Chapter 10:I’m Playing Cards In Duel City

Here is an N card!

When You Yu recovered, he had been staring at the new batch of card packages in the store for ten minutes.

And the reason why he was able to recover is because a line of "favorite degree +1" hints quietly drifting across the corner of his field of vision...

Youyu looked in that direction speechlessly, and as expected, he saw the expressionless China girl. The latter noticed that when he looked back, he hurriedly turned away and lowered his head to be busy with something.

Then You Yu took a closer look and found that she was studying a supplementary exercise book attentively.

is a high school student.

Wait a moment, is her book reversed...

But as the saying goes, people are hard to dismantle, You Yu just pretended not to see it.

China suddenly looked up: "Do you want to buy a card?"

You Yu was taken aback for a moment.

"Because you have been staring at the card packs over there for a long time." With a ballpoint pen, she pointed to the batch of card packs Youyu had just stared at.

You Yu looked at the direction she was pointing at. Qian Na took advantage of this instantaneous gap to explode and quickly adjusted the direction of the book that had fallen in front of him.

"...Yes, I really wanted it." You Yu turned his head and shrugged helplessly.

He didn't seem to have noticed China's small movements-at least China thought he might not have noticed.

Of course you want to. Because he saw a magic card named "Pot of Strong Desire" from the description of the card box corresponding to that batch of cards.

Pot of Desire, the player who activates can draw two cards from the deck.

Simple and rude effect, but it is almost unreasonable. It has a powerful card drawing effect that can be easily exchanged for two without a cost. Earning cards is like eating and drinking water. It can be called an artifact of the world of dueling monsters.

...Of course, the duelists in the DM world obviously didn't realize this.

From the card rarity mark on the card box, the pitiful "N" behind the pot of desire is enough to tell that no one takes this thing seriously.

However, even so, the magic card of the Pot of Desire in the Linked World is also a patent of NPC, and players cannot obtain it. There is no way to obtain this divine card whether through the system card pool or special missions. Therefore, the player can only look at the pot of desires launched by the NPC every time when facing an NPC.

Once upon a time, You Yu was also one of the players who was jealous and furious every time he saw an NPC brazenly using the pot of desire.

But it's different now!

Now he is also a native of the world protected by the rules of the world! He feels that he deserves the power to fill the deck with three pots of strong desires!


"Let's talk about it when I pay the salary." You Yu said helplessly.

Yes, this is a very real problem, that is, he has no money...

"That's it." China tilted his head and thought, and said, "Then...I will lend you a little bit and return it to me after you pay the salary."

"Huh?" You Yu was startled, then waved his hand quickly, "Thank you very much, but let's forget it."

After all, I haven't known each other for a long time, so it's always inappropriate to borrow money from other people's girls casually.

"It's okay." Qianna said blankly, "Compared to this, if you wait until the salary is paid, and the desired card is taken away by other guests in advance, isn't it good?"

...It seems to be the same.

Although the pot of ** is only an N card, it stands to reason that there should be a lot of new card packs... But who can say this kind of thing?

"Then... well, let me borrow a little first."

is just preparing to open an N card after all.

shouldn't cost much...


So You Yu got his wish and got the first pack of cards he had bought since the journey.

"Then I'm going to go on."

China placed her arms crossed on the counter, her chin resting on her white arms, and she stretched her neck to watch the scene.

You Yu opened the first card pack and took out five of them.

"Ah." China took a look at the "City Defender Pterodactyl" in his hand, and said in surprise, "It's amazing, the first pack actually got a rare card."

Youyu: "......"

Are you kidding me?

Is this a low-attack mortal bone or a rare card?

(City Defender Pterodactyl, level 4, attack power 1400, defense power 1200, no effect.)

This "rare card" came out and he estimated that he wouldn't be able to use it in his life.

Continue to open the package.

After three consecutive packs of useless things, China was surprised when he saw what You Yu's fifth pack opened clearly: "Huh? Light Seal Sword? It's another rare card... Your luck is very good."

"...I think so." You Yu's face hurt.

(Sword of Light, Trap Card, and 1 card from the opponent's hand are randomly selected to indicate removal from the game. After activation, the card returns to the opponent's hand during the opponent's preparation phase on the 4th round calculated by the opponent's turn. Card.)

When reached the tenth pack, Qian Na-chan's eyes changed when he saw him.

"Cow Demon! It's a rare card again!"

(Cow demon, level 4, attack power 1800, defense power 1300, no effect.)

You Yu knew that in Qian Nai's eyes, he might be the kind of ultra-European who "one shot ten consecutive three UR", and his face was white and reflective.

But the question is...Who really wants these rare cards that are useless? What egg can a tauren do?

I just want a pot of ** in the street, is it so difficult?

China asked: "Will you continue to smoke?"

"Pump, of course continue."

It’s a big deal to sell these so-called "rare cards" to get the money back.

After the twenty packs of cards, there is still no shadow of the N card "Pot of Desire".

But what comforted him was that somehow a magic card fusion was released, which is a useful card for him.

After 30 packs are drawn, there is still no pot of desire.

Youyu started to follow the new batch of cards a little bit. He has to see how many packs he has to smoke to see the ** pot of desire.

It’s just that this bag is all the girl’s money, so I feel a little sad...

However, China himself didn't seem to have any opinions. UU Reading just silently lay on the counter watching him one package after another, repeating tirelessly like a ruthless package opening machine...

Finally, the fiftieth pack of card packs, the "pot of strong desire" he was thinking of has finally appeared.

Looking at the big green pot with yellow teeth and wretched smile on this emerald magic card, You Yu suddenly had the urge to burst into tears.

This may be the first time in his life, he is happy to draw an N card than the bunch of rare cards before...

China looked curiously.

"You just smoke this?"


China said he was puzzled: "But you got so many rare cards just now, why do you have to... this kind of useless thing?"

Useless things?

Hehe, the girl is still young, she has never experienced the horror of the pot without being beaten.

But he also knows that the local residents of this world have a completely different understanding of duel monster cards from players. It is indeed not very practical to popularize the concepts of "card bad" and "earning cards" to them in such an environment.

You Yu was thinking how to explain to the girl, but at this moment a guest came in.

"Hello, is there anyone?" A young blond man came in, wearing a white T-shirt with blue stripes and a blue long-sleeved jacket.

"I want to there the latest duel plate released by Haima Company?"

The two people in the shop came over to follow the prestige together.

Youyu raised his eyebrows.

Katsuya castle?

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