Chapter 7:I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry

Is the fish salted today?

"Do you really want to go out like this?"

This is too...that's it?

You Qiuqiu opened her red lips slightly, looked at herself in the mirror, and shook her head, completely at a loss.

She wondered if this look was serious.

But because the stylist is still here, Yu Qiuqiu still hides a lot of his inner thoughts and chooses a relatively tactful way.

"Yes, that's how you wear it!" The stylist gave Yu Qiuqiu a positive answer.

The stylist is a female, in her thirties, she looks gentle and gentle.

She and You Qiuqiu and the other actors have no career competition or conflict, so they are very kind to them, plus she thinks this face-like artist is beautiful and cute, and the attitude is even more kind.

Stylists take special care of beauties. It should be said that they are not only stylists, but all mankind.

"Our crew is poor."

She handed Yu Qiu the old bottom and pointed out, "You see the protagonist is like this."

The door of the dressing room was open, and it happened that the male and female protagonists passed by. You Qiuqiu rolled his head and looked at it for two seconds. After he regained his sight, he did not raise any objections.

On the contrary, the stylist was curious because of Yu Qiuqiu's attitude, and asked her as she scattered fans, "You don't have to struggle anymore?" You must know that many actors from the crew came to dress up and refused.

You Qiuqiu didn't want to struggle.

What kind of struggle is she struggling? She is just a small actor, and the hero and the female lead the money to join the group, so she must wear this if she has enough money.


"Is struggling useful?" You Qiuqiu was purely curious.

"It's useless."

The stylist looked at how she wanted to show me how you framed me, but Yu Qiuqiu, who was not too dared to laugh, couldn't help but up and down her shoulders, and finally felt that she should not bully the newcomer anymore and cleared her throat.

"Your skin is good, I don't need to paint you too much, too much will cover up your own appearance."

This is all for the goodness of the meal. Others can't wait to make a little more paste in it. If it's really beautiful, just add as little as possible.


The filming of the web drama went smoothly without any wind or waves.

You Qiuqiu didn't have many roles in it, and she didn't even have a few lines. Most of the time, she just needed to keep smiling.

After a few days of filming with a smile, You Qiuqiu, the character who was accidentally picked up by two actors due to a pinch, also completed its mission.

There was no midway substitution that Yu Qiuqiu thought, and the web drama was bent for other reasons, whether it was from the promotion or the broadcast.

"The Immortal Queen of the Cold Faced Lord" already knows what it is talking about from the name of the play. A lovely and kind fairy went to the earth and fell in love with the prince of facial paralysis syndrome. The Lord abused the body and mind of the little fairy, and ignored them, but after the probation of the fairy, his facial paralysis finally won a stage of treatment victory, and finally became a greasy lord who likes to talk about the quotations of the boss.

The above is purely Yu Qiuqiu's own breaking.

But this is the case in the vernacular. You Qiuqiu doesn't know what the fairy is.

Is being a ** not incense?

Probably it was too comfortable.

You Qiuqiu also plays a fairy in it. When the heroine who loses Xianli encounters difficulties, You Qiuqiu will show up with a smile to save her.

More and more I feel that the prince is rubbish, and even the heroes save the beauty are done by others.

You Qiuqiu vomits and returns to vomit, but now many dramas are filmed like this, not only limited to online dramas, she has also got the money, which is much more lucrative than participating in "Bold Forward".

It stands to reason that in such a small web drama, even the male and female protagonists cannot enter the third line, and there is a high probability that they will not make a splash. However, it still caused a lot of discussion on a small scale.

Because the shape is so weird!


Most of the people who pay attention to "The Immortal Queen of the Cold Face" are fans of the two leading actors. Even if the two leading actors are not on the third line, the fans will still give it to the show.

When a passerby saw the stills and the video, he spit out——

[Is the heroine making fun? This is too ugly] When the heroine's fans are fried.

Who is ugly! Why don't you look at yourself in the mirror? My cooking is the best in the world and my beauty is certified!

Passerby bloggers are also Gang.

While leaving a message [I don’t rely on my face to eat], I threw out a few stills [Look at it, can you praise it? 】

The heroine fans have thick filters for their favorite stars, and they can't boast even when they see the stills. When they rushed over just now, they hadn't had time to watch the online drama look.

The fluorescent colors of red, purple and green, cheap fabrics can be felt across the screen, as well as various fancy headdresses, all combined.

Those who don't know the situation can't see the fairies at all, only the monsters.

The heroine's fans were poisoned by the stills, but soon adjusted to a good state and shouted.

This is the pot of the crew! This kind of weird look can't be seen even if it's a fairy dress. Our sister can resist this kind of look already very impressive, okay?

By the way, I would like to attach a few pictures of the heroine's previous refinement, saying that it is for everyone to recognize that this is her own beauty.

Fans of the heroine will rush to the official V of the online drama.

They are going to comment on the tears, why they made such an ugly look for their sister.

Halfway through, he was driven back.

【Picture】【Picture】【Motion Picture】.

Someone spoke weakly, [I just went to watch it, although the whole style of the show is really ugly, but I found something amazing, she still watched it well. 】

If You Qiuqiu saw this comment, he would have discovered that she had posted a picture of her.


The woman in the photo is wearing fluorescent clothes with the same quality and red and green as the heroine. Not only that, but she also wears something like a cockscomb on her head, which is more fascinating than the heroine.

The animation looks even more disastrous.

The woman took two steps and the cockscomb split.


Just like a flower.

But that's it, let people focus their attention on the face for the first time.

Her eyebrows are as distant as mountains, her skin is like a peach blossom with a smile, her slender neck is raised noblely, and the corners of her lips have a shallow curvature. She should be very close with a smile, but she looks like a goddess. unattainable……

The strange shape can take everyone's sight, but relying on the value of the face to make people ignore the shape, only lingering in my mind——

Where is the fairy sister from here.

She really looks good.

The strange shape can't hide the good-looking. If this is a slightly normal shape, then it's okay?

If at first the fans of the heroine washed the ground and the wonderful looks affected the heroine's appearance, passers-by believed that it would be a disaster if they put it on after all.

But who would have thought of killing a beauty bug?

Isn't this actress ugly? It stands to reason that the cockscomb is more ugly to make, but why does she still look so good at it?

Questions that cannot be delved into.

Fans of the heroine are silent, don't know what reaction is better, because their filters are normal people and have a normal aesthetic.

Passers-by don't care, without the slightest worries, rushed to the official V of "The Grim King's Fairy Princess", our beautiful sister (younger sister) is here!


Faced with a large number of netizens who asked about You Qiuqiu, the director of the web drama and the propaganda team were still very happy.

Regardless of whether they are the heroine or the female n number, they can have attention.

After the propaganda got the director's approval, it also specifically called Yu Qiuqiu... the owner of Yu Qiuqiu Sheng Shiyun.

You Qiuqiu didn't leave contact information here, and even if you leave contact information, you still have to communicate with the artist staff.

"Mr. Sheng, this is the case. You Qiuqiu filmed our show, and the response was pretty good. Many netizens asked her from the bottom... We thought that it was not convenient for Qiuqiu to start a live broadcast. It was a publicity for our show." It is also to publicize Yuqiuqiu.

When the drama is finished, the actors will also pay dividends. When the actors are good, the drama will receive more attention. These are all complementary. Net dramas think that You Qiuqiu and the others will agree.

Sheng Shiyun also understands this truth, and originally the actors are also responsible for publicizing works.

You Qiuqiu had also forwarded online drama information under Sheng Shiyun's reminder before, but the 100,000 fake fans could only be viewed, which was of no use.

Sheng Shiyun almost responded here, but left a little turn around. Before the time was confirmed, his hand had already tapped on the keyboard to find the official V of the web drama.

He wants to understand the whole situation.

Soon Shengshiyun cleared the whole line, not a large-scale discussion, but Shengshiyun also had counts.

After all, this drama itself is not a hot drama, Yu Qiuqiu can be regarded as a victory to be noticed.

Seize this opportunity now.


"At seven o'clock in the evening, you will broadcast live on your Weibo, and then the crew officer V will forward it to you."

"There are many types of live broadcasts. Generally speaking, they are performing talents, putting on makeup, or directly chatting with fans... I have a way to organize it, you can refer to it."

Sheng Shiyun brought Yu Qiu back to the office.

Just in his prime, Yun already gave Yu Qiuqiu a prerequisite review, why there is such a live broadcast, and then without waiting for Yu Qiuqiu's reaction, he has already told her about the time flow and what she can live broadcast without stopping.

According to the idea of ​​the crew of "The Lord of the Cold Face" is that You Qiuqiu will link the live broadcast to them and broadcast it directly on the official V.

However, he refused to do it in prime.

This kind of tricking the child is okay, but you can't trick him. You Qiuqiu live broadcasts with her, and she has a lot of fans.

Although Sheng Shiyun questioned whether You Qiuqiu could attract fans.

"have you understood?"

After Sheng Shiyun finished speaking, he asked Yu Qiuqiu who was sitting opposite.

According to Sheng Shiyun's idea, he had better look at Yu Qiu ball. He was still not at ease with Yu Qiu ball, but just now there was a problem on the other artist's side. It was more urgent and he had to deal with it.

You Qiuqiu nodded obediently, "I understand."

She said to Sheng Shi Yun.

"Mr. Sheng, I have watched the live broadcast. Do your own thing, don't worry."

Sheng Shiyun:...

I didn't feel relieved at first, but after hearing Yu Qiuqiu's words, why didn't he feel at ease?


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