Chapter 50:Infinite Journey From Hogwarts

I decided, I want to learn how to cook

"After ten minutes, your first reincarnation mission will start, please be prepared."

Cedric received a prompt from the Lord God in the exclusive room here.

"The First Reincarnation Mission: Holy Grail War/fatestaynight"

"The nature of the task: free exploration"

"Mission Difficulty: Medium"

"Main Quest: Obtain the first basic attribute power (no penalty for failure

"Hint: Magic, Holy Grail, Follower, stay away from Gilgamesh"

Rows of text flashed before Cedric's eyes, and while his attention was being drawn, he quietly moved from his exclusive room to a street in Fuyuki City.

"The reincarnation has arrived in the holy grail world and automatically acquires the basic language."

"Because this is your novice task, you have already arranged a superior identity for you, please check it carefully."

After the last two prompts, the main ** fell silent.

At the same time, there was a duffel bag and a letter at Cedric's feet.

"Damn it, why is this ghost world?" The smoke gun mumbled over.

"Any question, mentor?" Cedric asked.

"Of course there is a problem. The problem is serious. I don't know what nerves the Lord God is making."

Then the smoke gun began to explain the task of the newcomer. As the first benefit of the land of the reincarnation of the heavens, the task of the newcomer's reincarnation is generally the kind that is very safe and has many resources.

Harry Potter is this kind of world. As long as you don’t mess around, Hogwarts will cover food and shelter in the first school year and teach magic for free.

And the Holy Grail War is obviously not such a relaxed world.

The Holy Grail War most of the time, it will be used as a scarlet killing mission. Samsaras choose different camps, fight each other, and survive the fittest.

The upper limit of this world is also extremely high, not to mention the third method that is close to the root.

Only Gilgamesh's attack can only be killed in a plot.

If he gets serious, he opens the [All-Knowing Almighty Star] and uses the name [Heaven and Earth Obediently Leave Pizhixing] to stab you with something that doesn’t know if it’s a sword, even a true ** can’t stand it.

Although the remaining followers are around fourth-order in terms of energy progression, they are always the seventh-order high-order nature of conceptual rules. Who can stand it?

There are also the clock tower on the background board, the gem Weng, the will of the planet, the manifestation of human consciousness...

After blaming the sky for a while, he looked at Cedric, "Rookie, what's your name?"

Crazy Wolf's face still has to be given by himself.

"Tutor, my name is Dark Night." Cedric replied.

"I'll give you a piece of advice. The world should learn the magic circuit honestly. Don't participate in other things, otherwise I can't save you."

"Yes, mentor." Cedric answered honestly.

At this time, the smoke gun looked at the other two newcomers reincarnation. Obviously, in this world, in order to allow the newcomers to obtain enough resources, the Lord God did not arrange many people.

"What is your identity?"

Cedric sorted out the memory that the Lord God had instilled in him, "The other orphans adopted by Kirishu Eimiya, now they have taken refuge in Shiro Eiya."

"This is a good identity. Although the Guardian has no strength right now, he still has the ability to teach you to construct magic circuits. If you can easily learn from him to strengthen magic and projection magic, then you will immediately become an adventure. Guests of the group."

The Guardian hero is a celebrity in the land of the reincarnation of the heavens. Once a seventh-order boss mentioned that in an unknown moon world, one of his missions in the reincarnation, the Guardian hero tore one with a complete The demon ** of godhood and priesthood.

The boss was terrified at the time, hiding in the corner shivering.

The other two newcomers immediately showed excitement, and their cigarette guns curled their lips. If projection magic and strengthening magic were so easy to learn, the streets would have been ruined a long time ago.

These two kinds of magic have not only intelligence attribute requirements, but also magic circuit requirements. This kind of growth skill scroll can be sold for the price of Tier 5 main skills.

can be used to high-level as the core power of a reincarnation.

"You go to Wei Gong's house first. I will contact you. You should be safe until the Holy Grail War begins."

"Finally, let me remind you again, don’t be clever to disrupt the plot, otherwise no one can save you."

Cedric followed the memory and headed to the palace residence.

"Dark night, do you have a relationship with your mentor?" A newcomer started, and both of them could see the care of Cedric by the smoker.

"I'm lucky, I met a big guy who said something, right, what's your name?" Cedric asked.

"My name is Bai Ren."

"My name is Dongyun."

The two newcomers replied that the three of them knew each other, but in the land of reincarnation, the first time they met, they were not wary and did not communicate too much.

Ten minutes later, the three of them arrived at the Eugong Mansion. This is a huge kendo hall with a courtyard. So the Eugong hero who repairs worn-out electrical appliances every day is actually a qualified second-generation rich.

Wei Gong heroes, as partners of justice, had been waiting for the three at the door for a long time.

After seeing the three of them, he immediately stepped forward enthusiastically to help with the luggage, "It's a hard journey, let's go to the house."

One of the newcomers said along the way, "You are Brother Shilang, I'm Wei Gong Shiran."

The identities and appearances arranged by the main god, the appearance of the three are all Japanese junior high school students, one year younger than the hero Wei Gong, and they are the orphans supported by Kirishu in another magic disaster in the orphanage.

It's just that the orphanage closed down, so I came to seek refuge in Shiro This level of identity can greatly draw the distance from Shiro Eiya.

This should be the compensation of the main god. Among the powers of the Holy Grail War, Shirou Weimiya’s magical background is undoubtedly the weakest, so he will arrange a closer identity for himself and others.

And the new reincarnations of the other forces, it is estimated that they are registered disciples, which are relatively distant identities.

But if you stay with that legal loli in Einzbern Castle, even a named disciple, Cedric is not unacceptable.

Well, I'm just greedy for the magic book collected by Einzbern.

is considered as a brother, and in the same situation, the character of the good old man Wei Gong has been brought to the extreme.

arranged a room for the three of them, and after setting the salute, Shiro Weimiya began to work in the kitchen.

After half an hour, "I don’t have any materials at home, so the hospitality is poor."

Four bowls of fragrant chicken chop rice were placed on the table by Shiro Weimiya, and the thick curry sauce made the population drain.

Cedric took a bite, and the whole person began to light up.

This is the meal of the legendary Wei Gong family, not inferior to a certain medicine king.

Cedric put down his chopsticks and looked at Shiro Weigu scorchingly.

"Why, don't you have an appetite? Do I need to cook something else?" To be honest, Cedric was stunned by Shiro Eiko's healing smile.

"No, brother, I have decided my future path in life."

Eimiya Shirou was taken aback, "Can you tell me?"

Cedric said seriously, "I want to learn how to cook with you, and I want to make dishes that will shine."

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