li, I go out and stand to breathe."

Yu Qiuqiu broke out of her meditation, and she pointed out the door.

Li Ge sympathized with his eyes, "Go." See if you can hold the child so well, don't even think about it.

Although Li Ge felt that Yu Qiuqiu's mentality was super stable for so many years, he did not seem to be an unimaginable type.


Yu Qiuqiu stood in the corridor. The corridor was quiet and there were no people. Yu Qiuqiu didn’t think of any idea of ​​how to get a job again. The chances are that he would go to another entertainment company to hit his luck. No one will take her on.

Big deal...

In the end, Yu Qiuqiu took out a small handful of melon seeds and quacked.

Adding the sound of eating melon seeds to the quiet corridor.

Li Ge is right, Yu Qiuqiu has a super stable mentality.

You Qiuqiu knocked melon seeds for a while, and heard the sound of leather shoes stepping on the tiled floor. People came, and she was not so curious, but she still looked up.

The man walked against the light. He was very tall, with a full length of 1.9 meters. After gradually approaching Yu Qiuqiu, Yu Qiuqiu could see his appearance.

He is handsome and handsome, with gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose, wearing a suit and leather shoes, full of elite style.

You Qiuqiu: Oh, don't know.

Continue to bow his head and lick melon seeds, quack quack quack.

Then the man stopped in front of her, his figure enveloped her.

You Qiuqiu:? ? ?

She wondered if she was blocking the way, although Yu Qiuqiu felt that the corridor in front of her was quite wide, and there was nothing wrong with two people walking.

But she still moved two steps, and the man followed her two steps; Yu Qiuqiu moved two steps toward the other side, and he continued to move two steps toward the other side.

Anyway, two people can always match up.

You Qiuqiu: "..." What's going on, big brother.

At last, Yu Qiu ball simply pressed against the wall, leaned back against the wall, gave the man a way out, and made a gesture of asking. Now there is always no situation of always moving together, right?

The man did not leave, but looked at her and opened his mouth.

"Are you Yu Qiuqiu?"

Questions, but the tone is sure.

You Qiuqiu was still continuing to send Guazi to his lips, but when the other party called out her name accurately, he hesitated to put it down and put the hand holding Guazi behind him.


She looked at the elite man in doubt and with a little joy, and tried to match the code with her eyes.

Unexpectedly, she actually has fans. She knew she would not eat melon seeds. She was not enough to be an idol, and she didn't know if she had broken the filter of her fans.

I don’t know if the fan filter is broken, but Yu Qiuqiu’s dream was ruthlessly broken.

Sheng Shi Yun looked at her blankly, "No, I am your boss."

You Qiuqiu, "Oh." Sure enough, she was not a fan, she was thinking about farts.


Passionate writing! Glyph of Huan Tuo Sha, the heroine is really salted fish, the more salted fish, the luckier it is~


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"The whole world thought he was my love beans [entertainment]" Author: Big Brother Wide drinking ice fall

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Liang Liang, who had no acting skills and enthusiasm, lost at the beginning, because of his appearance.

She couldn't even call her female counterpart's face, and was forced by her life to return to the film school to become an acting teacher.

When she woke up, she became a three-line vase female artist Chu Tian. Looking at her face in the mirror, Liang Liang was crying by Mei.

There is such a beautiful woman in the world. Her biggest wish in this life is to become a vase!

The only thing that puzzles Liang Liang is that Chu Tian is a star chaser, and the whole world knows that she is a fan of Meng Xingchen.

The filming interview reporter asked Meng Xingchen, the host of variety show cue Meng Xingchen.

Liang Liang:? ? ?

She doesn't chase stars, but just wants to make a movie honestly, even whoever Meng Xingchen is depends on Du Niang.

Unbearable, Liang Liang, who was afraid of being demolished, finally mustered up the courage to negotiate with the program team.

Liang Liang: Yes? Can I stop mentioning Meng Xingchen in the future?

Program group: Why?

Liang Liang: I have taken off my powder.

I thought I could finally act in my own play honestly and get rid of this name, who knew that the award ceremony the next day was blocked by a handsome man.

"Why are you taking off the powder, is it convenient to explain?"

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