Chapter 1595:I’m Playing Cards In Duel City

Evil God is immortal

Darkness: "..."

Seeing that the incarnation of the ultimate darkness, the invincible evil god, and the great evil ** Thork from the underworld were so easily eaten by a burning mutant dinosaur, even Darkness could not help but fall into silence for a moment.

In the space, it seems that you can still hear the low and angry roar of the eaten Sok...

"Give two cards to the field." You Yu said, "Then activate 'Treasures from the Sky', and both sides will draw cards from the deck until the hand is full of six cards."

"Then when I draw six cards, because you draw cards from the deck, the effect of 'convenient multiplication' continues to trigger and draw two cards." Darkness snorted, "Yes, although this will also give me a lot of resources, but you have no choice.

You don't have the means to deal with this situation in your hand, you can only speed up drawing cards to get more tactical combinations. It's always been your tactics, your style. As I said, I have already thoroughly studied your duel! "

Yu Yu ignored it.

"Usually summon 'queen knights'."

[Queen Knight, Attack Power 1500]

"Then activate the cover card, the magic card 'Ezha Fusion'!" You Yu said, "Ezha Fusion is a fusion card with light attributes and exclusively for warriors.

Send Fusion Materials determined by a Warrior-Type LIGHT monster in your hand or field to the Graveyard, and Fusion Summon that Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck.

Also, if you have any type of 'Queen Knight', 'Guardian Knight' or 'King Knight' on your field, you can also select up to one fusion material from your deck.

Therefore, I combined the 'Queen Knight' on the field, the 'Guardian Knight' in my hand, and the 'King Knight' in the deck!

Fusion Summon—

- Heavenly Knight! ! "

The three JQK swordsmen appeared separately, merged into one place, and turned into a brand new swordsman!

[Heavenly Knight, Attack Power 3800]

One of Atum's early trump cards, the fusion form of the JQK Three Musketeers, the Heavenly Knight!

"And accepting the effect of 'Olihagang's Barrier', the attack power of the Celestial Knight also increases." You Yu said.

[Heavenly Knight, Attack Power 3800 → Attack Power 4300]

"Fight." You Yu said, "Knights of Heaven, attack the 'Golden Lord, Eldorado Lich'!"

[Golden King · Eldorado Lich, attack power 3500]

Although Jin Jin has the resistance to effect damage this round, he is not immune to battle damage. A sword qi ripped open his armor and slashed across his body.

【Darkness, LP6900→LP6100】

"Then put three cards on the field, and the round is over." You Yu said, "Then at the end of the round, the Cosmic Flare Dragon will be resurrected from the exclusion zone!"

Starlight seems to have gathered from the depths of the universe outside the sky, and re-transformed into a shining white dragon.

Cosmic Flare Dragon, return!

[Cosmic Flare Dragon, Attack Power 4000 → Attack Power 4500]

"It's a tough monster that doesn't die, is it back?" Darkness snorted, "But... it's not just your Cosmic Flare Dragon that will return to the field at this end stage. "

Yu Yu's eyes moved slightly.

The voice fell, and the rolling black clouds had gathered once again, and a depressing and low atmosphere enveloped the entire venue.

The ground began to shake violently without warning, and the ground was torn apart by a crack. The dark claws protruded from the cracks and pressed ** the ground. A mountain-like black shadow slowly rose from the crack, the eyes were red as blood, and the huge dragon head exhaled a turbid breath.

[Great Evil God · Sok, attack power ∞]

Great Evil God Sock, Resurrection!

"Want to get rid of me," Thok said again in that thunderous low voice, "it's not that easy! I'm immortal! Just like the darkness itself in this world, no matter how many times I fall, I will be reborn! "

"Do you still have the ability to resurrect?" You Yu said.

"That's right," Darkness said, "'Great Evil God Thok', during the End Phase of your and your opponent's turns, when this card exists in the Graveyard, you can Special Summon yourself.

Of course, this Special Summon cannot be negated by any card either. "

"That is to say, I'm immortal!" Sock roared vaguely, "I'm different from your low-level phantom gods, and the tricks of inferiority won't work for me!"

You Yu: "..."

"Then in my turn, draw cards."

The resurrected "Evil God Thork" will again be able to apply his powerful field clearing effect \- destroying all monsters on the opponent's field that are not god-attributes, and inflicting damage equal to the ATK of the destroyed monsters.

Moreover, You Yu now has only 400 HP left. He is a Celestial Knight with an attack power of 4300. If this round is blown up, it will undoubtedly directly lead to his defeat.

Therefore, he must do something before the power of the Great Evil God takes effect.

"Open the cover card!" Yu Yu said, "Quick-attack magic 'fusion release'! Release the fusion of fusion monsters on the field, and special summon fusion material monsters from the graveyard.

I unfused the 'Knights of Heaven' on the field and turned them back into the Three Musketeers! "

Under the distortion of the fusion vortex, the Heavenly Knights were re- divided into three parts, and the three Musketeers, the queen, the king, and the guard, fell back to the field.

[King Knight, Attack Power 1600]

[Queen Knight, Attack Power 1500]

[Guardian Knight, Attack Power 1900]

"What's the point of doing this," Darkness said. "Even if the fusion is removed, your Three Musketeers will still be shattered by a single blow from the Cthulhu. You have to take damage equal to the combined value of their three attacks \- so that even The damage was far higher than before the fusion was lifted.

Eat tricks! Great Evil God Thok, the effect is activated! Once per turn, destroy all monsters on the opponent's field that are not gods, and inflict damage equal to the total ATK of the destroyed monsters! "

The darkness is overwhelming, and it is once again swallowing towards You Yu's venue!

Yu Yu ignored it and continued on his own: "Then activate the cover card, the trap card 'Joker Wild'! Send the magic card with the names of the JQK Three Musketeers written at the same time from the deck to the graveyard, and get that magic card. Effect.

I sent the quick-attack magic 'Summoning Thunder' from the deck to the graveyard to get its effect! "

A thunderbolt fell, and the magic card was withdrawn into You Yu's hands, and he was sent to the cemetery.

"Summoning Thunder, when you have Queen, King, and Guard three Musketeers on your field, you can add monsters with level 10 or higher, non-Dark attribute, and ATK of ? from your deck to your hand.

And after that, you can Normal Summon 1 level 10 monster from your hand!

I shuffled the 'Pot of Greed' from the deck and added this card to my hand, and sacrificed the king, queen, and guard knight on the field, and summoned it directly to the superior!

Running through the underworld and reality, appearing in the chaos of heaven and thunder—

— Sky Dragon of Osiris! ! "

The Three Musketeers' daily sacrifice \- these three have been familiar with the cooperation and cooperation with the traitor dragon for so many years. The red dragon appeared again in the chaotic thunder, its huge body lay across You Yu's field, and the dragon roared towards the Great Evil God like a rainbow.

...just a defensive indication.

Of course, it is a defense statement. After all, Ren Sock's attack power is infinite, and the attack state is completely courting death.

"But the 'Sky Dragon of Osiris' is a monster of God attribute." You Yu said, "'Great Evil God Sok' can only destroy monsters other than God attribute, and the clearing ability is invalid for Osiris.

And at the moment when the Great Evil God effect was activated, another 'Cosmic Brilliant Dragon' effect on my field also activated!

When the effect of your opponent's card is activated, remove 'Cosmic Flare Dragon' from the game until the end of the turn, negate that activation and destroy it! "

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