Chapter 1592:I’m Playing Cards In Duel City

Great Evil God, Summon!

"Rainbow Life, turn all the damage received this round into health recovery!" Darkness said, "Therefore, the 4,000 points of damage given by the effect of my recovery giant weapon are turned into health recovery!"

【Darkness, LP2900→LP6900】

"It's not over yet." Darkness shouted, "and the effect of 'Ultimate Illusionary God \- Otto Metre Bishbarkin' can also be activated again!

Once per turn, during the main phase of your own and opponent's turns, you can Special Summon as many 'Evil God Tokens' as possible on the field!

Appear, my evil eyes! "

The ultimate phantom roared, and the strange divine power erupted again. The darkness is overwhelming, transformed into the shape of eyes, covering the venues of both sides.

"The attack power of the ultimate phantom ** becomes the sum of the number of monsters on the field x 1000 points." Darkness said, "Now that 'Olihagang's Barrier' is applicable, your field is filled with ten monsters in total. The total number of monsters is fifteen!

Therefore, the attack power of the ultimate phantom ** is..."

[Ultimate Illusionary God \- Altmere Bischbalkin, attack power 15000]

15,000 attack power!

And this step of Darkness is not just to improve the attack power of the ultimate illusion.

Earlier in this round, in order to avoid the full-court sweep of the Ultimate Illusion God, Yu Yu's most powerful brother "Cosmic Brilliant Dragon" temporarily excluded himself from the game and avoided the attack.

It stands to reason that at the end of the round, the Cosmic Flare Dragon will automatically return to the battlefield due to the end of its own effect...

...provided there is a monster area left.

But if the front and back are all filled, there will be no space left for Yu Yu to return to the universe.

But he also has arrangements.

"The moment you activated the ultimate phantom ** effect, the card on my side was also activated in a chain." You Yu pointed to a card that had already been activated, "Quick attack magic 'Mysterious Chinese Pot'. Tribute the previous monster and restore that monster's HP equal to the higher ATK or DEF.

I liberate the 'Crystal Phantom Wing Synchro Dragon'! "

[Crystal Phantom Wing Synchro Dragon, Attack Power 3500]

"The attack power of the Crystal Phantom Wings enhanced with 'Olihagang's Barrier' is 3500, so I restore this amount of health!"

【You Yu, LP400→LP3900】

"While recovering life, did you finally manage to clear the only monster area?" Darkness smiled, "It's really tenacious."

Yu Yu snapped his fingers.

"Therefore, at the end of the round, the 'Cosmic Brilliant Dragon' is resurrected again!"

The silver-white starlight gathered, once again transformed into the posture of the universe dragon, and landed lightly on You Yu's field.

[Cosmic Flare Dragon, Attack Power 4000 → Attack Power 4500]

"Good struggle." Darkness sneered, "but it's just a struggle. God-level monsters as trump cards were defeated one after another, but finally nothing was gained.

But then you should understand that, right? Duel Wang Youyu?

The power I have now is beyond your imagination, and you have no chance at all. Whether it is an illusory ** or an ultimate god, in the end, fate is nothing but devoured by darkness and becomes only ashes and dust on the road to the destined future. "

He raised the volume.

"It's my turn, draw a card!

Activate the magic card "Pot of Desire" and draw two cards. "

Darkness shouted, "If you think it's all my strength up to this point, you're wrong.

Look it up, dueling Wang Youyu, what you will see now is the ultimate darkness, the deepest darkness that annihilates everything in the multiverse world!

I released the three 'Evil God's Eye Tokens' on the field! Superior call! The evil ** who controls fear and drags living beings into the dark abyss—

——Cthulhu, Root of Fear, summon! ! ! "

Darkness overflowed from the abyss, and the body wrapped in skeleton-like armor slowly climbed out and stood in the abyss.

[Evil God·Root of Fear, Attack Power 4000]

"An Evil God again?" You Yu frowned.

Now that Darkness has taken out the incarnation of God, it is not surprising that he has two other evil gods, Youyu, in his hands.

Moreover, the incarnation of God and the source of fear have appeared one after another, so the next step should undoubtedly be...

"The effect of 'Ultimate Illusionary God-Ultra-Meter Bishbarkin' is activated again, once per turn, special summon 'Evil God's Eye Tokens' as many as possible on both sides of the field!"

Darkness's voice fell, and two new evil eyes popped out, filling Darkness's venue.

You Yu: "..."

He didn't use the effect of the Cosmic Flare Dragon. Because the ultimate phantom ** has the ability to destroy itself no matter how many times in one turn, even the dazzling transformation can't blow up.

"Then activate the magic card 'Senior Carnival', and you can add another high- level summon during the round that you've already summoned." (animation card)

Darkness said lightly.

Yu Yu raised his eyebrows.

One more senior summon?

In fact, the superior summoning is a bit embarrassing in today's Yu-Gi-Oh! system, and this method of summoning has long been eliminated by the mainstream. Most deck tactical systems do not require superior summons.

Judging from the current situation and trend, You Yu can boldly speculate that the next person Darkness is going to summon from his superiors should be the evil god.

The last Evil God, Evil God Eraser.

Eraser's attack power is equal to the number of cards on the opponent's field x 1000, so the attack power should not be as high as the Ultimate Phantasm on the Darkness field.

Another effect of the Eradicator is to destroy all cards on the field when it leaves the field—this effect is indistinguishable from foe and foe, and even devours the cards on the field.

So if Darkness uses the effect of the Eradicator to clear the field, then You Yu will definitely make money, because the amount of resources on the field is far less than that of Darkness.

No matter what, the Eraser is useless here.

You Yu thought for a while, but still did not use the effect of yao change.

The Eradicator itself is not a threat, on the contrary, if the effect of the dazzling change is used here, Yuyu's own field will become empty, and he has to directly face the offensive of the other two evil gods.

It's better to keep the yao change here, and then use the yao change's "forced end of the battle phase" effect after entering the battle phase, you can forcibly delay the round.

"I released the two 'Evil God's Eye Tokens' and the 'Ultimate Illusionary God- Otmetl Bischbalkin' on the field, and the superior summoned!

The messenger of annihilation, the ** of annihilation—

——Evil God Eraser, summon! "

It was exactly as Yu Yu expected. The claws opened the crack in the dark sky, and the ferocious evil ** came out of the hole, hissing and roaring onto the field.

Three evil gods, summon!

In this way, the three evil gods were officially assembled on the Darkness field. The three evil gods were lined up above him, and the cosmic Yaoying Dragon and the three evil gods on the Yuyu Field were facing each other at a distance, but they were not at all cowardly in their aura.

You Yu frowned, always feeling that something was wrong.

The three evil spirits look, but in fact they don't have much advantage in the face of yao change. Cosmic Yaobian Dragon is a 12-star monster, and the evil * can only be immune to the effects of monsters below 10 stars. Even if it is a evil * in front of Yaobian's big brother, it is not impossible to deal with.

But why do you always have a bad premonition?

"Let's meet your old friend." Darkness's voice contained a somewhat playful smile, "The world of darkness truly reigns over everything, the ultimate darkness!

I freed the three evil gods on the field, 'Evil God · Eraser', "Evil God · Incarnation of God", "Evil God · Root of Fear"! "

You Yu: "!"

Liberate the three evil gods? Isn't this the exact same summoning condition as Light Creation?

What is this calling? Cthulhu version of Guangchuang?


"Three thousand years of resentment, opening up the underworld, devouring reality, dragging the heavens and the world into the eternal world without light with extreme malice and darkness—

——The Great Evil God Thork, Summon! ! ! "

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