Chapter 52:Infinite Journey From Hogwarts

Seems to make sense

At 5:30 in the morning the next day, Bai Ren and Dongyun woke up and found that Cedric's floor shop had been cleaned up, and his people were gone.

The two looked at each other: Sure enough, his performance yesterday was to confuse us. The actual purpose is to monopolize the Wei Gong hero and learn the magic circuit alone.

Unable to even make the bed, the two of them searched for Shiro Eiko and Cedric all over the room.

Finally, I heard the voice taught by Shiro Eimiya in the kitchen.

"When frying tempura, you must pay attention to the oil temperature. After each ingredient is processed, the time for the oil is different. It needs to be determined according to the nature and freshness of the ingredients. Therefore, when the chef first processes the ingredients, You need to talk to the ingredients and understand all of it."

"Hei Ye, your fried shrimp is a bit old, you can see Sakura handled it well."

The two walked into the kitchen. The Heroine Wei Gong was indeed teaching each other individually, but he was really teaching cooking, and Cedric learned more seriously than ever before.

He didn't seem to lie to us...

Sakura is the child bride-in-law of Hero Wei Gong. Hero Wei Gong hugs right and left, sits in the central city mansion, and is gifted with 27 magic circuits. He is a ruthless man who will live a bitter and enmity.

So ruthless people are very powerful, which makes sense.

"Hurry up, hurry up!" Fujimura Okawa said coquettishly in front of the dinner table. She is Shiro Wimiya's guardian, and is also the guardian of Cedric, Shiodane and Toun.

Today, because the Heroic Guardian taught Cedric the cooking, the meal was a little later than usual. The Guardian family has a strict schedule.

"Are you here?" Cedric saw Dongyun and Bai Ren, "Go and wash, the food will be ready soon."

Until they sat at the dining table, Bai Ren and Dongyun didn't believe what Cedric said yesterday.

The two looked at each other.

White Blade: He must be trying to deceive us and let us relax our guard.

Dongyun: It makes sense.

"What the ** is your purpose?" While the Guardian hero was serving dinner, the two pulled Cedric and asked quietly.

"I'm not very good at learning." Cedric touched the back of his head with a smirk, "After coming out of his original world, I found that he has become stupid."

"Instead of wasting time on magic, it is better to learn cooking from Brother Eomiya."

"You know the situation there. If I can have 70% or 80% of the craftsmanship of Brother Wei Gong, I will at least not worry about food and clothing if I open a small shop on the street in the future."

After hearing Cedric's reason, the two looked at each other, and he seemed to make a lot of sense.

The basic attribute power of the spellcasting type is originally the most difficult for newcomers to learn. Rather than betting on your luck and intelligence, it is better to learn the cooking skills of Shiro Weimiya.

At least in the land of reincarnation of the heavens, you can eat with rice.

The people whom the big brother values ​​really have unique insights.

Dongyun: He seems to be serious.

White Blade: I don't want to be a salted fish.

"Well, I will practice magic tricks every night. I only listen to it during that time. Anyway, I can't learn much. I will never take up your time. But you must stay in the morning when you are instructing the cooking. Give me."

Eimiya Shirou's extremely regular schedule, as long as anyone who has seen fate knows.

Bai Ren and Dongyun thought for a while, "A word is settled."

At this time, the three of Fujimura Okawa also prepared rice and brought them.

"What are you three whispering talking about?"

"That's it, teacher." Cedric sorted his clothes and said seriously.

As the guardian, Fujimura Okawa asked with concern, "What's the matter?"

"I am a stupid person by nature, and it is difficult to get into university even if I continue to study. Even if I get into university, as an orphan, I have no money to pay for tuition."

"So I decided to suspend my studies and concentrate on learning to cook, so that I can find a way out for the future, and ask the teacher to do it."

Fujimura Ohwa hasn’t objected yet. As the eldest brother, the hero Wei Gong said, "I can help advance the tuition."

"Big brother, the most important property left by my father should be this courtyard, right? How is it possible that you want to support four college students with the savings in your hand."

In the original work, although Wei Gong has no worries about food and clothing, he is not as lavish as Rin Tosaka. He throws gems at people when he fights.

Eimiya Shirou was speechless for a while, he had no solution for the time being, "Don't give up, we can think of a solution together."

Cedric waved his hand and said, "I didn't give up on life. This is the path I chose. Anyway, I can't get into college. It's better to learn how to earn a living. It's better than doing nothing after graduating from high school."

"Besides, many chefs in this country have never attended high school. I have heard of a top chef named Yuping Hei who also dropped out of junior high school to learn cooking."

"Have you figured it out clearly?" Fujimura Okawa asked seriously, "This is a major decision in a lifetime."

"Teacher please do it all."

Fujimura Okawa patted his head helplessly, "Okay, but I will check your cooking skills every week to make sure you are not lazy."

"I will definitely catch up with Brother Shilang's cooking skills as soon as possible." Cedric said confidently.

Fujimura Okawa nodded, if you can have Shirou's cooking skills, you really don't have to worry about making a living in the future.

Cedric turned his head to look at the two white blades beside him, and said with an expression, "You must work harder in the future, and work hard together with my share."

Bai Ren and Dong Yun glanced at each other: He seems to make sense.

After breakfast, Fujimura Okawa took a few people to the school, leaving Cedric alone to look after the house.

A flaming phoenix fell on his shoulder, after the latitude and longitude coordinates were simply determined using magic techniques.

Apparition, after a period of space distortion, Cedric came to the suburbs of London, England.

After asking people around if there is a Big Ben-style college building, Cedric easily found the clock tower.

As the core of the Western European magic circle, although the clock tower of UU Reading does not accept ordinary people, it did not take the initiative to hide it.

After revealing his identity as a magician, Cedric easily entered this magic association.

"Excuse me, what are you doing in the clock tower?" the receptionist looked at the young Cedric and asked.

"I am the adopted son of Kirishu Uemiya. The purpose of coming this time is to inherit the magic engraving of my father." Cedric handed over the identity certificate that the Lord God had given him.

Einzberen can participate in the Holy Grail War for the Einzbern family.

naturally inherited everything from Einzbern’s family and was also a member of the clock tower.

After his death, since Shirou could not inherit his magic engraving, his magic engraving must be preserved by the clock tower.

The counterparty is an organization whose purpose is to research and develop magic.

The magic engraving of the type moon world is very special, it is a kind of inheritance mark of the magic school (family).

can be passed on from parent to offspring, and offspring are obliged to continue to pass on.

This kind of inheritance does not require blood connection. On the contrary, as long as you can accept the magical engraving of your father, then you are his only heir, and the inheritance relationship is deeper than blood.

So this is a kind of inheritance and a challenge.

Not even the Heroic Guardian was able to obtain his father's magic engraving inheritance.

Because the magic engraving of the Wei Gong family is so special.

【Intrinsic time control】, Yu means commander.

To put it simply, it is the magic of studying time. This is really a very special talent. It can be described as no one in a billion.

And Cedric, who often uses the time converter and has been confined by the main god, feels that he still has a lot of talent.

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