Chapter 1593:I’m Playing Cards In Duel City

ultimate darkness

You Yu: "???"

You said you summoned...what! ?

The storm of darkness enveloped the three evil gods, and the three evil gods were crushed and disappeared in the whirlpool. The sky was torn apart by a huge crack, and the dark debris poured into it like a tide, as if it had become the nourishment of some extraordinary existence on the other side of the dimension.

A giant shadow that covered even the sky descended, like a pitch-black mountain, with demon-like scarlet eyes, a huge dragon head under his crotch, and every breath seemed to contain lightning.

It was only then that You Yu was convinced that he had not heard wrong.

This is the nemesis of Pharaoh Atum throughout the three thousand years, the ruler of the dark world—

—The Great Evil God Sock!

But it must be admitted that this wave of You Yu was indeed unexpected.

After all, no matter whether it is an animation card or a real card, in the history of the game king card pool, there has never been a card called "The Great Evil God Sock".

Although it is the ultimate boss of the first generation, both the setting and the record are very high, but the great evil ** Thork has never appeared in the form of a duel monster card, even at the end of the animation, it has always been similar to Pokemon. In the form of battle, the protagonist team will be decisively fought until the sky falls and the light creates an instant kill.

Of course, in principle, a boss like this should have a card. Even the "Creation God of Light \- Harakti" in the finale of the animation was printed as a card by the consortium K many years after the end. In theory, there must be cards in Sok, but no one has so far. Just seen it.

Now Yu Yu can see it.

The Great Evil God stood on the field of Darkness, his scarlet eyes showed undisguised malice, staring at You Yu coldly.

"Meet again, duel king." The Great Evil God actually spoke, his voice low and hoarse as always.

"Huh, do you remember me?"

Yu Yu quickly remembered that Darkness had said not long ago that someone reminded him of the connection that existed between Yu Yu and the creator ** of light.

After a long time, it really is this stuff.

As we all know, Thork is the enemy of Light Creation. So since Sock identified so-and-so as Guangchuang, it must be correct.

"But I really didn't expect that a stinky guy like you, Suoke, would be willing to subdue." You Yu sneered, "It looks like you are really afraid of me."

"Make no mistake, I'm not subservient to anyone."

Thoke interrupted immediately and vaguely. He glanced dismissively at Darkness behind him.

"But the darkness of this guy is really unique, even in my long years. It's very rare. We're just building alliances through short-lived mutual exploits."

He paused, his scarlet eyes locked on You Yu.

"An alliance formed to remove certain necessary obstacles."

He doesn't demonstrate the mere "use of each other" between himself and Darkness, which Darkness seems to accept calmly.

It seems that the two final bosses in the DM and GX animations rarely formed a common alliance because of the same interests, and their common purpose at present is to eliminate the huge threat of You Yu.

"Even if you think I'm Harakti, do you still decide to cooperate with this goat head to deal with me?" You Yu said lightly, "It seems that you are also good at Suoke."

But this time the Great Evil God didn't seem to be cowardly, he just laughed a few times, his voice was like lightning, and it exploded like a dull thunder.

"The power of Harakti is indeed infinite, but the premise is that it must be able to be summoned." Sok said, "Now that I have already appeared first, do you really think there is still a chance to summon the deity?"

Yu Yu narrowed his eyes.

The ability of the Great Evil God Thork is completely unknown to him, and it must be false to say that he is not worried.

After all, such a card has never appeared in the card pool of either animation or real cards. The only object he can refer to is the "Great Evil God Sok" sold by ZCG Yu-Gi-Oh! ...but that's no reference value at all.

He only knows a little about "The Great Evil God Sok".

That is the summoning condition of the Great Evil God in Darkness's hand, which seems to be "Release each of the 'Evil God · Root of Fear', 'Evil God · Incarnation of God', and 'Evil God · Eraser' on the field to remove the card from your hand. special call".

In terms of summoning conditions, it is exactly the same as Shika's "Creator God of Light, Harakty". And Light Creation is an absolutely invincible effect that summons a successful unconditional victory, so no matter what kind of effect Sok has, it is not surprising.

[Great Evil God · Sok, attack power ∞]

Unlimited attack power!

"'Great Evil God Sok', the effect is activated." Darkness shouted, "Once per turn, destroy all monsters on the opponent's field that are not god-type monsters!

And inflict damage to the opponent equal to the total ATK of the destroyed monsters! "

Sok let out a weird roar, the huge dragon head under his crotch raised, opened his mouth, and the flames like hellfire erupted, turning the entire field of Youyu into a sea of ​​fire!

"Then 'Cosmic Radiant Dragon', the effect is activated!" You Yu waved his hand, "When the opponent activates magic, trap, or monster effects, remove 'Cosmic Radiant Dragon' from the game until the end of the turn, that activation is invalid, then Card Destruction!

I removed 'Cosmic Flare Dragon' from the game, invalidated the effect of 'Great Evil God Sok', and destroyed Sok! "

Yaobian fluttered his wings and flew up, his figure disintegrated and disappeared, and the starlight that filled the sky gathered towards the evil god!

"Heh, useless," Darkness said.

The divine radiance released by the Cosmic Glory Dragon surrounded the Great Evil God, but it bounced off the Great Evil God in just a moment, completely unable to shake its deity.

"Great Evil God Thork, you can choose to accept or not accept any magic, trap, or monster effect that affects him," Darkness said, "and Thork does not accept the monster effect from the 'Cosmic Flare Dragon'!"

Yu Yu frowned.

Is it actually blue-eyed dragon resistance?

The light dragon resistance is basically the most perfect resistance in the entire Yu-Gi-Oh! positive effect can be accepted, but the negative effect is not accepted. The "unaffected" type of resistance that can be flexibly switched is invincible.

But although Yaohua failed to defeat Sok's effect, at least Yaohua himself escaped from the field again without being affected by the power of the evil god.

All the "Evil God's Eye Tokens" on You Yu's field were instantly killed in full screen by Sock's ultimate move, but their attack power was all 0 and would not cause damage.

"Then activate the magic card 'Treasure of Heaven and Earth'. In the round that summoned a level 7 or higher monster, UU Reading draws two cards from the deck, but the drawn cards cannot be used this turn, and at least one Zhang must cover up."

Darkness draws two cards, then immediately picks a cover.

"I cover a card on the field," he said, "and then activate the effect of 'Golden Lord Eldorado Lich' in the graveyard!

By sending a Spell or Trap Card on your field to the Graveyard, the Golden Lord in the Graveyard returns to your hand, and then you can Special Summon another undead monster from your hand!

I send the card I just covered to the graveyard, and once again Special Summon the Golden Lord of the graveyard! "

[Golden Lord · Eldorado Lich, attack power 2500]

"The Golden Lord Special Summoned by this effect has an ATK increase of 1000, and will not be destroyed by the effect of the card until the end of the next turn!"

[Golden Lord · Eldorado Lich, attack power 2500 → attack power 3500]

"Try to take a blow from the Great Evil God, duel king!" Darkness shouted, "Face your destruction!"

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