Authornew pavilion
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Gu Yang traveled to a world of high martial arts. After two years in a small village, he finally saved enough money to activate the system, a life simulator.

For a certain amount of money, you can run a simulation.

After the simulation is over, you can keep the realm, martial arts, and life wisdom.

[You have been an accountant for five years, saved enough money to buy a book of exercises, worked hard for ten years, and successfully became a ninth-rank martial artist. When you meet an enemy, you die! 】

[As soon as you came out of the mountain, you were the ninth rank. You became the nursing home of a certain family. After 20 years of hard work, you broke through to the eighth rank. In the end, you died of old age in a small town. 】

[As soon as you came out of the mountain, you were the eighth rank. You were appreciated by an aristocratic family and taught advanced martial arts. Due to the slow progress, you were marginalized. After more than ten years, you finally broke through the seventh rank. During a certain mission, you encountered a powerful enemy, killed. 】

After I don’t know how many simulations, [there is no one you meet who is your opponent. You find yourself invincible. 】

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