Chapter 53:Infinite Journey From Hogwarts

Magic engraving

After checking Cedric's identity information, the other party respectfully said, "Please follow me."

Einzbern’s family has joined the Einzbern family. If Cedric can inherit the magical engraving of Einzbern’s family, he also has the right to compete for the position of Patriarch of the Einzbern family.

This is one of the heirs of the ancient Einzbern family.

Cedric nodded, and under the guidance of the opponent, he entered the real clock tower.

This ancient association of magicians is divided into twelve disciplines. The leader of each discipline is called the Minister of Science, and is also called the Monarch.

The monarchs are the closest magicians to magic, and the clock tower hides at least one magician.

The so-called magician in the type moon world refers to a person who can reach the root cause.

In short, it is a spellcaster who has a preliminary grasp of the nature of the world. Every such spellcaster is an incredible miracle, a ** walking in the world.

Here, Cedric dare not mess things up.

"Your decision needs to be made by the Minister of the Inheritance Discipline Brisisan." The receptionist explained, and respectfully knocked on the office of the Minister of Education.

Monarch Brisisan is a typical neutralist, he is impartial, he only cares about his one-acre three-point land.

After the receptionist introduced the origin of Cedric.

Sovereign Brisisan smiled playfully, "I didn't expect someone from the Wei Gong family to challenge whether to inherit the [Intrinsic Temporal Control] engraving."

"This is a magical path pioneered by the ancestors little by little. As a younger generation, I naturally dare not forget it."

Because it is difficult for ordinary people to create magic directly and reach the root.

So the magicians thought of a stupid way, generation after generation engraved all their knowledge in the magic engraving of their own school, just like a fool who moves a mountain, one day they can create magic.

Of course, the premise is that the road is correct.

In Cedric's view, the [Intrinsic Temporal Control] of the Wei Gong family is undoubtedly the magic engraving with the most potential to become magic.

"Well, you have to challenge before you give up." Monarch Brisisan stood up and said, obviously he didn't think Cedric could inherit the magic engraving.

Inheriting magic engraving is an extremely complicated and rigorous ceremony, and fortunately, the clock tower has sufficient resources in this regard.

It was Monarch Brisisan who presided over the ceremony.

Huge ritual formation, outlines the equator with brass, and lights up the stars with different gems. Sovereign Brisisan stands on the main altar with a magic book in his hand.

"If rejection occurs, give up immediately, otherwise there is only one dead end." Sovereign Brisisan reminded him at last.

opened the secret box with [Intrinsic Time Control] magic engraved on the seal.

The ritual slowly began to turn around.

"Use your magic circuit to connect the ritual." Monarch Brisisan reminded.

In the magic view of the type moon world, the most important thing is the ‘root’, which is the beginning and the end of everything.

thus extends the sayings of Da Yuan and Xiao Yuan.

The so-called great source is the source of the world, and the small source is the source of the individual.

Dayuan and Xiaoyuan can interact, a bit like the enlightenment of heaven in the Eastern worldview.

And the main function of this ritual circle is to expand Xiaoyuan to the point where it can withstand magic markings.

Because magic marking is the accumulation of dozens of generations, if you don't temporarily expand the individual's small source, the individual will be instantly crushed unless he is talented.

A magic circuit is activated under the source of Cedric's chaotic magic power, shining with gray brilliance.

25 magic circuits? For the first time, Monarch Brisisan showed an expression of interest. Among ordinary people, a magician who was born with 25 magic circuits appeared, which is simply a miracle of genetics.

As the monarch of inheriting disciplines, he is of course very interested.

And the more magical thing is still behind, the magical engraving of [Intrinsic Temporal Control] floating out of the box turned into a pattern of an hourglass, and it lightly landed on Cedric’s arm. The two merged into one, without any rejection reaction. .

How can this be? !

As the magic of the concept of time, Sovereign Brisisan certainly understands the difficulty of inheritance. It stands to reason that even if the opponent can carry this special magic engraving, it should take a long time to counteract the rejection.

After all, [Time] is not a power that mortals can master.

But the fact now is that the other party was born for [time].

His talent is simply unimaginable, it is a talent that is a hundred times more precious than 25 magic circuits.

Looking at the hourglass tattoo that had been perfectly imprinted on his body, Cedric knew that he had successfully inherited the magic engraving of [Intrinsic Time Control].

This also means that he is a more legal heir than Shiro Wimiya, and he also has the right to inherit the resources of the Einzbern family.

includes but is not limited to magic engravings, magic books, property stored in the clock tower...

"Your Excellency Brisisan, I seem to have succeeded." Cedric condensed his source of magic power and smiled at Brisisan on the main altar.

"Yes, congratulations, the Lord of the Night of Wei Gong ~ ~ Monarch Brisisan's attitude changed immediately.

Because the one in front of me is no longer just a wild magician.

is the heir to the magical family of Einzbern and Einzbern, who has unmatched talent.

"I still have a lot to learn about magic. I hope to join the clock tower and get the opportunity to learn."

The entrance to the Clock Tower originally required an exam, but as the heir to the privileged family, Cedric can also bring an attendant to school. This is the first benefit of his inheritance of the Kishiki magic engraving.

"Of course there is no problem, the clock tower always welcomes the magician with extraordinary talent like you, like you, to push us to the root cause, your enrollment can be arranged this afternoon."

"At the same time, I also welcome you to be a member of the inheritance discipline under my leadership. I can personally serve as your teacher." As a magician of the color position, the monarch Brisisan has not proposed to take the initiative to accept disciples for a long time.

"This is my honour." Cedric said, it is the same for him to ask which monarch to be his teacher, unless there is a magician's choice.

Since Brisisan is so proactive, he will follow the tide. If he can inherit the magic engraving of the other school, it will be a big gain.

After Cedric agreed, Monarch Brisisan’s smile became even brighter.

"I will show you a tour of the academy and arrange a place to live. I will arrange for someone to take care of your question about the inheritance of Einzbern and the Wei Gong family, without you having to go there."

"Thank you, teacher." Cedric saluted respectfully.

The wrinkled face of Lord Brisisan smiled like a dahlia.

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