Chapter 5:I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry

No, it's koi today

You Qiuqiu didn't know why it developed into such a scene.

She was blowing the air-conditioning in the air-conditioned room, flipping through the script in her hand and was about to fall asleep comfortably. The two people who were sitting there were quarreling with each other.

"Are you the goddaughter of the assistant director of this play?"

"I think it's a goddaughter."

The Chinese characters are broad and profound, and the tone has changed, and the content is completely different.

"The deputy director is sixty, right? I'm afraid he's older than your dad. For a role, you can really save yourself."

The niece of a certain boss, who was wearing a small black ocean dress, was supposed to lower her head and play with her nails and mock the woman in the distance.

The assistant director goddaughter, the white suit woman is not a good stubborn, how could she accept such a provocation, she frowned at that time.

"Hehe, you saw the director just now, but the whole person is about to stick to the director. You can't eat grapes and say grapes are sour. Have you seen the director taking care of you? Your face is beginning to droop. You have no money for medical beauty, mom! "

"Boss niece, you are ashamed to say that any boss has a poor niece like yours, a poor relative who can't beat you."

The girl in the little black foreign dress became angry and couldn't go on playing with her nails. She stood up and said, "Who is your mother?"

The woman in the white suit also stood up, "Just call you!"

Holding the script in his hands, Yu Qiu was suddenly flooded with incredible information.

Still the forced kind.

She felt her ears were dirty.

Both of them were angered. They were just cursing the street, but soon they became fighting each other, pulling their hair, picking their ears, scratching their faces and so on.

Yu Qiuqiu didn’t react fast, but the fight started over there. She didn’t want to react but also had to react. I had heard of actresses who couldn’t understand each other in quarrels and fights. Experience once.

She looked outside frequently, trying to find someone to take care of it, but she didn't know if it was because the online drama crew was busy and went to meetings, or if they didn't pay attention to this kind of small role, no one passed by.

So Yu Qiuqiu silently lifted the chair under him and began to move quietly outside.

In fact, she was sitting not close to the place where the two people were fighting, but Yu Qiuqiu was still afraid of being affected, and could be farther away.

As for persuading to fight or something, Yu Qiuqiu never thought about it.

She persuades, will it be useful?


You Qiuqiu hoped to have a low sense of presence. She was just an innocent crowd who strayed in. However, there was movement in the chair, and Yu Qiuqiu was still caught.


The one who shouted Yu Qiuqiu was a girl in a little black foreign dress. She pointed to Yu Qiuqiu, "You said something."

"Who am I like an aunt with her?!"

You Qiuqiu's body was stiff there, and she didn't know why she would be spotted every time she tried to shrink to one side. Moreover, the girl in the white suit was interrupted by the black dress and looked at Yuqiu.

Being watched by two pairs of angry eyes, Yu Qiqiu couldn't get out of her body anymore, she reluctantly put down the chair and bit her scalp.

"You guys don't fight anymore."

"It's not that it's not that it's not a big deal."

It’s so tiring to fight and fight. In Yuqiuqiu’s view, one of the two people will always win this role. The probability is one-half. After finishing with the United States and the United States, you will probably not see it in the future. You have to fight like this. What to do.

She couldn't get a role, and the person who ran with her was so calm.



You Qiuqiu just held the lotus flower and told them not to be arrogant or impetuous, and the Buddha was calm.

Then, the two stared at her for a second, and then fought together again.

Not only that, but You Qiuqiu even felt that the look they had just looked at her was full of contempt.

In fact, it was the same. The two of them were thinking while chatting. They looked quite fascinating. Who would have thought it was a dried salted fish.

"Fuck, you actually hit my old mother on the nose?"

"I'm just going to beat your prosthesis crooked hahaha... Damn, you pull my hair out!" The woman who used to beat the nose was still smiling triumphantly, and she saw the hair in the other's hand in a blink of an eye, and she covered it in panic Over.

The woman with the hair clip was proud, "I already knew that you are actually a bald head!"


Yu Qiuqiu, "..."

The scene was chaotic, and You Qiuqiu's persuasion also failed. She had thought this would happen.

Pulling the chair to the door again this time, no one stopped Yu Qiu again, and didn't even give her a look.

After You Qiuqiu sat down, she suddenly felt that she was a little bit suspicious as a third party. What if someone mistakenly thought that she had also moved her hands, the key is that she looked around the house and didn't see where the surveillance is.

So in order not to be touched by porcelain, You Qiuqiu took out his mobile phone, first identified himself to him, and then pointed at the two women who were fighting.

She will not send it out, but keep some evidence to show her innocence. Fighting really has nothing to do with her.

The two actresses who were filmed also saw it, and didn't care at all, even reminding Yu Qiuqiu when they were fighting.

"Have you turned on beauty?"

Yu Qiuqiu, "...I will drive."


With a loud noise, Yu Qiuqiu's eyelids jumped while holding the phone.

Her head hurts a little.


"I am the head of Dream Weaving Entertainment Culture Company."

"The artists under the banner came here to audition. I heard that something went wrong. Are they sent to the hospital now?"

Sheng Shiyun, in a suit and leather shoes, hurried to the web drama audition location after receiving a call from the audition artist to conflict with others, and after being scooped with a chair.

The whole scene was quite chaotic. Sheng Shiyun even found a little blood that hadn't dried up completely along the way, which looked shocking.

It was the online theater business that was caught by Sheng Shiyun. He was grabbed by a stranger on his shoulders and was a little impatient, but he was soon overwhelmed by the man’s aura. The eyes of the man’s gold-rimmed glasses were as dark as ink. Sharp eyes.

The words spoken are also sensible and smooth.

So the field affairs stumbled and answered.

"Send...give it over, the ambulances are gone."

The ambulances were all sent away.

In the prime of his time, he twisted his eyebrows. He didn't expect that You Qiuqiu would conflict with other actors. After all, the female artist did not seem to be motivated at all, so it was incredible that she could conflict with others.

But the fact has happened, and as her boss, he has to take responsibility.

"I hope to give us a reasonable explanation, and our company will also pursue legal liabilities afterwards."

"Which hospital?"

Sheng Shiyun feels that the truth of the matter can be put aside first, and it is more important to visit the injured artist, but he has to speak first, hoping that the crew can smooth things out during this time and explain it clearly to him.

Then, before Sheng Shiyun left, he heard a slightly surprised sentence around him.

"President Sheng?"

Sheng Shiyun followed the voice and looked down.

The woman reached his chest, looking up at him.


Isn't Shengshi the best corporate entertainer or who?

Sheng Shiyun felt a little dazed, mainly because Yu Qiqiu's cheeks were ruddy and his head was intact, and he was not injured at all.

You Qiuqiu, "President Sheng, why are you here?"

"I just looked like you from the back, and I heard that it is Dream Weaving Entertainment Culture Company, I didn't dare to recognize it."

You Qiuqiu came out of the room and saw Sheng Shiyun at first glance. After all, the new boss is tall and handsome. However, You Qiuqiu felt that Sheng Shiyun's presence here was unreasonable, and what the Dream Entertainment Culture Company was.

Only after learning it did I remember that after I changed the boss, I dreamed of Dream Entertainment Culture Company, and the first two words were changed to dream weaving.

In fact, the meaning is similar.

"I just picked it."

No matter why the new boss is here, Yu Qiuqiu still feels he has to tell. .

Sheng Shiyun said, "Yeah." He didn't actually have much reaction. It's not a problem for this kind of small role to get the ball down. It's pretty smooth.

Seeing that there was nothing wrong with the artists under the banner, Sheng Shiyun felt that he should have misunderstood, "The blood in the corridor is..."

You Qiuqiu told Sheng Shiyun one to five to ten.

She herself is still in shock, and her heart beats quite fast.

Those blood flowed out from women in white suits.

Originally, the two actresses had a fight. Although they were pulling their hair and ears, Yu Qiuqiu didn't think there would be a big problem, but who knew that the black skirt girl was so embarrassed and angry that she raised her chair towards the white. The suit girl smashed down.

At that time, his head was battered, and even Yu Qiuqiu who was on the scene felt like his head had been smashed.

I feel the same pain.

The chair fell down towards Yuqiuqiu after smashing the woman’s head in the women’s suit. She had been prepared to sit far for a long time. Otherwise, she would have to get hurt if she didn’t say whether she would use the scoop or not. .

The two actresses who had fought no longer had to audition anymore, they were taken to the hospital.

You Qiuqiu also just learned that there is still surveillance in the room. Her mobile phone is the same as recording or not, but she still got a copy and passed it to the crew for investigation.

Sheng Shiyun was silent for a while, "So, just three actresses, two of them have something wrong, just you?"

He made a summary.

Yu Qiuqiu, "Hmm."



She also felt surprised by the thief.

After the director came out, he only saw a mess of Yu Qiuqiu. He didn't pay attention to who is who relatives or his little girlfriend. It was obviously suitable for Yu Qiuqiu to play a vase. After a short audition, he took it off.

You Qiuqiu: In fact, not only did she take this role, she also won the first place in the show.

Seeing the complex expression of the new boss, You Qiuqiu didn't know whether to tell him or not.

When Yu Qiuqiu took the first place in the show, Yu Qiuqiu didn't think there was anything, but it was inexplicable that she was able to accidentally miss out among the related actresses, so Yu Qiuqiu had to think about it.

Why did she have such a good thing?

This is not her route at all, it's pretty much the other way around.


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