Chapter 284:My Draw Game Has Come True



The roar was deafening and spread to every corner.

Zhang Ning's face was pale, and he stared at the monster who was only separated from him by a piece of glass, and his heart was full of fear.

The upper body of the monster had no skin, the scarlet muscle tissue was exposed, and the blood vessels were clearly visible, making it terrifying.

A pair of eyes were bulging and staring at the boss, and there was still some worn, old skin on the lower body, with some corpse spots on it.

Zhang Ning was too panicked, he couldn't believe his eyes, he didn't know what kind of monster this was and why such a monster appeared.




The monster began to slam on the door rhythmically, the glass began to vibrate rapidly, and the sound of the glass being slammed echoed throughout the room.


Suddenly, the owner of this foreigner fast food restaurant rushed out angrily, he glared angrily, looking at the monster that was hitting the glass outside, he took out a shotgun from under the counter and raised the firearm: "You dare to come in. , just die!"

The shopkeeper was quite fat, and the shotgun looked terrific in his fat hands, and the dark muzzle even smelled of gunpowder.

The waiters on the side also began to pick up the kitchen knives, mops and other things, clasped them tightly in their hands, and stared nervously outside the glass door.

Although they have weapons in their hands, they are still terrified when facing such monsters.

This is a fear that stems from the heart, and not even a weapon can counteract the effects of that fear.

For the monsters outside the door, their situation is too simple, and it can't pose any threat to them.

The monsters have never seen firearms, and they don't know the power of firearms. They only know that these humans shivered after seeing them, and did not dare to have any resistance.

Therefore, their actions are more conscientious and forceful.


After a few hits, the glass was shattered directly and crashed to the ground. The surrounding diners exclaimed, and the store manager did not hesitate to pull the trigger!


Only a roaring gunshot was heard, and then six bullets were ejected from the barrel and shot straight at the monster.

The monster didn't know what a firearm was, and didn't have any consciousness at all.

Unprepared, under this shotgun, the monster was slammed to the ground, bullets were embedded on the monster's body, and some rotten and foul smells began to spread rapidly, making people feel sick.

This smell is unpleasant.

The people present only felt nausea for a while.


Some female diners screamed, and some children couldn't help curling up.

Zhang Ning took a deep breath, his eyes fixed on the monster that was thrown to the ground by the shotgun, and a kind of fear suddenly rose in his heart.

He felt... that monster didn't die so easily.

"What happened, what kind of monster is this?!"

The shop manager who fired the gun scolded and walked out with the gun in his hand. He was also very nervous in his heart, and he even had chest tightness and shortness of breath, but he still pretended to not care about anything.

"have no idea."

"What should we do with this monster's corpse?!"

"Is it going to be thrown here?"

"Call 911."

"I just called 911, no signal!"

"How is that possible?! No signal?"

The surrounding voices became noisy, and there was a tinnitus in Zhang Ning's ears.


Around, the sound of unknown origin sizzled in my ears, and it was terrifying at once.

"What's that sound?!"

"Is it the end of the world? Damn it!"

"Oh, God……"

Under the exclamation, Zhang Ning became a little scared.

Because he saw the monster that fell to the ground and started to move!

Without any hesitation, Zhang Ning immediately exclaimed: "He moved, this monster moved!"

After hearing Zhang Ning's cry, the store manager with the shotgun immediately raised the gun again, aimed at the monster, and pulled the trigger again and again in a panic.




The bullets shot out of the muzzle as if they didn't want money, and shot into the monster's body.

The monster kept twitching, and the emerald green mucus sputtered out of its body, and gradually, it lost its movement.

Zhang Ning breathed a sigh of relief after seeing that the monster was completely unable to struggle.

He was really worried that this monster would suddenly erupt and continue to attack them.

But... what to do next?

Zhang Ning was a little confused, he didn't know what was going on here and what he was going to do now.


Suddenly, the surrounding noisy sound resounded again, and this noisy sound seemed to have nothing to do with the previous monster.


Hearing this voice, Zhang Ning was stunned, and immediately began to observe the surrounding situation.

Around the time, those who should be crying are still crying, and those who should be scolding mothers are still scolding mothers. After looking around, Zhang Ning found that there was only a white young man dressed as a waiter and holding a long cutting knife. around.

After seeing the white young man, Zhang Ning had a feeling of 'a bosom friend in high mountains and flowing water', but before he took the initiative to communicate with the white young man, he already found out what went wrong.

In the corner of the room, shadows appeared unexpectedly.

These shadows were exactly the same as what he saw at the door before the accident happened, without any changes.

It seems that the monsters appeared after those shadows appeared, right?

Zhang Ning groaned in his heart, and before he could react, he heard a scream!

In that shadow, a monster really emerged!


In an instant, the entire 'Outlander' fast food restaurant was in chaos, and there was a sound of fighting everywhere. The manager's shotgun was powerful, but it only had one shot. Under such a scene, it was useless.


"God, who can tell me what happened and why we lost contact with the outside world?"

In the Gatineau Police Station, the chief took off his hat, revealing his bald head, looked at the assistant secretaries around him in disbelief, and pointed to the police officer who was cleaning up the corpses of monsters on the street: "Also, then What is it, why is there such a monster here?!"

Gatineau is a medium-sized city in the Maple Leaf Country, located at the confluence of the Ottawa and Gatineau rivers. It is across the river from the capital Ottawa.

The city has a population of 240,000, and its population is not even as large as that of a county in the Xia Kingdom, but why is this city still a medium- sized city?

Because, Maple Leaf Country is the second largest country in the world, with 9.98 million square kilometers, more than 300,000 square kilometers more than Xia Country, but its population is only over 32 million.

With such a vast area and few people, a population of 240,000 can make a prosperous city.

The smaller the population, the fewer police resources.

So, when something like this happened in the whole city, the police chief panicked and didn't know what to do.

"The police are ready to be dispatched at any time, all armed with guns. If they encounter a monster, they will solve it on the spot!"

After hesitating for a while, the chief finally ordered: "Don't let a monster attack our police station!"

Well, that's right, the Defense Police Station.

As for saving people?

Besides, they really don't have enough manpower, and it is difficult for them to save themselves.

Guns are not allowed in Maple Leaf Country. Everyone has some property. The director believes that people should be able to rely on their own guns to fight monsters to the death.

Stars shine on Maple Leaf Country, God bless the people!


Suddenly, a harsh sound rang out, and the chief couldn't help frowning. Several senior police officers around him were also startled by the sound, and they all looked out the window in unison.

There were some strange changes in the dark red sky, the whole sky was glowing with blood red light, the clouds were rapidly condensing, and after they converged at one point, they immediately began to collide violently!

The clouds over the city began to roll strangely, with hellish colors all over it.

One after another, dark red vortices appeared in front of everyone. Among these vortices, it made people feel dizzy, and it was difficult to bear this feeling.

The director's face was pale, and he already had the desire to vomit.

At this time, the earth also began to tremble slightly.

This tremor is very slight, if everyone present is not paying close attention to the surrounding situation, I am afraid that this slight shaking will not be noticed.

This shaking feeling is getting heavier and heavier, it was not very conspicuous at first, and gradually became crazy!


"Run, run!"

"Don't stay here, there's an earthquake!"

The building is collapsing, everything is changing, in the face of this kind of disaster, firearms are meaningless, the earth is beginning to crack open one after another, and ravines like ravines are forming, and a mausoleum seems to be forming in it. .

A police officer accidentally fell into a gully, his face covered in blood.

However, the police officer's luck was also very good. He didn't die because of it, but he was covered in blood and had serious fractures. He was crushed under a stone.

"what is that?!"

The police officer who was crushed by the stones wailed and wanted to seek help, but inadvertently, he found the tip of the iceberg of the mausoleum, and he couldn't help showing a look of fear.

Although only the tip of the iceberg, he saw something that surprised him.

In the mausoleum, white skeletons stood there one after another, and they seemed to be buried corpses, but they stood there one by one, and the killing intent was blowing in his face, and even made him forget his own pain, and only left fear.

Those white skeletons didn't move at all, they just stood there.

It seems that... the time has not come.

However, the appearance of this police officer seemed to be a small pebble falling from the calm lake, which immediately caused waves and ripples.

A few white skeletons near the gate also began to become more agile. They tilted their heads, and their joints turned to make a creaking sound.

It seems to be restarting, or for some reason... but it boils down to a few words, they are activated.

"Go away, get away from me!"

When the police officer saw this scene, he immediately screamed in horror, but in a short while, the few bones rushed forward and bit the police officer for a while.

The screams echoed in the gully in an instant, and it was endless.

Soon, the whole body of several white skeletons had become extremely scarlet, and two small flames had ignited in their eye sockets. After the policeman was completely swallowed, they also began to slowly walk in the same direction as always. Continue to stand quietly in the pit with other 'similars', waiting for the last time to come.


"Sir, there is a city in the Maple Leaf Country that is shrouded in blood clouds, and everyone has been tested."

In Citigroup, in a base in a desolate land, a strong man is reporting to a spirited white old man: "The authorities of the Maple Leaf Country are asking us for assistance."

"Ask us for assistance, what can we do?"

The white old man said with some dissatisfaction: "Our own people are still trapped in Alaska, we don't know where we are!"

The white old man is very upset. Delavin, one of the three extraordinary giants of Citi, has disappeared. This has made him annoyed enough, and now what happened to Maple Leaf Country has made him even more unhappy.

Seeing this, the strong man said in a low voice, "But our Mr. President has promised and will send armed forces to check it out, just like in Kangaroo Country."

"What the ** is that old guy thinking?! No, are the guys behind him flooded with water? If the action fails, what if we have an extraordinary person dying there?!"

The white old man's eyes widened, as if he couldn't believe his ears: "How many extraordinary people do we still have, don't they know?!"

Alaska's actions have cost them nearly one-third of the extraordinary people in one Other extraordinary people still have tasks to guard everywhere to prevent the appearance of extraordinary criminals, and now they can maintain high mobility. There are not many supernatural beings.

How can Congress have this ridiculous idea, what the ** are they thinking?

"The meaning over there is to let us send a small number of watchmen to cooperate with the military to use the extraordinary weapons newly developed by the extraordinary to experiment together." The strong man explained, "The main purpose is to experiment with new extraordinary weapons, with the extraordinary weapons of the extraordinary. Safety is the main priority, if things are really difficult to handle, the extraordinary can evacuate by themselves."

"What about the city in Maple Leaf Country?" the white old man asked with a frown.

Now that extraordinary events are frequent and a city is isolated, it is a major event. If it is not dealt with in time, it will easily become a bomb. He still knows this. Before, it was mainly to vent his dissatisfaction.

"The meaning over there is... It's a big deal to use some ultra-high-scale weapons. The Maple Leaf Country has so much territory, and it should be simple to draw out a no-man's land."

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