Chapter 4:I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry

Is the fish salted today?

There was no opponent on the field, and Yu Qiuqiu was struggling and lonely to compete with himself.

Humhhhhh over the obstacles, across the pool, running and climbing again...

Throughout the process, Yu Qiuqiu's popularity is panting, and her heartbeat is about to explode. Her speed is not fast, even compared to those female Internet celebrities.

After all, female Internet celebrities are eager to get shots, and Yuqiuqiu is just a soy sauce for appearance fees.

But who is, she is the only one?

So under everyone and all the camera's attention, You Qiuqiu was stunned that he had completed all the items to be done.

When Yu Qiu ball reached the finish line, following the instructions of the staff to ring the gong, she almost slumped on the ground and gave up treatment, but fortunately, she still remembered to shoot and noticed that she didn't do that.

Nothing else...

too tired.

Why does she suffer from such human suffering? ?

Tired to collapse, Yu Qiuqiu, whose eyes were dull, had only this idea in his brain because of excessive exercise and hypoxia.

You Qiuqiu is not idle when the audience and cheerleaders are waiting under the stage. It is clear that some players have completed faster, and the rest of the players can simply not complete the following items if they lose.

I got a complete set here.

"The current champion of "Bold Forward" is-You Qiuqiu!"

While Yu Qiuqiu's eyes were dull, he heard such a sound suddenly resounding in the ears. It was the director of the program. It was also the sound in the ears when she paused for a few seconds, almost deafening her ears.

What is the director talking about?

Yu Qiuqiu's brain could not digest any information at all, but she could see, so she saw her face clearly appearing on the big screen not far away.

The kind of face shot.

On the big screen, the face of a woman wearing pink sportswear was covered with sweat, and the scattered hair was stuck to her face with sweat. When she was mentioned suddenly, she seemed to be a little flustered, her beautiful eyes widened slightly, round and round of.

It can be said to be awkwardly capitalized.

In the eyes of the eliminated female Internet celebrities, this scene is very annoying.

Damn it, why did she slap her face and slap her face at her death angle, and sweat so beautifully? ! I specifically found an expression management teacher, and it cost a lot of money!

Not only Yu Qiuqiu heard the director's voice, but the entire staff including the guests heard it.

No one would have thought that this episode of the show would have caused such a big upset, and You Qiuqiu actually took the first place.

In addition to the outstanding appearance, the other party has a sense of presence at the beginning, and there has been no other movement during the recording for such a long time. The two female Internet celebrities also feel that You Qiuqiu has a king face. In fact, he is a fool and does not cherish opportunities. .

But when Yuqiu hit the ball in the second half and took the first place, the wind evaluation immediately changed.

It turns out that there is no competition or grabbing. The Buddhism system was originally performed to confuse everyone. They are really fools.

Female internet celebrity A: "Really scheming!"

Female Internet celebrity B almost broke her teeth, "Damn, it turned out to be a black heart lotus, and I still play this set. I don't know how she bought the surname Wang."

The male guest named Zhang, who wanted to perform well and forced himself out of the arena and was eliminated, was silently digesting his injuries, not knowing that he was "buyed".

He was just thinking. He had known that this would happen, he shouldn't have installed this 13, because the first one he got could fly.

Photographer Uncle Liu was also surprised at this direction, and also momentarily gratified. Xiaoyou is quite good at it. Did she plan this early?

However, Uncle Liu thought about the leisurely energy of Yu Qiuqiu waving props to cheer the rest of the guests not long ago, and felt that he might have thought about things too complicated.



It took Yu Qiuqiu a minute to digest the news.

It wasn't that she was dazzled by the surprise, but she was busy panting for fifty seconds.

You Qiuqiu thinks it's amazing, how does this number one look like a white pick.

There was a medal in the first place. The staff was in a complicated mood and gave the medal to Yu Qiuqiu, and Yu Qiuqiu took the medal. In the sun, the medal was shining, very dazzling gold, and very beautiful.

You Qiuqiu asked in a low voice, "Is it really gold?" Or gilded?

The staff gave a negative answer.

You Qiuqiu said, "Oh." I don't think the gold medal looks good either.

But no matter how it was, it was a souvenir, and Yuqiu was put away.

She can now be said to be the focus of the entire show. Now that the game is over, it means that the recording is also over. So with all kinds of complicated eyes, You Qiuqiu walked off the stage.

In the co-competition female net celebrity side, it has become a scheming. Black lotus. Chengfu deep. You Qiuqiu glanced across the crowd, suddenly fixed his eyes somewhere, his eyes brightened, and trot to one side.

Everyone saw her running straight towards a long-haired girl.

You Qiuqiu, "That's it... Am I able to collect the five thousand dollars now?"

Obviously, I was taking the labor fee that was supposed to be paid, but I was a little embarrassed when I asked for money.

Of course money still has to be asked. I am embarrassed to mention it in front of money.

The long-haired girl is the staff member Yu Qiuqiu sitting in front of her when she eats. Before the filming, You Qiuqiu asked her to come to her to collect the money after the show was over.

Now that the shooting is over, Yu Qiuqiu thinks his performance should be okay.

Not only did she cheer for the rest of the guests in the audience, she had been through all the barriers just now, which made her tired.

She also took first place.

The five thousand yuan shouldn't be given to her, right?

Under Yu Qiuqiu’s expectant gaze, the female staff was under a bit of psychological pressure. For a while, she didn’t know how to answer, "This..."


This sentence was not said by the female staff, but by the director of the program group.


The director of the program group is in a very good mood.

Although You Qiuqiu took the first place and broke the unpopularity, it was unexpected, but the highlight of this kind of program is not that the picture is unexpected?

Passing the customs all the way, a strong player can do the rest of the guests. It is very cool and interesting, but isn't the copy of the counterattack not fragrant?


Not worse than the former at all.

Even like the previous one that turned the audience, it has happened many times in this show. It's no surprise that it is hard to see a counterattack like Yu Qiuqiu who has no defense from the eliminated player to the first.

The drama is full.

You Qiuqiu successfully got five thousand yuan for participating in the show, and finally put down the stone in his heart.

People next to her always feel a little strange: she seems to have won five thousand yuan, which is even happier than taking the first place.

With five thousand dollars, You Qiuqiu likes this show group more and more. Not only does he receive good treatment, he eats well, but the director speaks well.

By comparison, I want to change jobs more and more.

However, You Qiuqiu hasn't completed the job-hopping action yet. She also asked Uncle Liu specifically that she needs professional skills to come to the program group. She seems professional is not the right one, and the shooting intensity is quite large.

Not suitable for elderly care and paralysis.

You can wait and see.

You Qiuqiu drew a pending statement for the program group of "Bold Forward", and left the program group with her five thousand dollars in a happy mood.

It’s good everywhere, but really tired...

She is afraid that she has spent half a year of exercise.


Zhou Bapi's new boss not only gave a variety show, but also gave You Qiuqiu a script.

Net dramas, small characters, basically have no lines. You Qiuqiu flipped through and made a summary. It was probably a beautiful vase.

She has no objection to the online drama Vase and the local competition show. After all, other people are 18 lines. She has no line at all. It would be nice to have a performance.

You Qiuqiu is familiar with a small role like Vase. When she first signed a contract with Dream Entertainment Culture Company, the boss Huang He always arranged this for her. However, You Qiuqiu was not optimistic because this role was young. .

He arrived at the audition location with the joyful Yuqiu, who won first place unexpectedly from the show.

The room was empty, and there were only two actors waiting for auditions. Yu Qiuqiu was the third.

After seeing so few competitors, Yu Qiuqiu was not happy at all, but instantly understood.

Come on, this role has nothing to do with her again, she is purely an escort.

The fact is true. After sitting down for a while, Yu Qiuqiu has learned from the careless conversation of the two women that they both auditioned with a background, although the background is not that big, one is the assistant director. Girlfriend, one is the niece of a certain boss, but it is better than no background. Basically, the role of the vase is chosen from the two of them.

There is no background. Yuqiu has no expression on the ball, no sadness or joy.

She knew it.

I'm used to it.

There have been many such situations in auditions before.

During this period, it was not the other actors who wanted to audition, but after learning that the two people had backgrounds, they left one after another, not staying here to waste time, it is estimated that they also walked a lot before Yuqiu ball came. People.

Yuqiu did not go.

She thinks it's all here, right, then try. Besides, the air conditioner is still on in the room, and there are soft chairs to sit on. She doesn't mind staying here for a long time.

You Qiuqiu has no background, and the two actresses didn't bother to talk to her, but You Qiuqiu didn't expect her to sit in the air-conditioned room without any problems.

The two actually fought.


Ball: where there are five thousand incense first!

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