Chapter 50:I’m Playing Cards In Duel City

The strongest servant!

"I'll cover two cards." Two more overlay cards appeared on the table in front of Seahorse, "The round is over. Come on, let me see if I can call it over!"

At the end of the round, the special ability of the elemental hero Earthman has also been invalidated, and the attack power has returned to its original state.

【Elemental Hero·Earthman, attack power 3150 → attack power 2200】

"My turn!"

After Youyu draws the card, he glances at the two cards on the seahorse field with some care.

Because the opponent is a duelist who "will never get stuck" such as Seahorse, we can first rule out the possibility that the opponent has built a fusion bluff...

In the official competition of Linking the World in the previous life, there was a case where a contestant covered a "fusion" magic card in the backcourt to pretend to be a trap to scare the opponent (and it was actually successful). Therefore, the backcourt fusion became one of the best players in the world. Loved to see the stalk.

But since it's President Haima, it shouldn't be possible to do such a thing, right?

But even if you say that, You Yu doesn't have any cards to play right now.

The only two monsters drawn in his hand have merged into the Earthman on the field, and there is nothing in the remaining magic traps that can clear the backcourt.

Then it seems that the only option now is to harden it up front.

Even knowing that the opposite backcourt is covered by a trap, there is no better way to step on it. Even if you have been cautious not to step on it, the pit will not disappear by itself, and sooner or later you must find a way to deal with it.

"Lord of the Earth!" You Yu directly ordered, "Direct attack!"

The big elemental hero launched a charge forward, crossing the empty field of the seahorse, and smashing the seahorse with a huge metal fist.

"Hmph, this level is completely expected!" Seahorse waved his hand, "The trap card is activated, counterattack the door! Let the opponent's direct attack invalid, and then I can draw a card from the deck!"

The huge black fist slammed into the transparent barrier like the iris of the water, and the domineering fist was completely absorbed.

Earthman pulled away and returned to You Yu's halftime, while Haima drew a card.

"The round is over."

"It's my turn!" Seahorse glanced at the card he had drawn, and inserted it directly into the duel plate. "Activate the'Pot of Desire', and you can draw two more cards from the deck!"

If it were You Yu who was a player at the beginning, he would have jumped with anger now, but his mood has changed at this time, and his heart is calm and without fluctuations.

After all, this thing is now full of three cards in his deck...

"From your hand, activate the effect of the Thunder Dragon!" Haima showed a "Thunder Dragon" to You Yu, and immediately discarded it into the graveyard. "Discard this card, and you will receive up to two from the deck. Only'Bronze Dragon' is added to the hand. I add two Bronze Dragons to the hand!

Next, activate the magic card, ‘Rules of the Ancient’! "

Seahorse inserted the card, and a primitive yellowed scroll appeared in front of him.

"This magic card can be used to special summon a normal monster with five stars or more in the hand without sacrifice. I want to summon this guy... ‘Evil Knight Dragon’!"

The curvy body of the black dragon flew out of the ancient scroll and stretched out its huge body. It has scarlet eyes, a pointed and long mouth, and short wings. It is not so much a dragon, but it is closer to a giant python.

【Evil Knight Dragon, Attack Power 2350】

"It's not over yet!" Hippocampus pointed to his feet, "Here I am going to activate Guevka, Magic Card-Fusion!"

You Yu almost spurted out a mouthful of old blood.

So the president is really special, so he built a fusion...

"The two'Thunder Dragons' in the hand are fused!" Seahorse raised his right hand, "Come on, Fusion Summon!'Two-headed Thunder Dragon!"

The images of the two dragons disappeared in the fusion vortex, and a fierce thunderbolt fell on the field. The red double-headed dragon flapped its wings and fell from the thunder and lightning, and both heads roared into the sky.

[Two-headed Thunder Dragon, 2800 Attack]

The duelists who watched the battle were not calm anymore.

"Call a monster with 2350 ATK and 2800 ATK in one round!?"

"It really deserves to be the Sea Horse Set, is this the duel of the top duelist?"

Seahorse began to swell again: "Hahahaha! Look at it with wide eyes, this is absolute power! The evil knight dragon, attack the Earthman!"

The hero of the earth quickly fought with the black dragon. The Earthman tried his best to resist, and the giant fists kept hitting, but the dragon dodged lightly. The black dragon took advantage of the flight to launch a stab, biting through the hero's dark iron armor with sharp teeth.

Soon the Earthman's body was torn apart and disappeared on the court.

【You Yu, LP4000→LP3850】

The Yuyu field instantly became empty, and on the other hand, two powerful superior monsters had spread out on the seahorse. But he didn't panic at all, instead he smiled: "It's a pity, President."

"Huh?" Haima frowned, "What do you want to say?"

"I want to say that if your double-headed Thunder Dragon can attack this turn, my LP will only be 1050, and the gap between our LPs can be reversed." He shrugged, "But the fusion monster is in the round of summoning. It's a shame that I can't attack."

Haima snorted and ignored it, only coldly announcing: "The round is over."

"Then it's me, draw a card.

I launched "Angel's Charity", I draw three cards from the deck, and then discard two of them. "

What? Why did you touch the ban card again?

That's right.

If your deck is also full of three strong desires and three angels, you will also find that you have all these things in your hands, which is simply too cool.

Youyu smiled slightly, and said to the seahorse: "The Fusion Summoning can quickly call out powerful higher-level monsters without sacrifices, so the restriction of'cannot attack during the summoned turn' needs to be added, right, president?"

Hippocampus: "......"

"But as a price, fusion also needs to consume multiple cards in one round. If you can't attack immediately, you will be passive." You Yu said, drew a card from his hand, "Because no There are far more ways to summon higher-level monsters immediately if you need sacrifices."

At this point, You Yu's duel disk cemetery area flashed, and a monster card was bounced out of the cemetery.

"Activate the effect of the "Elemental Hero: Necromancer" in the Graveyard. This card can only be used once in the Graveyard. You don't need sacrifices for summoning elemental heroes of level 5 or higher.

So I don’t need sacrifices to summon directly from my hand—"Elemental Hero·Golden Blade Man"! "

【Elemental Hero·Golden Blade Man, Attack Power 2600】

"That's it, the effect of'Angel's Charity' abandoned the'Necromancer' into the cemetery to quickly summon high-level monsters?" Haima snorted, "It is indeed a beautiful tactic. But this level of attack The power is not enough to defeat my'two-headed Thunder Dragon'."

"It's not over yet. Starting a magic card from your hand, ‘H-Fire Heart’, the elemental hero Golden Blade’s attack power increases by 500 points until the end of the turn."

【Elemental Hero·Golden Blade Man, Attack Power 2600 → Attack Power 3100】

"Oh, does the attack power exceed the two-headed Thunder Dragon?"

"Golden Blade Man, UU Reading attacks the double-headed Thunder Dragon!"

The golden hero took the command and sprinted straight, and the engine jetted out a golden tail flame behind him. The sharp metal blade cut open the huge body of Thunder Dragon, a large amount of electric current spilled out, and the two-headed dragon exploded into huge fireworks in mid-air.

【Hippocampus Seto, LP1800→LP1500】

"My turn is over." You Yu said, "At this moment, the effect of the fiery heart disappears, and the attack power of the Golden Blade Man returns to its original state."

【Elemental Hero·Golden Blade Man, Attack Power 3100 → Attack Power 2600】

Some onlookers swallowed: "It's a breathless duel."

"Summon higher-level monsters so easily and continuously, and no matter which side can quickly defeat the higher-level monsters summoned by the other party..."

The people who eat melon say it is unimaginable.

It's as if the two people on the field are not playing a game with them.

"My turn." Seeing the card drawn, Haima narrowed his eyes, "It looks like this guy wants to fight you too."

You Yu: "?"

Seahorse smiled.

"Then let you see again, the legendary super rare card, my strongest servant..."

Youyu's face turned straight.

is coming?

"Activate a magic card from your hand-the cost is reduced! By discarding a card from the hand, the level of the monster in the hand is lowered by two levels." Haima drew a card and opened his eyes wide, his expression almost sullen. Lifted above the head.

"I took the "evil knight dragon" on the field as a sacrifice...come down, my strongest servant—

—Blue-eyed white dragon! "

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