Chapter 1594:I’m Playing Cards In Duel City

Great evil **** 1 thing to eat

"The battle is over." Darkness waved, "The direct attack of 'The Great Evil God Sok'! As you wish, take down this troublesome duel king!"

Sock has long been unable to hold back. In his eyes, You Yu had already been equated with Guang Chuang \- he was even more convinced of this after You Yu entered this space not long ago and Guang Chuang's energy flashed briefly.

Therefore, no one was more eager to knock You Yu down than him.

The attack power is infinite, and if you really want to take the blow of Sok, you will definitely be finished both from the duel level and the physical level.

"Then I activate the effect of the 'chestnut ball' in my hand!" You Yu said, "Discard the 'chestnut ball' in the hand, and when the opponent's monster attacks, one battle damage becomes 0!"

Chestnut Ball, the most classic and original skin!

"Curry Curry!"

The omnipotent chestnut ball has been focusing on blocking swords for three thousand years, and the opponents blocked by it are getting stronger and stronger.

The blue-eyed ultimate dragon, the blue-eyed light dragon, the phantom god, and the evil * have all been blocked from its barrier, and now even the great evil * Sock with infinite divine power is no exception!

Li someone saves the world again!

Thoke growled angrily.

"Do you actually rely on the ability of this kind of trash fish to avoid it?" Suoke roared angrily, "Come out and face me, Harakti!"

Yu Yu rolled his eyes at him.

Oh, it's just pretending at this moment. If I do move out for Harakty later, I don't know who's cowardly like a grandson...

"Then next is the attack of the 'Golden Lord Eldorado Lich'." Darkness said, "Direct attack!"

This time, You Yu no longer has a defensive line similar to chestnut balls, but it is not a big problem. Jin Jinqing's attack power is 3500, and he can still withstand it for the time being.

【Yu Yu, LP3900→LP400】

"Procrastination will only make your eradication more miserable," Darkness said. "Two cards are laid, and the round is over."

At the end of the round, the Cosmic Yaobian Dragon returned to the field again-although even Yaobian seemed a little powerless in the face of the existence of "Great Evil God Sok", at least it could still protect itself.

"During my turn, draw cards." You Yu said, "Activate the magic card 'Pot of Greed', return the five monster cards in the graveyard to the deck and shuffle, then draw two cards."

"Shuffle the cards in the cemetery back to the deck." Sok keenly noticed something from the five cards Yu Yu selected, "Would you like to recover the phantom gods?"

"Activate the cover card, the trap card 'lost'." Darkness opened the back field, "You can remove any card from the opponent's graveyard from the game.

Remove 'Sky Dragon of Osiris' from the game from your graveyard! "

"Then the effect of 'Cosmic Metamorphosis Dragon' will be activated!" You Yu said, "Excluding 'Cosmic Flare Dragon' from the game can negate the activation of any magic, trap, and monster effect and destroy it.

I removed 'Cosmic Flare Dragon' from the game, the activation of the invalid trap card 'Lost'! "

The body of the Cosmic Flare Dragon released a faint white light and disappeared from the field, and the brilliance of the stardust locked the trap on the Darkness field, which quickly dissipated and dissipated.

"Then I continue to shuffle the five cards back into the deck, and then draw cards from the deck!"

"Then continue to activate the effect of the continuous trap 'convenience'." Darkness said, "I also continue to draw two cards from the deck."

After redrawing the card, You Yu's eyes quickly landed on one of the cards in his hand.

The Great Evil God Thork has the resistance of "can freely choose whether to accept the effect of the card", although it is almost invincible, but it is not really incomprehensible.

After all, there is still the most versatile and invincible solution in the Yu-Gi-Oh! system.

COST off the field!

"If you're thinking of freeing the 'Great Evil God: Sok', you can give up on this idea." Darkness raised the volume, "Open the cover card, the trap card 'Mind Broken'!

Declares a card name, and if that card and a card with the same name exist in the opponent's hand, all those cards with the same name must be discarded.

The card I want to declare is... 'The Turtle Bad Beast Gamersiel'! "

You Yu: "..."

"I have already thoroughly studied your tactics, duel Wang Youyu. No matter how powerful a monster is, it can be eliminated by COST liberation. I have known this for a long time.

Now, in your hands, you must already have the turtle bad beast that you used to use to get rid of the field, right? But sorry, just throw it away for me. "

However, Yu Yu only smiled mysteriously.

"It's a pity, but I don't have 'Turtle Bad Beast Gamesiere' in my hand..."

"Nani?" Darkness's weird blue eyes flickered.

Didn't you get a turtle bad beast?

But the rules of the duel are absolute, and Mind Break's scan really failed to find the card named by Darkness from Yu Yu's hand.

Darkness was full of confidence that if it was Yu Yu, he would definitely be able to draw the Turtle Bad Beast this round—after all, it was one of the few cards that could easily get rid of "The Great Evil God: Thork".

The result was not.

Although he was suspicious, he still had to accept the result.

"The side effect of 'mind collapse'." You Yu reminded, "If the declared card does not exist in the opponent's hand, you must discard a random card from your hand."

Without a word, Darkness discarded a card from his hand.

But at least this way, you can be sure that Yu Yu has no turtles in his hands. If you don't use the COST liberation method, there should be very few ways to get rid of the "Great Evil God Sock" which is a full-resistance monster...

However, he saw You Yu unhurriedly showing another card in his hand.

"I release the 'Great Evil God Thork' on your field, and Special Summon this card in Attack Position on your field—

——The Furious Beast, Togolan! ! ! "

Darkness: "..."

Great Evil God Sock: "..."

The towering black evil * just disappeared from the field just like that, the flames erupted from the field of Darkness like lava, and the flaming dragon entrenched on the field of the evil god, breathing the burning * flames.

The duel monster version of Crimson Godzilla, Fury Beast Togolan!

[Angry Flame Bad Beast · Power 3000]

"Did you forget something?" You Yu said blankly, "The turtle is not the only bad beast in my hand.

How can you be sure that I must be carrying turtles today? "

Darkness: "..."

Indeed, so far, the bad beasts in the Yuyu deck are basically only the turtle bad beasts \- the same is true for the players in the real card Yu-Gi-Oh! Because turtles have the lowest attack power among bad beasts, and the least threat.

Over time, turtles have gradually become the label of bad beasts. As long as bad beasts are mentioned, everyone will naturally think of turtles first, which has already become a mindset.

But Yu Yu, who realized that his turtles were more and more likely to be guarded, had already replaced the turtles with Mr. Brother long before the game started.

It works now.

Great Evil God Sock, Defeat!

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