Chapter 48:Infinite Journey From Hogwarts

Ah my clothes

"Ah, my clothes." This was the first sentence Cedric said after reaching the land of reincarnation.

Now, not to mention the powerful items he wears, even his own clothes have been stripped.

So my last behavior angered the Supreme Being?

No, it should be impossible, or else I wouldn’t be able to get here. The contract with the land of the reincarnation of the heavens is two-way, and that great being will inevitably pay the price if he wants to go back.

Just like the words of the saints of the prehistoric world follow the law, they break their promises, even if they cannot punish them, they will cause evil consequences for themselves.

Therefore mortals fear fruit, and Bodhisattva fears cause.

should be the final act of condensing, which is a great alchemy for ordinary items.

The past, present, and future are the only items. Even without any power, the research value is far beyond the Philosopher’s Stone.

The Lord God does not spend great energy to refine these treasures for himself, so his personal belongings are ruthlessly abandoned by him.


The data stream crosses again.

Potentially detached person 00067

Cedric Diggory

Power: 8

Agility: 8

Intelligence: 12

Physical strength: 9

Charm: 15

Lucky: 10

(The standard for adult men is 5)

Basic attribute power: Chaos magic

Talent: weak magic resistance, guardian angel Rachel, Horcrux Phoenix

Skills: Conjuration LV4, Potions LV4, Alchemy LV4, 25 magic circuits

Storage space: one cubic meter (can be upgraded with reincarnation coins)

Exclusive room: 10 square meters (can be upgraded with reincarnation coins)

Without a large number of magic items blessings, he was immediately beaten back to the prototype, but although he can only be regarded as a second-order reincarnation, many third-order reincarnations are probably unwilling to become his opponent.

Created Horcrux. After possessing the Horcrux talent, Cedric's intelligence broke through the limit of 10 points, reaching 12 points.

There are also 25 magic circuits, which is the limit of his current magic talents. From this, you can imagine how powerful the talents of the man who fought through the Holy Grail War overnight is. Cedric estimates that the Harry Potter world is ordinary At most, the wizard can construct 5 magic circuits.

The mortal body is comparable to the descendants of ** blood, and the talent is really terrifying.

As for the so-called status bar, is it your own storage space and exclusive room?

As Cedric thought, new messages were instilled into his mind by the Lord God.

"The communication network of the Land of Reincarnation of the Heavens has been opened. You can add friends through the contractor ID and connect with each other in the Land of Reincarnation."

"The detached person has become the contractor of this land of reincarnation, and is about to perform the first reincarnation mission. Please choose your new mentor in the Novice Square."

"Contractor 00067 is now in the 23rd district of the Xiacheng District. The inside of the city is absolutely safe and no fighting is allowed. The outside of the city is a free movement area."

"The reincarnation store is opened. According to the contractor's rank, the store items are refreshed. After each mission, the reincarnation store is refreshed. Please upgrade your rank as soon as possible."

"The reincarnation has no faction for the time being, and is a lone reincarnation. It is recommended that the reincarnation join the adventure group as soon as possible to spend the newcomer period."


A piece of information is constantly being refreshed, introducing Cedric some basic rules of the land of reincarnation.

Well, this main ** is still very conscientious. After seeing many novice guides, Cedric thought.

But with his body cool, he now has no way to go to Novice Square, unless he is willing to become famous on the first day of the Land of Reincarnation.

Fortunately, after I have a magic circuit, I can cast spells without a wand, otherwise I really want to be the first person in the ages.

Pulling off a few hairs, under Cedric's LV4 Transfiguration, a pure white mage robe appeared in his hands. After thinking about it for a while, he turned it into ordinary sweatshirts and sweatpants.

After dressing neatly, Cedric pushed open the door of his exclusive room, stepped across, and the empty room behind him disappeared.

The exclusive room is located in another space. As long as it is in the city, the contractor can return to his exclusive room at any time.

Amid the noisy voices, a huge city appeared in front of Cedric's eyes, with streets crisscrossing the paddock, and the buildings on both sides of the street, from ancient to future, have all kinds of styles.

Everyone in the crowd showed an aura of bravery, and even Cedric saw a young girl molesting a strong man of werewolf blood.

Because fighting is not allowed in the city, Cedric was not too worried. He walked to a young man carrying a warhammer and asked with a smile, "Brother, how can I get to the Novice Plaza?"

The young man looked at Cedric in front of him, "Newcomer?"

"Yes, please elder brother for advice."

"Turn left along this street and see an obelisk. The location of the obelisk is the Newcomer Square. And kid, are you going to join our Wolf Warriors Adventure Group?"

The reason why the youth spoke was because Cedric was so handsome.

Of course, young people don't have that hobby, but handsome people will not have low charm attributes. This is an attribute that is difficult to hide.

In addition, Cedric's burly and strong body can't hide from the youth, which shows that his strength, agility and physical attributes are not low.

In addition to the unknown intelligence and lucky attributes, Cedric is an excellent newcomer seedling, it is worth spending some small price to invest.

Thinking of this, the young man changed his words, "Forget it, since you are a newcomer, let me take you there."

"Thank you, brother," Cedric said with a grin.

"My name is Crazy about you?"

"Brother, my contract number is 00067." The number of reincarnation in the land of reincarnation is the second name.

Crazy Wolf took a high look at Cedric, "You are smart, remember to take a false name, if your real name is arbitrarily leaked, you will suffer after the intermediate level, of course most people will not be able to reach the intermediate level."

"Thank you, brother for reminding." Cedric followed the young man's words and said, "Brother Crazy Wolf, you must be an intermediate."

"Well, I am a fourth-order reincarnation." Crazy Wolf said nonchalantly.

After asked, Cedric was taken aback, whether his luck was high enough, or the land of the reincarnation of the heavens was too abnormal, just grab it and he was a contractor comparable to Dumbledore.

A few minutes later, Crazy Wolf took Cedric to the Novice Square.

"Come on, someone who can talk!" The mad wolf yelled, and several new mentors immediately surrounded him.

The newcomer mentor task is a special personal task that the contractor will receive in the tenth task.

The average number of missions for a reincarnation to break through the fourth tier is fifteen, because not every world you can get a full harvest.

For example, if you are a mage, in the world of technology, even if you complete the main task, it is difficult to get a great improvement.

The main improvement of reincarnation comes from the resources he has collected in various worlds.

So most of the instructors are below the fourth level.

And as the backbone of the Wolf Warriors Adventure Group, Mad Wolf still has a lot of prestige in this 23rd district.

Because there are no people from their own adventure group in this newcomer mission, even if the mad wolf wants to invest, he can only ask others for favor.

"Smoke, it's you, come here!" The mad wolf shouted at a new mentor who hadn't surrounded him.

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