Chapter 49:Infinite Journey From Hogwarts

Land of Reincarnation

The man named by the mad wolf was a decadent man with a sloppy beard and a mouthful of scum, holding a dilapidated cigarette.

Hearing the cry of the mad wolf, the smoke gun had to come over. He didn't have that great ability if he didn't sell the face of a fourth-order reincarnation.

"Boss of the mad wolf, what advice do you have?" The smoker said with a wry smile.

Crazy Wolf patted Cedric on the shoulder, "This rookie brother, we are optimistic about the Wolf Warriors Adventure Group, there is nothing wrong with giving you the task of bringing the rookie to you?"

When he said that he ignored the smoke gun, he turned to introduce Cedric, "The smoke gun, I met in a reincarnation mission, people are cruel and old silver coins, follow him, you will never suffer, the premise is that you don’t He sold it."

"Boss of the wolf, look at what you said, how dare I sell your man?" said the pipe smoothly.

"Then sign the contract." The wolf didn't push him too much.

"But how do I explain to the adventure group?" Every new mentor of the adventure group will recommend excellent seedlings to their own adventure group while helping the newcomers. This is an internal mission of the adventure group and has internal merits.

"Why, don't you sell my face?" Crazy Wolf smiled.

"How dare you." Even if the mad wolf is not a noble Faye, his strength cannot be underestimated in Tier 4, and it cannot be violated by a smoker.

The smoking gun is only for the words of the mad wolf, then this favor is worth it, and when you encounter it in the reincarnation mission in the future, whether it is to help yourself or spare your life, it is always good. At this point, the mad wolf has a good reputation. .

The smoker took out a standard newcomer mentor treaty, and after reading it, the mad wolf handed it to Cedric.

Cedric read it carefully, and then asked the Lord God for some details. After confirming that it was correct, he signed the contract.

"There is still some time for the rookie reincarnation mission, little brother and I go to have a drink?" Crazy Wolf said with a smile.

Cedric, who accepted the favor of the other party, was embarrassed to refuse. He now encounters a fourth-tier in the world of reincarnation, but it is difficult to run.

"It seems that Crazy Wolf is really optimistic about the newcomer."

"No, otherwise, how could you patiently give me a drink with the character of a mad wolf."

"Old smoker, you can find a treasure this time."

The smoke gun spit out in a circle, "Everyone has been booked by the wolf, don't I dare to grab food in their bowl, that herd of animals is not easy to provoke."

Crazy Wolf brought Cedric to a tavern intimately, patted the solid wood bar and shouted, "Here are two glasses of spirits."

After finishing speaking, the wolf looked at Cedric with a smile, "Brother, what did the world do in the past?"

Of course he would not be so kind. As a melee reincarnation of Tier 4, he can be said to have a light grasp of his power. He just patted Cedric on the shoulder twice.

The first one used 5 points of strength, the second used 7 points of strength, and Cedric's body could easily bear it, and he did not receive the warning from the main god.

This shows that Cedric's physical fitness is better than he imagined. If placed in the world of ordinary people, at least the existence of the king of soldiers.

The value of the investment in this has increased, and I really lifted the girly skirt of the goddess of luck when I came out today.

The new contractors in the Land of Reincarnation of the Heavens are all ordinary people, at least I know that, but there is also a huge gap between ordinary people.

For example, Einstein's IQ or Zhao Zilong's physique are the most sought-after newcomers.

Even two adventure groups can fight each other.

The selection between the newcomer mentor and the newcomer is two-way. Generally, there is no selection, and the remaining new talents will be randomly assigned by the main god.

So this selection is like an interview. The new mentor will talk to the newcomer and tap on the newcomer’s origins in the original world to judge whether they have investment value.

"A middle school student who dropped out." Cedric replied with a smile.

The mad wolf looked at each other, with doubts in his eyes. From his face and temperament, Cedric said that he was a middle school student, and he still believed.

But the middle school student who is comparable to the King of Soldiers, is it an agent trained from a young age in a frenzied world?

But Crazy Wolf didn't delve into it. Everyone here is very taboo about their past.

"Do you want to know more about this place, brother?" said the crazy wolf over a strong drink, looking like a big brother.

"Brother, please tell me."

"The land of the reincarnation of the heavens is not small, in addition to those that the Lord God told you, there are many rules."

"Just like this glass of wine in front of you, ordinary newcomers can't drink it."

"How do you say?" Cedric took a sip from the crystal clear wine glass. The whole body was warm. Obviously, this glass of wine can be regarded as an extraordinary item.

"Samsaras are also humans, and they have to eat, drink and have fun, but in the land of reincarnation, these have to pay a corresponding price, usually we will use reincarnation currency to pay."

"In the first three tasks, the newcomer not only has a high mortality rate, but also a small harvest. Every time between tasks, he also needs to work to support himself."

"However, if you join the adventure group, it is different. You follow me. I have all the resources for the first three missions, including your training resources." The crazy wolf said proudly.

The high-charming king of soldiers, now it seems that his intelligence is not low, and he is totally worthy of increasing investment.

"After joining the adventure group, are there any restrictions?" Cedric asked.

"Each mission provides 5 to 10% of the harvest as the reserve resources of the adventure group. When the adventure group fights, it has the right to call up. This is the most important constraint."

"A battle in the adventure group?" Cedric looked suspicious.

"Just like here." The mad wolf stomped his foot. "The public facilities in different urban areas are all operated by adventure groups. Places like casinos are even more popular."

"Adventure groups will fight each other for these benefits, some are resolved in the arena of the land of reincarnation of the heavens, and some are resolved in the mission of reincarnation."

"There is another situation, which is the exploration of the area outside the city. This is the place of the reincarnation of the heavens. Many world fragments that are going to the end will be pulled by the main god. There are many relics inside, which are equivalent to the free reincarnation mission. The adventure group usually will Disputes arise."

said the mad wolf, this was not secret news, so he told Cedric directly.

"How is it? You already understand the situation of the newcomer, right."

"Let me give you a simple example. You may not use all the goods in the mission store, and there may not be what you want. Only one team can do the hoarding of the mission store goods, so the adventure group People will live a little more moisturized than lone travelers."

"Are there alone?"

"Of course, there will always be a lot of people with weird personalities or people who arrogantly want to create their own adventure team. Those are really ruthless people. As long as they can live to the middle level, it is best not to tie them alone in the reincarnation mission. "

"Brother Crazy Wolf, thank you for your help. I have written down this favor. I want to go through the first reincarnation mission to see the situation."

After listening to Cedric's tactful refusal, Crazy Wolf was not angry. After all, he didn't invest much. If Cedric could really become famous, then the value would be great.

He smiled boldly, "I'm waiting for the day when you return the favor."

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