AuthorYou You Forget Worry
Num. of chapters1386 chapters


The Ye family went bankrupt, and Ye Wan, as the first beauty in Sicheng, took the ancestral treasure to the auction.

In the past, there was a debt that needed to be repaid, and later, the poisonous-tongued younger brother needed to be raised. Ye Alexander, guilty of conscience, smiled charmingly: It doesn’t matter, just roll up your sleeves and do business!

From black fans everywhere to the top of the entertainment industry, Ye Wanquan has countless fans.

Gossip is flying all over the sky, and CPs are running everywhere, but Ye Wan painstakingly persuaded the young fans in the live broadcast: The happiness of being single is worth having!

Turning around, the abstinent man slammed against the wall: Mrs. Lu, single, eh?

The live broadcast came to an abrupt end.

Fans Star Eyes: Lu? Is that Lu, the richest man in the empire in the legend?

The next day, “the top queen was revealed to have a hidden marriage with a chaebol tycoon” was massacred on major web pages at home and abroad.

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