Chapter 27:I’m Playing Cards In Duel City

Come to a duel


Xuelang was shocked. It turned out that there was only one minute left in the closed beta time limit.

...Cuso! Obviously, you can get the task reward right away!

"What's the matter?" You Yu, who noticed that Xuelang had stopped, also stopped and turned to ask.

Xuelang showed a painful expression.

"Um... I was suddenly a little urgent, the kind of very urgent. So do you think...?"

You Yu is clear, this reaction is probably the closed beta time is approaching, right?

You Yu made an expression of "I understand" and waved his hand: "It's okay, you go."

Xuelang automatically understood that in order to temporarily terminate the task and wait until the next time it is online, he could not help but be grateful: "Thank you, Brother You Yu!"

After said, his body became transparent, and he went offline.

The current Xuelang feels that the game design is too user-friendly, and the tasks that have already started can be archived until the next time, so they will not be missed directly.

As for when he goes offline, the NPC will go and give the task by himself?

how can that be possible?

How can there be any reason why NPC will grab the player’s mission?


It may be that the hidden mission was triggered and Xuelang had used up all the European energy of today, and it happened to be on and off the line at this juncture.

In fact, You Yu did hesitate to come here.

Maybe he should wait for Xuelang to come back and come here with him to find out what happened?

After all, the quest was found by other players. Even if the leftovers are cold, I have to give him a little bit of meaning, right?

...Well, in fact, it's because You Yu alone is not at ease.

Another advantage of taking the player to do the task is that no matter what enemy you encounter, you can close the door and let the player go and let them find out for you.

Anyway, the player is a consumable item, even if it hangs up for a while, it can be resurrected, which is a natural cannon fodder.

The reason for following Xuelang so recklessly is because he has taken a universal shield anyway, and it doesn't matter if he encounters any danger.

Big deal Xuelang went up and sent him to take the opportunity to run.

But now that the shields are gone, You Yu really hesitated to move on.

However, he immediately realized that there was nothing to hesitate...or in other words, he couldn't hesitate.


The mission is triggered! ‘Challenge from the mysterious man! ’

Dark power has flowed into the real world from the unknown, try to fight back the darkness!

task reward: unknown. "

Although it is a completely unclear mission description, the same as the previous "Gurus Challenge Series", this time there is no option to refuse.

That is to say, walking to this place has already been regarded as triggering a specific task. It may be that someone hiding here has been eyeing him right now, and he has no turning back.

Don't mention Xuelang, although she looks a little courageous, but she seems to have heard it right. When You Yu walked to the middle of the bridge, it seemed to vaguely heard the voice of "come here".

The voice is not loud, it is very soft and thin, and it does sound like a female voice. That is to say, it looks a little strange in the surrounding environment where you can't see your fingers, but in fact, if you close your eyes and listen carefully, the voice is pretty good, very light and crisp, giving people a smart feeling.

After playing so many versions of Linked World in his previous life, You Yu already has experience.

The environment in the game of Linking the World is not static. The system card pool held by the player, the cards owned by the NPC, the combo and tactics that can be matched, and even the game rules of the dueling monster are constantly changing with the version. of.

The more version is updated later, the more diverse the card types in the hands of players and NPCs, the more deck types and tactical combinations, and the more complicated the environment. The overall strength of the environment will continue to increase.

But looking at it the other way round, the game hasn't even been released for version 1.0, and the story is only in the early days of DM. The card types and gameplay are still limited, and the environment is relatively simple.

So even if You Yu currently only has a set of incomplete heroes and a mixed deck of Black Magician he won from Pandora, in the current environment, there are not many duels who can compete with him for a long time.

After all, even the city that was the runner-up of the duel kingdom was defeated by him. Therefore, it is conservatively estimated that You Yu thinks that his combat effectiveness should be at least... within 1.5 cities.

With such strength, there should be very few tasks at this stage that he can't handle.

The sound just disappeared, but the sound of rushing water under the bridge was even louder. A brisk wind blew from the other end of the river and stirred the dark weeds on the shore.

He raised his head and saw that there was a safety sign on the bridge contracted by Haima Company. It's just that there is a cute and Q animated blue-eyed white dragon painted on this brand, with a funny safety helmet on his head.

Youyu: "......"

From this, we can also see the deep love of President Haima for the white marriage (that is, blue eyes). The sports car the president drove was blue- eyed, and the jet plane he drove was blue-eyed, and even the construction sign had to be painted with blue eyes to emphasize its status in the palace.

The president is so obsessed and even once caused the sand sculpture netizens to speculate that the president's supplies for special needs are probably not the blue-eyed brand (crossed out)...

But this also makes sense. The Egyptian chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh’s original work reveals that the blue-eyed white dragon’s previous life was actually a lovely girl with blue hair and white skin. There was a story that I had to tell about Seahorse, who was an Egyptian priest in the previous life.

A huge circular drainage pipe is placed next to the pier of the bridge, and there is a constant stream of water flowing into the river.

Youyu frowned, as if he felt that he saw a vaguely dark gas floating out of the depth of the pipe, spinning around his body.

He soon realized that it was not an illusion.

The pitch-black mist gushed out from the depth of the pipe and condensed into a human entity in front of him.

Youyu narrowed his eyes slightly.

It was a black-clothed man with an arrogant face that Zhang Liuqin didn't recognize. On the bridge of his nose was a black super that looked like an American agent.

only glanced at You Yu to recognize who this person was, but at the same time he was taken aback.

What is this... Mr. T?

The final boss of the Yu-Gi-Oh GX ending, the mass-produced horse under Darkness?

In the final chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh GX, a large amount of human darkness flows into the world and awakens the ultimate BOSS named Darkness. That BOSS intends to erase all human existence in the world, UU reading www.uukanshu. com has assimilated the consciousness of all mankind into a part of Darkness.

And the Mr. T who appeared in front of You Yu at this time was the number one horse under the villain. This Mr. T is a bit like Smith in The Matrix, there is no entity, and hundreds of thousands will pop up after killing one, which is a consumable mass-produced cannon fodder.

It's just... shouldn't Darkness be the villain in the final chapter of Yu-Gi- Oh GX?

The protagonist of GX, Yucheng Judai, I don’t know where to play in the mud at this moment.

But after thinking about it, it seems that there is nothing unreasonable.

According to Darkness's claim in the anime, it said that it was part of the rules of the world, but it was only awakened by the darkness of the human heart in the story of GX. In other words, it has always existed in this world from beginning to end.

In that case, it is not surprising that it wakes up early and leaks a small part of the darkness from the inner world.

At this time, Mr. Ma Tsai under Darkness has also noticed You Yu. He hummed and smiled, and said, "Are you a duelist in the human world? Interesting, I have been sleeping for so long, and I don't know how far humanity has developed now."

As he spoke, his eyes under the black super suddenly sharpened, and the darkness soared, and the pitch-black mist erupted like a storm, forming an astonishing force...

However, You Yu, who faced this extraordinary power, had no fear in his heart... and even wanted to play cards.

As expected, Mr. T directly raised his arm after a burst of dragon ball wind, and the black mist turned a black duel disk directly on his arm.

He twitched the corner of his mouth and smiled: "Come to a duel."

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