Chapter 3:I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry

No, it's koi today

"It's all in place, right?"

The director of the "Bold Forward" program team negotiated with the program director. After making sure that everyone was there, he squinted his eyes and watched the group of guests on the stage. He gave a special order to the cameramen.

"That... the Yuqiuqiu, you can give more shots at that time."

While the videographers said they knew, they also understood why the director did this.

After all, among a group of Internet celebrities and amateurs, this guest named You Qiuqiu is really too outstanding.

Probably considering that this is a sports competition show, Yu Qiuqiu ** her hair and tied a high pony tail before going on the field, so that the whole beautiful face was exposed, and the pink sportswear was stunned on her. It feels like a big brand, with porcelain white skin and bright red lips.

Pure and full of vitality.

Regarding this external image, no matter how she behaves on the inside, whether she has something to watch or not, it will be pleasing to the eyes when it is shown on TV. If it is time to put it together, it will be even more cut.

The director of the program group focused on You Qiuqiu there, and the guests on the stage waiting for the host to come over were keenly aware that there was a face value hanging around them.

Men are okay. They also admire beautiful women, and they are of different genders. It is impossible for the audience to compare them with each other, but those little Internet celebrities who desperately want to get ahead are upset.

It’s great to look like this. If it’s great, why don’t you show your face on the ace show? What opportunity do you grab with them?

Unfortunately, this obviously has fewer shots.

There was a small internet celebrity who couldn't help it, so he went to Yuqiuqiu and ridiculed a few words, but the other party always asked questions from start to finish. Apart from that, there was no idea of ​​talking anymore, and no provocation by them. Out of breath.

If the small eye is to the big eye, the small internet celebrities feel boring, and the quarrels are forced to go back and forth.

There is no more Liyou ball.

You Qiuqiu was happy and relaxed, quietly relieved: She didn't want to talk too much, especially with uninterested strangers, quite tired.


The host came up to control the field, the recording officially started, and the focus was returned to the game itself. Everyone wanted to show the limelight.

The game is a knockout system, with a total of three men and three women. You Qiuqiu has already learned from the information leaked from the conversations with people next to him. Among them, there are several veterans who basically stand out from them first.

When the host asked who was going to come first, he almost broke his head.

The competition in the entertainment industry is particularly fierce now, because the competition system of this show causes whoever rushes all the way to run through the entire show. If it is good, it is the strong script.

Going through all the competitors all the way, successfully breaking through the barriers, just listening to it is exciting!

It has appeared many times in the show before, and the people who came to participate today have also turned everyone on the whole process.

If it is eliminated in the middle, it is still a glorious defeat. If you can stay for a while, you can stay for a while, and the one who hangs up silently at the end is the real fool.

You Qiuqiu didn't raise her hand, and she was not included among everyone who wanted to show off.

After watching a group of high-spirited temporary colleagues, she sighed that everyone was really energetic, and then retreated to the staging area contentedly, and sat down on the pony.

At first, You Qiuqiu thought that he was going to run through the whole program, running and jumping all the time. Now that he understands the competition system, You Qiuqiu thinks this program group is really good.

Not only was the treatment good, but it was also good to be a guest. Even the little Mazza was also placed in the shade, and You Qiuqiu picked up the mineral water.


There is also ice mineral water to drink.

I thought that Yu Qiuqiu would seize the opportunity to drill forward, and decided that this is not a good celebrity:? ? ?

Seeing You Qiuqiu, who had quit the "group chat" and was just like an old man, the director of the program and the cameramen were also quite surprised.

You Qiuqiu calmly followed the competition system and became an audience. In the shade, he could not only drink ice water to blow the air, but also watch his temporary colleagues at close range.

The game was really fierce, and various accidents were found in it. In order to compete for the ranking, some people ran and even dropped their pants. If they dropped their pants, they did not forget to pull up with one hand, and then continue to rush forward. .

You Qiuqiu also has a camera to follow, and it was Uncle Liu who happened to have lunch together.

Uncle Liu is actually very anxious about Yu Qiuqiu. The focus of this show is the process of the game. Every guest has started to get irritated. Yu Qiuqiu has nothing to do with sitting here. No matter how good he looks, there is no camera. what!

You Qiuqiu was tired of watching the game and it was interesting and tired for them. Just watching it, she already felt exhausted.

Then I felt a stare that was so intense that she couldn't ignore it that had been falling on her.

Glancing to the side, he saw Uncle Liu facing her with an expression of "Xiaoyou, stand up!"

Xiao You couldn't get up. She was holding the ice mineral water but suddenly wondering if she was too comfortable, not like a guest?

Don't because of this, the program team is not satisfied with her, think she is completely useless in it, don't give her the five thousand yuan.

You Qiuqiu was a little nervous because of five thousand yuan, and planned to increase the sense of participation in the show.

You Qiuqiu looked around, and when Uncle Liu thought she was planning to join the game, and was a little pleased, he saw You Qiuqiu pulling out a small racket, a cheerleading ball from a prop frame.

The small racket is made of plastic and is shaped like a palm. When it is shaken, it will make a sound similar to applause. The cheerleading ball is more common. There are two hands when the school sports games.

So Liu Shu's camera showed You Qiuqiu waving these two props to cheer for the guests in the game.


Uncle Liu gave up struggling, he still tried to show Xiaoyou's beauty so that the director could choose more shots.

I felt that Yu Qiuqiu, who finally participated in the show, had an enthusiastic smile on her face. In fact, she was so tired.

Waving this thing, the arm is sour after a long time.

Sure enough, there is no such thing as easy in the adult world, business is really hard.


You Qiuqiu was noticed by the director when she debuted, and was jealous by the guests. However, as she sat on the pony and motionless, besides moving her hands, she shouted "Come on" in her mouth. She was forgotten.

But no matter how long she sits, she still has to play.

After fierce competition, a male guest killed the other four opponents, and now Yuqiu is left.

"Can I call you a ball... Don't be nervous."

The male guest who won in the end looked at Yuqiuqiu with a bright smile on his face. He knew her name through the sign posted in front of Yuqiuqiu.

You Qiuqiu had already put down the cheering props before he took the stage. She glanced at the male guest named Wang.

"Thank you."

She wasn't nervous, but she felt that the other party might have hidden a sentence behind, don't be nervous, anyway, he quickly eliminated her.

The guest surnamed Wang's smile deepened, and she felt that this girl had a good-looking voice and a good temper.

You Qiuqiu can stay at the end, and there is also the handwriting of the guest surnamed Wang. In fact, the competition system stipulates that you can choose someone to compare if you win two games in a row.

The female internet celebrity who had been eliminated before saw the appearance of a male guest surnamed Wang showing courtesy to You Qiuqiu, snorting while wiping sweat with a towel.

Thinking of making idol dramas?

But in fact, Yu Qiuqiu is right. The male guest is not only happy because she talks to the beautiful woman, but also because she is weak.

He specifically put the weakest at the end, so that winning is effortless and more beautiful.

The competition for the two of them officially began.

At the beginning, it was to make 20 laps on the spot, and then ran forward over obstacles.

Just turning around can make a lot of people feel dizzy. You Qiuqiu just saw a lot of people faint and ran up and down.

She has 13 numbers for her own strength and is ready to be eliminated, just hoping that the posture of losing will not be so embarrassed.

You Qiuqiu held her breath and stood still. With a "start", she turned in a circle.

"This kid won again this time."

The director clicked on the male guest who was spinning with You Qiuqiu and said in a sure tone.

This male guest has participated in the competition several times, and has won the first place many times. He is a veteran. Compared with the evenly spinning and completely unpleasant Yuqiu ball, he spins like a whirlwind.

You Qiuqiu didn't paddle the water and treated it lazily. She was paid for the show. She was at this level.

No one thinks there will be an accident. The male guest is a pink sportswear with a spinning speed of X3.


Little Tornado turned himself out and left the competition area directly.


There was a loud noise.

director:? ? ?

staff member:? ? ?

The rest of the eliminated guests:? ? ?


The scene was quiet for a while.

You Qiuqi faintly heard the loud noise when it was spinning, but she is still recording it now, she is still spinning, holding her curiosity, and quietly meditating on the lap after the lap, then move forward. run.

If something really happened, the director would also call to stop. Now that she didn't call to stop, she could only bite the bullet and continue.

After turning twenty laps, Yu Qiuqiu was panting, his heart beating very fast, and he was still dizzy. He barely kept his figure. The male guest was no longer visible in front of him.


Is he so fast? Is it all over?

You Qiuqiu ran a few steps, turned his face to see the male guest holding his head under the stage, and stopped for a while, a little hesitant.

Is this the end of the game or what? Then can she step down too.

"You Qiuqiu, go on!"

It was the director who reacted first. The director yelled at Yu Qiuqiu hoarsely, shouting that Yu Qiuqiu's ears shook and eardrum pain, but she still followed the director's instructions.

The audience watched the game between You Qiuqiu and himself, and felt that it was really weird and magical.

Who would have thought that the quasi-first place would have eliminated himself because of the speed of rotation?


Is the fish salted today?

It's salty, but the koi is

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