Chapter 54:Infinite Journey From Hogwarts

Princess, do you still want to see the emperor?

Cedric, accompanied by the monarch, quickly became familiar with the entire college.

Brisisan even took time to listen to a basic magic lesson with Cedric, which is enough to show that he attaches great importance to Cedric.

But after all, the other party is the monarch in charge of an entire discipline. After giving Cedric the key to enter his office, he left to handle official duties.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, Cedric sat in the classroom, listening to a lecture on the origin of fatalism from a lecture on modern magic.

And the lecturer is the famous princess Weber Velvet, now he is not the future Elmero II.

Weber and Kirishi are the same, they directly inherited the thousand-year accumulation of a magic giant through a marriage.

So finding a right wife in the world of ordinary people can save you 50 years of fighting, and in the world of magicians, you can save a thousand years of fighting for a right rich man.

The main thing is that their wives are more beautiful than the other, enough to separate 90% of the masculinity.

This is the most correct posture for success.

Princess Weber is a typical eye-master and low-handed. His theoretical level is enough to reach the monarch level, but the actual combat level is so low that ordinary students dare to laugh at him.

Of course, the main reason is that the emperor is not around, and the princess without the emperor is incomplete.

In other words, his soul has been hovering on the bridge in Fuyuki City.

Weber packed his textbooks as usual and prepared to leave, Cedric stepped forward, "Tutor, do you have time to chat?"

"What are you talking about?" Of course, Weber knew that the aristocratic student in front of him was special, and it was certainly not easy to have someone accompanied by a monarch.

"The Fifth Holy Grail War is about to begin. Do you want to see the emperor again?"

Webber’s hand that was packing the textbook shook violently, and he couldn't even hold the textbook. After he calmed down his excitement for a minute, he said, "Go to my office and talk."

Sitting in an office with bright windows and clean windows, Cedric was enjoying a mellow coffee while looking at the anxious princess like an ant with a smile.

As expected, the princess and the emperor are true love.

Webber tried to speak several times, but finally held back. He hesitated and said again and again, "How do you know about me and him."

The "he" in Weber's mouth refers to the powerful servant that the heroic conqueror Iskander, in the Fourth Holy Grail War, Weber summoned with the holy relic of Alexander the Great.

If there is no Jin Shining, the King of Conquer should be the hero with the highest attribute value among all the followers.

Cedric shrugged, "Prediction, time-tracing, information capture...I can cite at least ten more ways to know, which one would you like to listen to?"

Webber suddenly understood that the person in front of him was unwilling to tell the real reason, but he was most concerned about conquering the King.

"You said you have a way to let me see him again?" Webber said with a trembling voice.

"Of course, as long as there is a holy relic, you can summon him again in this Holy Grail battle. With your ** with him, he will definitely respond."

The sacred relics of this world are extremely precious materials. The sacred relics of every powerful heroic spirit are in the hands of different magical forces. Cedric does not have the blessing of a powerful item, so he dare not ** food from his mouth. This place is better than Dumbledore. Everywhere.

And Weber has ready-made holy relics in his hands.

"What are your conditions?" Webber calmed down.

The other party will never tell oneself such precious news simply and kindly.

"I need a pair of magic eyes, and at the same time you have to help me capture the Holy Grail."

Cedric's request can be said to be extremely unreasonable.

"Since the holy relic is in my hands, and I also know the calling ceremony, why promise you such a huge benefit?"

"You can try. This Holy Grail War is much more complicated than the last time. The last victors failed to obtain the third method. Do you think they will let go this time?"

"Or do you want to watch the emperor die again in front of you?"

"Enough!" Cedric just mentioned was the last thing Webber wanted to hear.

But he, who is already crazy about love, really can't accept that ending, even if it's just a possibility.

His voice trembled, "Is he still alive?"

"Of course, the other party is the oldest king, two-thirds of the gods, how can they return easily since they are born?" Cedric said with a chuckle.

"Do you have a way to fight him?"

"It won't work if you say it, you know, their existence can't even be mentioned by name, otherwise it will definitely be perceived by him."

Voldemort can perceive each other through the name mentioned by others, especially Gilgamesh, or all divine beings have this innate talent.

Seeing Cedric's determined expression, Webber didn't say much, he nodded, "I agree to this deal."

"Then sign the magician contract." Cedric took out the magic contract he had drawn up and handed it to Webber, with the clock tower on it as the oversight party for the contract.

Violators will be backlashed by magicians of this level.

Weber read the treaty word by word, and finally signed his own name. In order to see the emperor, he can give everything.

The magic contract turned into a ball of flames and burned out, and at the same time, both of them felt a dark gaze staring at them.

If you go against the gaze of the owner, the two of you will definitely be crushed into scum.

"It will take more than half a year before the next Holy Grail War begins. I don't need rainbow-level magic eyes. You can get me a pair of future vision demon eyes. Of course, I don't dislike rainbow-level magic eyes."

Cedric said, the so-called rainbow-level magic eye is the most advanced magic eye in the world.

At this point, Cedric didn't have much hope.

However, Cedric thinks that there is still a great opportunity for the future vision of this level of magic eye, which is next to the rainbow-level magic eye.

Weber is the protagonist of another type of moon event. When did the magic eye collecting train event happen, it is actually very vague.

Because there are countless parallel worlds in the Moon World.

However, since Webber is the protagonist of the "Magic Eye Incident", it is still very promising to get a pair of powerful magic eyes in more than half a year. This is the wonder of fate.

After consulting Weber some basic theoretical knowledge, Cedric returned to the palace mansion through Apparition.

"Welcome back." Cedric smiled and said to the four who came home, "Today I made salmon and mushroom barbecue."

"What did you do all day today?" asked the white blade Ruo doubtlessly.

Cedric said while serving the meal, "I went to the vegetable market in the morning to buy fresh salmon, and walked around in the afternoon to get acquainted with the new environment. By the way, I experimented with this recipe for a lot of time. Brother Shilang’s method."

The two dubiously picked up a piece of salmon and put it in the mouth, it was really fragrant.

Eimiya Shiro's face was a little confused. This salmon has the best meat quality. It is like the best wild salmon from Ireland. Can you sell it in the vegetable market around your home?

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