Chapter 2:I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry

Is the fish salted today?

Inside the president's office.

Sheng Shiyun sat behind a solid wood desk with her slender hands folded, her eyes dark under the lenses, and she spoke while examining the woman sitting opposite.

"I know, since you are studying acting and come from a major, you must hope to have a place in the circle."

No, I don't want to.

"Your own conditions are still good, you have the potential for fire..."

I'm sorry, this is a shame.

You Qiuqiu knew the plot in advance, she didn't have everything the new boss said, she was just a passerby with no ideals and no story.

Ten minutes ago, You Qiuqiu was picked up from the corridor by the elite man with gold-rimmed glasses known as her boss and slipped back to the room, and asked her to go to the office for an appointment alone.

During this period of time, You Qiuqiu gave full play to the attitude he should have from school to stepping into society.

Yes, yes, yes.

The answer was extremely quick and extremely perfunctory.

If Sheng Shiyun can't see this, then he has failed too much.

In fact, You Qiuqiu didn't want to be so perfunctory, but who asked her to know that the new boss does not have a basic salary.

If you have a basic salary, you are Mr. Sheng, if you don’t have a basic salary, you are Xiao Sheng! This is reality, this is society, and society does not need tears!

When Mr. Sheng became "Xiaosheng", You Qiuqiu let go a lot. She didn't want to listen to those long talks, and couldn't bear it anymore. She tentatively said, "Boss, take the liberty to ask, have you ever run WeChat business before? ?"

Otherwise, why have you been drawing pie?

Sheng Shiyun glanced at her coldly, and did not engage in those twists and turns.

He almost knows why the other party has such good innate conditions and hasn't had a name in the circle for so many years.

In addition to the former boss’s waste, the most important thing is--

This artist, ** no ambition.

"Want to make money?"

In a word, the relationship between the precarious boss and the artist can be eased again.

Sheng Shiyun was visible to the naked eye. Although he couldn't say that he didn't have a seat when sitting in a chair, Yu Qiuqiu, who was comfortable in the whole, straightened his back and lifted his spirit.

Yu Qiqiu's eyes were shining.

Does Mr. Sheng have any ideas?

Sheng Shiyun pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose with one hand, and handed the two work plans that had been prepared long ago to You Qiuqiu.

You Qiuqiu picked it up and looked down. One was a variety show and the other was a script. He was discouraged again.

It's not that she has never had access to these resources, but she has to record successfully or be selected as a role to get the money.

It's been painted again.

The man's voice sounded from above his head.

"That variety show, as long as you go there is five thousand yuan, you can finish recording in half a day."


You Qiuqiu suddenly raised his head, "I'm going!"

After that, Yu Qiuqiu felt something weird, and at the new boss's unkind look, he explained, "I didn't mean to scold you."

She just said that as long as she participates in the variety show, she can get five thousand yuan, she can.


What makes Yu Qiuqiu a little relieved is that the new boss is not really stingy and didn't pursue this matter.

"Are there Weibo?"

Since Sheng Shiyun has taken over the company, he intends to make some achievements. Although this company does everything, except for those who are not motivated, there are also monkeys...Before releasing Yu Qiuqiu, he still asked subconsciously. For a moment.

When I got the affirmative answer, there were not many waves in the prime of time. It was the basic operation for artists to have Weibo.

"Why didn't you find you?"

However, when he took out his cell phone, Sheng Shiyun did not find Yu Qiuqiu. He wondered if he changed his name?

When Sheng Shiyun first saw the name of You Qiuqiu, he also felt that the name was sloppy.

You Qiuqiu, "Do you want to follow me?"

When You Qiuqiu finished this sentence and showed a worried expression, Sheng Shiyun knew that it was not that simple.

Sure enough, after Sheng Shiyun asked Yuqiuqiu's username again, he got a Weibo ID of [Did Qiqiu get rich today?].

"...Replace it."

You Qiuqiu is actually very satisfied with this ID, which contains her simplest wish. Other people who want to use this will have to add a number or letter to the end.

However, people had to bow their heads under the eaves. At the very least, she had to get the five thousand dollars that she was about to win. So Yuqiu was forced to change its name and changed to a decent Yuqiu.

After she changed her name, You Qiuqiu heard the increasing tips from fans, so you don't have to think about knowing that the new boss bought her fans.

"Mr. Sheng, you bought me fans."

The man didn't even lift his head, he made a vague sound from his throat, and pointed towards Yu Qiuqiu in the direction of the door.

You Qiuqiu interpreted this to mean that you can roll without your business.

So You Qiuqiu didn't need to buy fans, and could leave her with the money to buy fans. She registered on Weibo to follow herself, so she swallowed it back.

After You Qiuqiu walked out of the office, Sheng Shiyun glanced at the growing number of fans on her Weibo interface. Wancai had already broken through.

A female artist has less than one hundred fans on Weibo.



At noon, the weather is very good today, and the sun has not reached the most toxic point. It is warm when shining on people, and people are also lazy.

Some of the staff in the program group of "Boldly Rush Forward" are continuing to debug the machine, and some have already started to eat their lunch. After a short rest, they will start recording in the afternoon.

The whole venue was filled with the smell of food.

"Ms. Liu, has the food in our program group been so good?"

With a piece of curry beef sandwiched between the chopsticks, it was delivered between the red lips. The woman squinted her eyes contentedly, her long curled eyelashes trembled, and she expressed emotion at the camera next to her.

The cameraman's surname is Liu, 56 this year, good-tempered, happy all day.

He has a great affection for the girls around him. She can be his daughter no matter how old she is. In addition, the girl is well-behaved and pleasing, and looks beautiful, so naturally he is willing to talk to her for a while.

"Yeah, it's always been so good... You don't need to call me Teacher Liu, it's just a photo shooter. If you call me Teacher Liu, just call me Uncle Liu."

"Uncle Liu, do the program staff have five insurances and one housing fund?" She changed her name following the words of Camera Liu.

It is now known that the "Bold Forward" program package includes three meals. Is there still five social insurance and one housing fund?

Camera Liu, "Of course there must be."

"Xiaoyou, you just graduated, right? Work hard. Our program group is still very humane. The welfare is not as good as the ace programs of those strong stations, but it is very good on the local station."

Camera Liu regarded You Qiuqiu as an internship in the program group.

Sitting on Pony Zha and discussing the five social insurance and one housing fund with a group of staff over lunch is Yu Qiuqiu. She came to participate in the show today. She came a little earlier, just in time for the meal, and was unknown. As an intern, the staff of the situation also gave her a box lunch.

You Qiuqiu grabbed the lunch and sat among the staff without any sense of disobedience. When she heard the five insurances and one gold, she admired.

This envy has continued, and after listening to the content discussed by the first two female employees, it became even stronger.


"Our director is also true, saying that it is to improve the quality of the program, and actually set up a performance company to sign artists to participate in the show for five thousand yuan. Where do you say that serious artists will participate in this show for five thousand yuan?"

"Boldly Go Forward" is a competitive show on a local station. It takes the route of being close to the people, and people can sign up to participate in the national health activities. For such a long time, because of the down-to- earth attitude, there are many laughs, and the ratings are not bad.

It is precisely because of the good ratings that the director has also come to ambitious, thinking that it would be nice to find a few outstanding artists to come and participate.

Don't expect them to be more famous, just look better, and put them there is also pleasing to the eye.

However, the staff felt that the director was a bit whimsical. The grade of their show is still a bit too low. They are all contracted artists. There must be resources, and they are all working hard. Will they come to this kind of show?

Of course, most people nowadays have a star dream. Those who don’t have anything to do with no backing, but there are also ambitions to show their presence, but at most they are Internet celebrities, with beauty and filters off, they are not so beautiful. .

In short, the two female employees concluded that no entertainer would come to their show for five thousand dollars.

To participate in the show for five thousand yuan. Artist. You Qiuqiu sat behind them, "..."

She was overwhelmed, feeling that the money was not given by the boss, but by the show team. At first, she thought it was a reward for the new boss.

As expected, Zhou Papi is the only one who can be the boss.

You Qiuqiu is really starting to consider the feasibility of hopping to "Bold Forward".

"All departments are ready, we are scheduled to start shooting at 1:30 in the afternoon."

A staff member yelled, and he walked to Yu Qiuqiu and his party to look back, still chanting.

"No, why didn't another guest arrive? I don't know where he went, and no one called her?"

You Qiuqiu closed the lunch after eating and threw it in the trash can at his feet. After making sure that nothing was stuck to the corner of his mouth, he stood up, "Here."

She thought that the guest seemed to be her, and now she was not considering whether or not to hop to work as a staff member of the program group. She would get over the shooting first and be a guest first.

staff member:? ? ?

He looked at You Qiuqiu who stood out from the crowd with a suspicious face, but she was really eye-catching. If you don't pay attention to the entertainment industry, someone will definitely believe it if it is a small flower.

It is her, why can sit among the staff so naturally.

"Hurry up and change your clothes."

His voice is not too heavy. One is that he has found someone. Now that there are all the people, then there is plenty of time. Second, he is also looking at his face.

You Qiuqiu responded and gave the camera a shot. After following the staff for two steps, he turned around again and looked at the female staff who was sitting in front.

When the female staff learned that there was a "traitor" among them, and there were guests among them, they were unaware of them, and they were dumbfounded.

And now the female guest looked at her.

The female staff member held their breath and was quite nervous.

Then I heard the beautiful young woman lick her lower lip and asked softly, "Is it coming to you for five thousand yuan in a while?"

Female staff member: "Huh?"

You Qiuqiu is also embarrassed, but you still have to ask in advance.


You Qiuqiu changed into the clothes arranged by the program group.

A pink sportswear, 80% new, should be recycled, but fortunately it is clean and smells of laundry detergent.

There is no make-up artist in the program group. People who want to make-up do it by themselves. You Qiuqiu doesn't care. She puts on her clothes before recording, she suddenly feels itchy, so she takes out her mobile phone.

Weibo already has 100,000 fans...fake fans.

You Qiuqiu did not post on Weibo after changing her stage name. She felt that she was on a show today. Although there is a good chance of cutting plums, but the clothes are pretty good, she can also come out for business.

So I took a selfie and posted it.

Yu Qiuqiu's heartbeat suddenly increased when he uploaded the photos. I wonder if there will be one or two living people among these 100,000 fake fans.

Ten minutes passed-

There is no comment, no like.

When Yu Qiuqiu had given up his treatment, he showed two consecutive comments.

You ball points in.

They all sell resources.

You Qiuqiu: Ha ha ha.

Did she stabbed the chicken coop?

I ordered the report one by one, and You Qiuqiu felt that the new boss bought the powder package, which must be the cheapest one.

"You Qiuqiu, will be on the court in a while."

A staff member came over and called her, and Yu Qiuqiu put up his phone, "Here is here."


Did the ball get salted today?


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