Chapter 6:I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry

Is the fish salted today?

Did she transfer it?

You Qiuqiu boldly guessed, but he quickly dispelled the idea.

Unfortunately, after so many years, it is said that the transshipment is the transshipment.

This may just be the enemy's strategy, let her rejoice first, and then give her a heaven to hell.

If she really believes it and is not calm, then this kind of gap is stimulating, fortunately she sees it transparently.

In the prime of time over there, after this incident, I felt that although the artist was not motivated, but his luck was actually good, I heard You Qiuqiu beeping.

"Even if it is selected, there will be a lot of uncertainty as long as it is not broadcast. It is hard to say that changing roles in the middle, or not even being able to broadcast the show at all."

Sheng Shiyun, "..."

He was puzzled, did he curse himself like this?

Still in front of the boss.

Putting it on someone else's side may not be arrogant or arrogant, but there is nothing arrogant or arrogant about a role in a web drama vase.

She is not motivated or ambitious.

Under Sheng Shiyun's death gaze, You Qiuqiu realized that he did not seem to be so good. After all, the boss must hope that the artist will make money, although it is impossible to fall on her.

She chose to change the subject.

"President Sheng, why are you here? The crew called you?"

At that time, You Qiuqiu leaned over and vaguely heard the conversation between Mr. Sheng and the court.

Sheng Shi was too lazy to point out that the other party's topic shifted very bluntly and replied, "Well, they didn't make it clear, I thought it was you who had a conflict with others."

Yu Qiuqiu, "You came here quite quickly."

It didn't take long for the person to be taken away by an ambulance.

She was also a little moved, reflecting on whether she had been calling her new boss Zhou Papi a little too late. Although he did Zhou Papi, he did not even pay the five thousand yuan to participate in the show, but he can be such a hands-on boss for the artists below. Years are running out.

Sheng Shiyun said, "Lao Li's monkey gastrointestinal tract is not very good, so he happened to be treated at a nearby pet hospital."

When Yu Qiuqiu heard this, he understood, "Oh, sloppy."

Li Ge's monkey did have a lot of minor problems, and You Qiuqiu heard Li Ge complain about diarrhea twice in three days.

At the same time, the boss needs to follow to run from the monkey, and Yu Qiqiu has a new understanding-

It may not be that the boss wants to do it himself.

Does he have no other people to instruct him at all?

Anyway, You Qiuqiu can't remember the reopening company and the rest of the staff. The new boss seems to have done the boss and agent's work.

You Qiuqiu was too blunt, and the scene fell silent again. Sheng Shiyun did not refute it because there was indeed a truth.

It was Sheng Shiyun that broke the silence. He didn't think he should continue to discuss the topic of monkey diarrhea with his artists.

What is the meaning.

"Is there anything else now?"

"Would you like to give you a ride."

In fact, Sheng Shiyun just gave in politely, and Yu Qiuqiu quickly nodded.


There is a free car to ride, it must be rubbed, Yuqiuqiu is too lazy to walk, and I don’t know if I can get the car.


When I got downstairs, I saw the new owner put forward the car and looked at the bright Volkswagen logo on the car. You Qiuqiu's point of view in front was verified.

Regardless of the fact that the new boss looks like an elite, as if he is very rich, he should actually have no money.

It doesn’t mean that Yuqiuqiu feels that it is not good to drive the public. It is economical and cost-effective, but the boss does not seem to be that way. Let’s not talk about those who drive Lincoln, Rolls-Royce, and Ferrari. The owners of the fruit shop at the door all drive BMWs.

You Qiuqiu got into the back of the car and reported the name of the community to Sheng Shiyun.

After getting into the car, Yuqiuqiu remembered that this is a closed space with the boss. Should she do something?

At first, Yu Qiuqiu was a little nervous, but then he found that the new boss was driving the car without saying a word and didn't mean to talk to her awkwardly, and Yu Qiuqiu relaxed.

The air conditioner was turned on in the car and the temperature was right. You Qiuqiu thought about it and picked up the phone, and sent a message to Pete.

Pete is Yuqiuqiu's former agent, diss she can't support the wall with mud, she is a parallel importer, and finally quit another company.

You Qiuqiu first sent him a photo of winning a medal for participating in "Bold Forward", and then edited the fact that he had already won a role in the online drama, and then pointed out his purpose.

[You can go live to eat shit. 】

Add [twice. 】

The reply was quick, and three exclamation marks were sent out one after another. The huge exclamation marks showed his uneasy heart.

When Yu Qiuqiu showed that the opponent was typing on it, he used his hand speed faster than usual to decisively pull people out of the blacklist.

I can't send it over there now.

You Qiuqiu understands Pete, and the next thing Pete wants to post is to laugh at her pride, and show off how many good opportunities he has for Meran.

Then choose to block the person before he sends those words to attack her.

Let him close the wheat directly.

You Qiuqiu felt that he was really a clever ghost.

You can imagine the face of the opponent's anger and despair through the screen.

You Qiuqiu's mood has improved. She kept Pete's WeChat part because of today's outgoing thoughts. She is still pretty casual, but when the bullying comes up, she still has to seize the opportunity to fight back.

Regardless of whether her role will be changed or not, at least today can be regarded as an excitement for her.

Victor Yu Qiuqiu seemed to have completed a major battle. He smiled with crooked eyebrows, like a crescent moon. He put down his phone and hummed, "riding my beloved little..."

After a pause, considering that this is not a small motorcycle, she changed her words.

"Ride on my beloved little public, it will never block the ce~"

The car stopped.

You Qiuqiu was a little dazed and looked towards the driver's seat.

Why doesn't it open, Master.

She relaxed too much, completely forgetting that she was driving against the boss's car. Sheng Shiyun also felt that she was probably being used as a driver.

"There is a traffic jam."

He pointed to the front window.

The densely packed cars are jammed, like a long dragon, this posture will definitely not get out for a while.

You Qiuqiu has a guilty conscience: It has nothing to do with her singing.

The man said, "Why don't you get off here, next to the subway station."

You Qiuqiu glanced at the side of the road, it did show the subway station entrance, but--

"It's okay, I can wait, I'm fine."

Sheng Shiyun, "I have something."

"Suddenly remembering that it's not going the way, you can go here first."

At this point, even if Yu Qiuqiu thinks about it, it is not suitable.

After getting out of the car, she waved to Sheng Shiyun. She didn't really believe the new boss's rhetoric anyway.

Suddenly, how sudden is it?

I don't know how to provoke the boss and let him drive her out of the car midway. You Qiuqiu resigned and walked towards the subway station entrance, feeling that the new boss was really stubborn and dogged.

Sheng Shiyun was not as careful as Yu Qiuqiu thought, he did just think that something had not been dealt with.

It's just that when I heard the song sung by the other party just now, Sheng Shiyun silently wrote down a note in her heart. This female artist must not develop into the music scene.


"Hi, Bae, do you want to join Susan's party? I heard that there are many beautiful girls tonight..."

Pei Ganhuo declined the invitation of his roommate Tom. He is not interested in partying or anything. He has more important things to do tonight.

But Tom didn’t go away. Pei Ganhuo didn’t dare to turn on the computer and watch the video in an open manner. It will still be more difficult to tell.

Pei Ganhuo had been staring at the watch and waiting for his roommate to leave. The roommate had a good meal. When Pei Ganhuo even thought he might miss the broadcast, he finally left the bedroom.

And Pei Ganhuo can't wait to open the website and video--

"Bold Forward."

A local competition program of local TV.

Pei Ganhuo is too embarrassed to show others that he likes to watch this, but in fact he is indeed a loyal fan of "Bold Forward". One day he returned to China and watched an issue with his father, and he was out of control. The source of happiness.

If you don't watch an issue as if something is missing, he can even name some of the outstanding guests.

This time Pei Ganhuo kept up with the start of the new episode of the show, and felt that it was still familiar. Although many times the jokes were repeated, he also read more of the scripts of the strong who came up and turned the audience.

But this time Pei Ganhuo found something different.

"This guest named You Qiuqiu looks strangely beautiful. Is the quality of domestic Internet celebrities so high?"

When a beautiful woman wearing pink sportswear and a ponytail appeared on the computer screen, Pei Ganhuo raised his eyebrows and sent out such emotions. He thought You Qiuqiu was a net celebrity.

He is keenly aware that this issue seems to have a different meaning.

But there is no picture of beautiful women fighting hard as Pei Ganhuo thought.

After the beauty made her debut, she started off the stage——


She wielded a small racket to get out of the chaotic crowd. If she was not wearing pink sportswear and appeared on the stage just now, she said that the camera thinks people look good, and the beautiful audience who gave a few more shots are not in the slightest. .

As a loyal viewer of the show, Pei Ganhuo knows that the biggest attraction of this show is the passionate competition. Everyone who comes is clinging to it and wants to win. Where can I see such a strange style of painting?

For a long time, the guest named You Qiuqiu didn't show up, so it was all other guests.

The rest of the people are still working as hard as the show style, but Pei Ganhuo is always flying around and doesn't know what You Qiuqiu is doing.

The editing seems to understand the thoughts of a group of people like Pei Ganhuo, and always interrupts the footage of You Qiuqiu during the period.

She is beautiful and refreshing. Compared with those guests who are not beautiful and sweat profusely, she is so pleasing to the eye.

Finally it was You Qiuqiu's turn to play, Pei Ganhuo also sat up straight.

He is ready for Yuqiu to be eliminated.


I saw that the player who was playing with Yuqiu eliminated himself.

I saw that You Qiuqiu contributed the rare picture of "Bold Forward" and competed with myself.

I saw that You Qiuqiu actually won.

"Hahahaha, what a fuck!"

Pei Ganhuo immediately became excited, only a ** can express his current mood, he felt that he was about to laugh out of his head.


What kind of magic ending is this?

It was normal at the beginning and in the middle. Who knew that Yu Qiuqiu won in the end?

A woman's shocked expression appeared on the big screen, her pupils were slightly opened, and the four characters "A face is awkward" were almost written on the top of her head. Yan Yi's expression was perfect. Pei Ganhuo felt that this screenshot was really suitable as an emoji package.

She herself was afraid that she did not expect to win.

This awkward expression is too real and soulful.

Pei Ganhuo smiled so much that tears came out. He took a screenshot of Yu Qiuqiu's shocked expression, and simply made it into his own profile picture, and said.

In one minute, I want to know all the information about this Wonder Woman!

After yelling, he honestly went to search your ball.

Wonder Woman didn't have much information, only Weibo was searched, and 100,000 fans didn't have a comment, so she bought it at first glance.


The official V of the online drama "The Immortal Queen of the Cold Faced Lord" also posted a set of stills, announcing that Yu Qiuqiu, a contracted artist of the Dream Weaving Culture and Entertainment Company, participated in the show, and gave her a resume in addition to the local competitive show guests. Added another sum.


Ball: As long as I block black fast enough, he will not have time to refute me!

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