Chapter 96:I’m Playing Cards In Duel City

Let's go to betrayal!

Two guide gate formations, twice invalid, directly eliminated all the last defensive means of the ** of pit Lishid.

Because of the effect of the Trap Card Time Machine, the outline of the saint beast Selekat, which was destroyed by the battle, had originally resurfaced on the field. However, as the trap effect was invalidated by the gate array except in Youyu's cemetery, the outline changed again. It gradually became illusory, until it turned into smoke and dissipated.

Lishid stared blankly at the empty space in front of him, almost being forced to accept the fact that was happening——

-he has already lost.

All traps have been invalidated, the field is empty, and his hand is zero...He has no means to counterattack.

"Black magician, black magician girl." You Yu made a final attack statement, "Attack directly!"

The wands of the master and apprentice alternated with each other, the magic power exchanged, and the dark undercurrent swept towards Lishid. The latter raised his head and closed his eyes, like a ship facing the surging waves, and even the outline was swallowed by the waves...

【Lishid, LP3300→LP0】

Although the degree is not fatal, the impact of the low-level dark game still caused the big man to be overturned by the volley and fell to the ground severely.

The duel ends, and the three-dimensional image disappears. You Yu stepped forward slowly, and Li Xid gasped for a moment, then stood up with his knees bedding.

There was no one on either side to bother.

The Gurus big guy looked at You Yu for a moment, then sighed softly.

"...It was I who lost." He said, "You are truly powerful... and you haven't even gotten serious, right?"

Youyu began to reflect on himself——

--what? Is there such a thing?

"As a direct opponent, I know it." Lishid lightly closed his eyes, "You can see through my tactics from start to finish.

All my methods and all my counterattacks were perfectly resolved by you, as if you were at the end since the first round of the duel. So although I feel regretful, it seems that my level is not enough to force you to use all your strength..."

Youyu: "......"

Did I not use my full strength? I do not know how?

Playing cards is not like fighting, but you can still make seven points and leave three points. Whatever card is drawn, can I still deliberately release water?

Lishid said, "Own tactics are completely seen through"... This is true.

After all, because you have seen the animation before the start of the fight, You Yu basically knew Lishid's heavy pit routine, so before the start of the fight, he deliberately added a few more winds. In addition, the black magician's own ability to resist pits is stronger, and can deal with traps better than the hero deck, so it seems that You Yu is able to master the whole process with ease.

Now, the gulus man who has been routine is convinced that he is willing to bow to the wind, but it makes You Yu feel a little embarrassed...

...Um, of course, that's the case, but the process that should be followed is still indispensable.

"According to the agreement," Lishid said, looking back at the group of miscellaneous fishes that were suspected of being pulled over to make up the number behind him, "We give up. And we Gurus will not make any big moves during the duel city... ...And there will be no organizational conflicts with you."

Youyu nodded.

Means he probably understood it. It means that Gurus will no longer try to enter the duel city on a large scale, nor will he come to trouble the Nightcrawler world, but some sneaky little moves are still indispensable.

There will be no conflicts at the organizational level, but it is guaranteed that Malik will continue to trouble You Yu. Thanks to you eating so much here, it's impossible for the descendant of the tomb to just let it go.

But this is exactly what You Yu hopes to see.

After all, the duel city itself is a game held by the Sea Horse Sete to lure Malik who has the card of the gods to send the card. If Malik does not come, it will be meaningless.

Risks and benefits coexist, and this is also true from You Yu's point of view. The duel city will be much more comfortable without Malik and Gurus, but then he can get a lot less oil and water.

Lishid immediately took out the jigsaw card for Duel City and his most cherished "Holy Beast Selekate": "Puzzle cards and rare cards, as I said before, the rules of Duel City."

This big man named Li Xid is quite real, willing to accept the bet, You Yu voluntarily handed over the bet before he spoke.

However, You Yu said that I especially want you to have a woolen thread for this big scorpion?

The conditions for the summoning are harsh, not to mention, there is no need for eggs after being summoned...

So You Yu coughed slightly and rejected his kindness: "Just forget this one, keep it for yourself. The card I need is another. The field magic you used in the duel just now, "The Temple of the Wang Family" 'Just that one, I'm quite interested."

Lishid's face changed slightly.

The temple of the king's family is more than just a card to him, it also represents the sacred realm that he, as a tomb guardian, must protect (although he was picked up).

The tomb-keepers all call themselves the Pharaoh’s tomb-keepers and regard them as the ultimate mission higher than their own lives.

And his current situation is probably equivalent to losing the tomb...

But Li Xid was indeed a principled grave guard and duel. Although it seemed difficult, he finally gritted his teeth and took out the temple of the king's family, and reluctantly handed it to You Yu.

Then when the big guy left the team, looking at his back that was as lonely as if he had lost his goal in life, You Yu even wondered if he would apologize by himself when he returned...


Considering that Lishid is equivalent to Malik's and without Lishid, the Maliks may run out of control (sounds like a six-year- old), so he is big and profitable. Sid was put back and returned to life.

But the remaining gang of Gurus is out of luck.

All arrested here in Nightcrawler World!

As for how a group of big men will deal with the prisoners when they go back, that's not what You Yu has to worry about.

Received a royal temple and a puzzle card, and then You Yu returned to the stronghold with everyone in the Nightcrawler world... Oh, and the newly- accepted sand sculpture player.

Unprincipled players from the Gurus faction directly defected after this battle, and followed the footsteps of You Yusang to the faction on the side of Nightcrawler World.

And these traitors not only didn't feel that there was anything wrong, they were even excited all by themselves. Many people even took screenshots and ran to the forum to show off.

what! We got into the same boat with Golden Thigh You Yusang, and the next goal is to wear a pair of pants! Envy?

Then immediately below the forum, someone posted a post expressing real-name jealousy.

"Nani!? Can I still jump directly to Youyu's camp from Gurus?"

"Fuck, I am envious! Can you still trigger this quest now? If I can, I will join Gurus right now and wait for the mutiny."

"Take me upstairs! I'll betray with you!"


So I don’t know if these older brothers are screaming or really rushing to go to Gurus with the purpose of rebellion. If it’s true, Malik may have to vomit blood...

...Oh wait, he's vomiting blood? That's all right.

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