Chapter 285:My Draw Game Has Come True

Extraordinary Mecha

"I love working for Uncle Sam, it shows me my worth..."

The high-pitched singing resounded in this training base of Citi.

The stout Citi Soldier is singing cheerful songs, running around the field, and swaying his sweat.

There is no set slogan for Citizen's training camp.

You can shout one, two, three, four, or sing. As long as you can express your emotions, you can shout anything... Of course, if you insult your superiors, you may suffer some military physical 'abuse'.

Outside the stadium, two officers were looking at the soldiers participating in the training, and suddenly one of them picked up the loudspeaker and shouted: "Melvin, Leonardo, get out!"

With the sound of this voice, soon, two strong men appeared in front of the officer.

Both of them are white males with strong muscles and handsome appearances. It can be seen that they seem to be from extraordinary backgrounds.

"Sir, what are your orders!"

Melvin on the left shouted: "We are determined to fulfill your orders!"

"very good!"

The officer nodded and then ordered: "I need the two of you to wear new mechas, follow the watchers, go to the Maple Leaf Country to handle the task, and throw those disgusting bugs that crawled out of ** back, can you do it?! "

"Guaranteed to complete the mission!" Leonardo also shouted loudly.

"Very good, the motherland and the people will be proud of you, let's go!"

The two took orders at the same time and began to trot towards an underground military base not far away.

"Huo, Leonardo, I never thought that we would be allowed to drive mechas to perform missions? Is this serious?"

While running, Melvin said to Leonardo: "This seems to be the first action of the mecha, right?"

Leonardo nodded and said, "Yes."

Although Leonardo looks a little taciturn, his heart is also very hot.

They can drive mechas to meet them!

Citi's extraordinary heritage is not very high, but Citi's technology level is very high.

In the past, they were devoted to the study of war machines, but after the extraordinary era, they captured a large number of hostile extraordinary people from a neighbor in the south and Africa under the pretext of 'fighting extraordinary criminals' and used them for scientific research. Research, and finally developed a series of weapons and equipment.

Like laser-charged weapons, or weightless weapons, and the mechs they're about to cast.

The mecha is not very big, not a Gundam, but a single-player Iron Man-like mecha.

It's just that unlike the Iron Man in the movie, their mechas still have a lot of things that can't be perfected. During the test, their mechas can fight happily with the fourth-level superhumans, but when facing the Big Three, they Can't make much difference.

The ability of the mecha is higher than that of the fourth-level extraordinary, but lower than the fifth-level extraordinary.

This kind of performance has already satisfied the Citi government.

There is a downside to this armor, though.

That is, this mecha cannot be mass-produced, all its driving comes from the core mechanism, and the core mechanism needs the energy of the extraordinary to construct, the output of the core mechanism is extremely low, and currently there are only six machines in the entire Citi country. Armor.

Now I take out two for the mission, mainly to test the actual combat performance of the mecha... The previous test was always just a test, and I haven't experienced a real battle, so what kind of mecha is it?

Melvin and Leonardo are the best mecha pilots in Citi Country, and letting them perform tasks will naturally reduce the failure rate.

Immediately after Melvin and Leonardo arrived at the base, staff rushed over and began to assemble weapons and armor for the two.

One after another, high-tech equipment was equipped on the two of them.

With the last helmet being carried, a pleasant mechanical female voice reached the ears of the two: "Neurons are connecting."

"Welcome to the Q2931 model mecha."

With the sound of the last voice, Melvin and Leonardo gasped heavily, and Leonardo clenched his fists even more.

This long-lost sense of power is back.

In the extraordinary era, who doesn't want to master the power of one-man army?

But even for an extraordinary person, to achieve the ability to become an army by one person, it is not something that can be done casually, and it also requires a long time of trials and tribulations.

But now, with the blessing of the mecha, they can easily reach the point where those extraordinary people need to work hard for a period of time, enough to make them feel intoxicated.

If there is a choice, who wouldn't want to take shortcuts?

"Let's go, there will be Lu Qishi who will cooperate with your actions."

The liaison officer stood in front of the two mechas and said to them.

"How shall we go?"

Leonardo, who was wrapped in dark blue mecha, asked: "Our armor doesn't seem to be equipped with a flight function, right?"

The mechs are equipped with a glide feature to keep them from crashing, but the flight feature isn't loaded so they don't fly.

"The Air Force's loader will carry you to the designated location, let you land from a high altitude, and raid the target location."

The experimenter continued.

After hearing this, Melvin and Leonardo nodded in unison, expressing their understanding.

They followed a soldier, arrived at the loader, and got on the plane skillfully, ready to take off.

They had done some experiments before, and naturally knew what to do now.

In this battle, they will make illustrious military exploits and return with glory.

They want to prove to the world that even ordinary people can exert the power comparable to the extraordinary!

Gatineau has been out of touch for eighteen hours.

The entire international public opinion has been plunged into an explosion.

No less than what happened in Kangaroo Country.

People all over the world are watching what's going on in Gatineau.

After all, there is no way to hide it.

Gatineau is only separated by a river from the capital of the Maple Leaf Country, and there are 240,000 people living there. If the trace is lost, this is a first-class event, not a small town being shrouded.

If it was just a small town, it might not have that much influence, but it is a city, a serious city!

Such public opinion explodes naturally.

Such as Xia Guo's marketing accounts, it is better to report on topics related to the end of the world like a new year, and then reap a wave of traffic fees.

It can only be said that the Internet traffic has been clearly played by them.

And for this reason, Candice's plan also fell through.

Originally, Candice planned to vigorously press the whole public opinion, but she did not expect such a thing to happen, and no one paid attention to it all of a sudden.

After all, for the big guys, a first-level extraordinary person (Katis’s apparent strength) will die if he dies. How can it be compared to a disaster that is enough to destroy a city?

Therefore, Candice's plan has not yet begun to be implemented, and it has already declared bankruptcy.

On the other side, in the Maple Leaf Country, a large number of troops are being mobilized.

Of course, the army of Maple Leaf Country is not very large, only nearly 80,000 people.

After all, because of the geographical location, it is useless to have so many troops.

But now, Maple Leaf Country can be said to have mobilized all the troops he could mobilize.

The authorities of the Maple Leaf Country have even begun to regret that they have not expanded the number of troops.

Who would have thought that such a thing would happen suddenly?

But fortunately there is one thing, that is, his neighbor Citigroup has begun to send troops to help.

In this way, part of the lack of troops can be offset.

And according to Citi, they will be sending out watchmen and the latest mobile force to enter the city to investigate the situation.

Although they don't know what their so-called latest mobile unit refers to, the Maple Leaf Nation knows what a watchman is.

That is Citi's top organization of extraordinary people. Once the watchmen are dispatched, most things will be completed.

It's not that they are superstitious about the Watchmen, but because the Watchers have a solid record.

In the North and South Americas, nearly two-thirds of the extraordinary events are completed by watchmen. Here, watchmen are absolute power and unstoppable.

This made the authorities of the Maple Leaf Country very happy, and even when they were interviewed by the media, they put on an oath.

It's just that the interview is only separated by a wall, but Gatherdo, one of the big three of the Citi Watchmen, couldn't help but chuckle.

Sorry, the main force of this operation is the armored mobile unit, plus some third-level superhumans, only one official member of the watchmen will enter it.

As for Gatherdo, one of the three giants... I'm sorry, I never considered it, just to show my face for the sake of international influence.

After all, there are only two of the three giants left. The lava core Draven has been lost in Alaska, and the watchers have marked Draven with a 'suspected death'. Now the three giants exist in name only, and the remaining two are even more Sadly.

Perhaps they still obeyed the orders of the Citizen government to go wherever they went, but now they dare not move.

After all, people are afraid of death, and they may be the ones who die next time.

Even if he didn't die, was injured, or disappeared, it was hard enough.

No matter from that point of view, it is impossible for the current fifth- level superhuman to be what it used to be.

In the past, the fifth-level extraordinary person was the sky, the earth, and the strongest person in this world.

Now... Since the appearance of the Valkyrie of Water, everything has changed, the mythical creatures have increased, and the fifth-level extraordinary people have begun to feel a sense of crisis.

No way, the world has changed, that's all it can do.

"Sir, the armored mobile unit has arrived at the designated location and is preparing to launch."

The earphones in his ears suddenly sounded, and after hearing this sentence, Garcedo nodded and said lazily: "Okay, I will tell John to enter, they are outside the city now, don't worry about being unable to cooperate with the armored mobile unit. action."

After hearing this, the man on the other side of the headset breathed a sigh of relief and said, "That's good, keep in touch."

After hanging up the call, Gatherdo sneered and didn't take it to heart.

One of the leaders of Citigroup Extraordinary is not at all interested in those guys who have improved in technology.

Gatherdor wished those mech pilots would die with his mech.

In fact, John and other third-level superhumans who performed the task also thought of this.

It's impossible to blatantly stab teammates, but don't expect them to rescue them if you encounter any danger.

If those mech pilots really died in this operation, then Gatherdor just wants to say... good die, champagne!

Speaking of which, I really don't know what the people in Congress are thinking.

What kind of extraordinary technology to study, it is better to give all of them to our watchmen if we have this kind of resources. In this way, maybe the Big Three will become the Big Five, the Big Six, and the Big Eight. If so, how could it be possible to face the emergence of those ancient countries Such a disadvantageous situation?

"A group of ** will only drain the strength of Citi's No. 1 in the world for no reason!"

Thinking of this, Garcedo scolded angrily.

"We have arrived at the designated location, please instruct!"

The two mechas gliding all the way from high above the sky successfully entered this small town. They turned to the walkie-talkie for instructions, and at the same time, they looked around, but found that the city was only desolate and empty.

Vehicles on both sides of the road collided, the glass was shattered, blood was everywhere, ** corpses were vaguely visible, and red fog was everywhere.

Just looking at it gives a creepy feeling.


There is no reply from the walkie-talkie, some only have chaotic current sounds.

This place has been completely isolated, no news can be leaked, and it has become a no-man's land.


Melvin scolded: "Leonardo, what are we going to do now?"

"Look around and see what's going on here!"

Leonardo, who was hiding in the black mecha, didn't know what was going on, so he could only say this: "We can't just retreat like this, right?"

"The superhuman who answered us doesn't know where he went... This is really bad!"

Melvin spoke with dissatisfaction, and UU reading vented his inner emotions. For those extraordinary people, Melvin also despised them.

They always look high and high, which makes Melvin very disliked. He joined the armored mobile unit to swell the faces of those extraordinary people, telling them that supernatural powers are no big deal, and technological mechas can kill them.


Every step of their action will cause a little roar, after all, it is a mecha, and steel is not as good as people's hearts.

However, just after they left, at the location where they were just now, several shadows were rapidly gathering, and the monster hidden in the shadows revealed a pair of green eyes, staring at the two mechas that had just passed by. There was a flash of doubt.

The iron shell... also moves?

But before they could fully reveal themselves, a scorching beam of light suddenly came from the front!

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