Chapter 1396:Master Lu, Madam, She Became Popular In the Entertainment Industry By Live Broadcasting

You don't have to be so down-to-earth.

After confirming that there was food in Zhao Sixuan's bag, Chen Baiyu moved a little, and she was caught.

When the two separated in the afternoon, Zhao Sixuan carried his bag away.

And what he was holding at the moment was Zhao Sixuan's bag.

The bag is full of small odds and ends, flashlights, sunscreen, tissues, and even a few pieces of sanitary pads.

Other than that, it's all useless stuff.

To make matters worse, he realized that the two flares were in his own bag.

And now, it's all in Zhao Sixuan's hands.

Chen Baiyu's face immediately darkened a few degrees.

This also means that when Zhao Sixuan is eliminated, he will also take away his signal flare.

What if he can't keep up?

When the time comes, Tiantian should not be called to the ground, will it not be until his last breath is about to die that the program crew will send a helicopter to rescue him?

There was a feeling of shooting himself in the foot with a stone, and Chen Baiyu's bowels were turning green.

With a stomach full of anger, before it was dark, Chen Baiyu pulled up the tent and fell asleep.

The moon rises, and fireworks spread out from the wooden house.

"I love you big iron pot, you are our baby!"

Looking at the pieces of burnt yellow pork belly on the bottom of the iron pot with her hands on her cheeks, Liang Jingjing's eyes lit up with joy, "This is the first time I know that I can still barbecue like this."

The big iron pot that was originally used for cooking was taken by Ye Wan to the stream for a while, and when it was brought back, the bottom of the pot was black and shiny.

When it is placed on the stone stove, the fire is replaced by a small fire that will not be extinguished, and the steaming bottom of the pot becomes a simple version of the frying pan for free creativity.

The rectangular piece of fat cut from the second senior brother became a perfect oil brush, and the effect was not too perfect.

Grilled tenderloin, wild mushrooms, potatoes and bamboo shoots.

At this moment, the two of them grilled pork belly.

On the banana leaf at hand, there is also a thick stack of green leaves.

"Ah, ah, the one in the small piece is perilla, I still saw it when I watched the barbecue."

"The thin one is endive. My hometown is called Ququcai. It's bitter, but it can still be eaten as a wild vegetable."

"I know the white one, wild garlic! I've seen it quite frequently these days. In other words, when Ye Wan and the two of them go down the mountain, the wild garlic in Wufeng Mountain won't become extinct, right?"

"Hehe... We Wufeng Mountain is rich in resources, let alone two girls, even if you all come, it is impossible to eat extinction. Haven't you heard that the spring breeze blows and gives birth?"

"That's fine, that's fine..."

"I shout to the second senior brothers at the foot of the mountain, stay in the pigsty at home, anyway, you can live for a year, enter the mountain and become a wild second senior brother. Bacon, please think twice!"

"Hahahaha... Is there any difference? Raised in a pigsty and fattened is also the end of being slaughtered. At least in the mountains, I have breathed the free mountain breeze and experienced the taste of freedom."

"I can't fly, this flowery world..."

"??? You don't have to be so down-to-earth!"

Craving for barbecue, popularizing those green leafy vegetables that have never been seen, let alone eaten.

In the screen, UU is reading www. The distant view of is a dark blue night sky dotted with stars.

The shadowy silhouette of Wufeng Mountain can be vaguely seen.

The close-up view is a wooden house that should be found in Xanadu.

There is a living room and bedroom in the wooden house, and there is a bamboo pergola outside the wooden house, and there are lounge chairs under the pergola.

The smoke from the iron pot lingered in the night, like a puff of empty white smoke, blown by the mountain wind, and dispersed with a puff.

Netizens are all in love.


There was the sound of fireworks exploding, and the netizens who kept the harazi returned to their senses.

? ? ?


Who's out again?

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