Chapter 1:Infinite Journey From Hogwarts

Cedric Diggory

"Cedric, hurry up," Madame Diggory urged by the fireplace on the first floor.

"Here, Mom." Cedric put down the "Basic Charm" in his hand, straightened his hair in front of the mirror, and said narcissistically, "It's so handsome."

After Cedric came downstairs, Mrs. Diggory complained, "Your father works overtime, so there is no way to go to Diagon Alley with us."

Cedric's father works in the Department of Fantastic Beasts Management and Control, and often has temporary tasks. Because Fantastic Beasts all over England are managed by dozens of them, it is normal to work 996 overtime a week.

Mrs. Diggory grabbed a handful of Floo powder and threw it into the fireplace, "Diagonal Alley."

A green flame rose from the fireplace, and Mrs. Diggory took Cedric and walked in.

As if stuffed into a drum washing machine, Cedric rolled his eyes after landing, and he became more determined to learn how to apparate quickly.

The figures wearing wizard cloaks come and go on the retro streets. The most noticeable thing is the little witches who are chirping and looking around.

The week before Hogwarts school started was the peak season in Diagon Alley, and every store would greet these little gods with enthusiasm.

Women and children make the best money, and this is the same in the wizarding world.

Mrs. Diggory looked at the list while muttering, "Three sets of plain work gowns, one pair of protective gloves, one winter cloak..."

"Of course there are textbooks, "Standard Spells, Elementary", "Magic Theory"..."

After reading the textbook column, Mrs. Diggory said happily, "Great, we have all the books above, so I don’t have to go to the Lihen Bookstore today."

Hearing what Mrs. Diggory said, Cedric rarely expressed dissatisfaction, "Mom, you promised me that you will buy me five magic books as my gifts."

As soon as he heard the magic book, Mrs. Diggory's head suddenly grew big, "Baby, I think you will definitely become a member of Ravenclaw."

Mrs. Diggory has long been accustomed to her son’s hobbies. Every time he comes to Diagon Alley, Cedric will not be as keen on magic candy shops as other children. On the contrary, the most disgusting place for little wizards like Lihen Bookstore is Cedric's favorite.

Except for textbooks, other magic books are not cheap. Even though Mr. Diggory has a lot of income, his family still spends a lot of gold coins for Cedric’s hobbies every year.

"Okay, okay, five magic books." Madame Diggory said while pulling Cedric through the crowd, "but we have to buy your school uniform and wand first, or you will be in Lili again. Hen Bookstore forgot the time."

After measuring their heights in the clothing store, Cedric and Mrs. Diggory came to the Ollivander Wand Shop, pushed the door and entered, and the doorbell automatically rang.

Cedric looked at this small dusty shop. Wand making is an extremely delicate work, no less than high-end watch craftsmanship. Cedric once tried to make a magic wand by himself. After all, Mr. Diggory was in The work of the Department of Fantastic Beast Management, the tail hair of unicorns and the nerves of snakes are not uncommon.

But after reading "My Family and Wand" by Ollivander, Cedric decisively gave up this idea temporarily.

Although the material of the wand is simple, the craftsmanship is extremely complicated and precise. An inferior wand is a huge disaster for the caster. For details, please refer to the slug-spitting Ron.

Cedric was thinking wildly, Ollivander's figure tremblingly descended from the step ladder, turned around and smiled, "Welcome, Mrs. Diggory."

"Hello, Mr. Ollivander." Cedric and his mother said hello at the same time.

"This is?" Ollivander looked at Cedric kindly.

"Cedric Diggory, sir." Cedric hurriedly introduced himself. Regarding Ollivander, the old wizard, not to mention his possible magical strength, just his influence in the British magical world is enough. Let Cedric be in awe, knowing that at least 90% of the magic wands in the British magic world come from this small shop.

"Hello, Mr. Diggory Little, congratulations on becoming a member of Hogwarts."

"Do you usually use your left hand or your right hand?"

"Right hand."


After changing the four wands critically, Cedric picked up a wand made of unicorn tail hair, and the end of the wand suddenly bounced with silver sparks.

Ollivander said happily, "Made of ash wood, good elasticity, twelve and one- quarter inches, a unicorn hair plucked from the tail of a particularly beautiful male unicorn, contains extraordinary Magic."

"Each wand has been waiting for its owner since it was successfully made. I am very happy that another wand has found its home."

Coming out of Ollivander’s Wand Shop, Cedric also bought some learning utensils such as crucibles, and hurriedly dragged Mrs. Diggory to the Lihen Bookstore.

"Welcome." After seeing Cedric, the manager of Lihen Bookstore greeted him happily.

"Hello, Mr. Angogon." Cedric greeted him intimately and asked, "Are there any new stocks in the second-hand book section?"

"Of course, dear Cedric, and I specifically found the "Basic Alchemy" published in 1673 that you asked last time. It took me a lot of energy."

"It's great." Cedric said excitedly. In the wizarding world, second-hand books do not mean cheap. On the contrary, many isolated and out-of-print books can only be found in second-hand books, such as "Basic Alchemy". The book, except for some ancient magic families, is hard to see in the world.

Walking to the second-hand book area, Cedric quickly found the book "Basic Alchemy". The figure on the cover of the book was working on the alchemy stand. After being picked up by Cedric, the alchemy stand turned over and the figure complained. Said, "Caution! Alchemy is a dangerous job."

Although he knew he was not a real person, Cedric still said in a low voice, "I'm sorry, Master Nicomel."

After hearing Cedric's answer, the character said with a smile, "It seems that you have some talent in alchemy, at least you are cautious enough."

After speaking, the book opens automatically.

Cedric is used to it, many magic books are weird, even if there is no specific method, even if you are its owner, there is no way to open it.

Cautious enough... Cedric was thoughtful, and then he wanted to read the works of this master alchemist.

"Baby, you can go home and read it again, UU reading today we have to buy you a pet." Mrs. Diggory reminded me.

Cedric reluctantly withdrew his gaze, and then selected four books on alchemy on the shelf, and walked out of the Lihen Bookstore with Madame Diggory's painful expression on his face.

At night, Mr. Diggory with a tired face returned home carrying a cage, and the animals in the cage moved restlessly.

"Welcome back, Dad." Cedric greeted him happily and looked at the cage fiercely.

"Take it, this is your gift for enrollment, but you have to be careful, I don't want to find a golden Jialong at home."

Cedric took the cage and opened it. Inside was a magical animal with a duckbill.

Sniff, a XXX-level magical animal, has a docile temperament and can be raised in captivity. It is good at digging up treasures. There is a magical organ similar to a space bag in the abdomen. Sniffing will hide all the treasures found in it.

looked at the scenery outside carefully, this sniff was only born not long ago, only as big as an adult's fist.

It's easy to have a good relationship with this animal. Cedric took a silver coin out of his pocket and shook it in front of Sniff. The other party couldn't help the temptation and was easily seduced by Cedric.

tossed the silver coin to Sniff, the young Sniff hurriedly caught it and stuffed it into his pocket. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Cedric scratched the opponent's head gently.

The bribed sniff didn't resist, but made a gurgling, comfortable sound.

Cedric, who has established a ‘friendship’ with Sniffer, doesn’t feel bad about his Yinxi Ke. After all, it’s just that his left pocket has been changed to his right pocket. Unfortunately, the young Sniffer doesn’t understand this.

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