Chapter 1:My Name is Minato Namikaze

At the beginning of the journey

Where is this place? Why is it so dark? Why can't you move?


Come here?

Let me out?

"Four generations of Hokage, if you don't want your child to die, then leave here!"

Eh? Four generations of Naruto? what?

what is this?

Why can't you speak up?


So dizzy, don't turn it anymore!

Can't see anything?

"Hahaha! Come out, Nine Tails!"

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah!"

Nine tails? what? Screams? Why is it so miserable?

"Soul Dan, I will never let you go."

"Spiral pill!"


What is this again? Why is the vibration so violent! ?

Spiral pill?

Why are you so familiar?

"Damn four generations of Hokage, do you still underestimate you!?"

"Don't you want to run away!"

escape? Why are you running away? Who is going to run away?

What happened?


What do you want?


It hurts, it looks like something is coming in!

What happened!

Why am I still unable to move!

Why is it so dark!

Get out! I want to go out!

Let me out!

"Does it have to be like this?"

"Sorry, for the village and Naruto. Trust our children!"

Eh? Naruto? Four generations of Naruto? Nine tails?

Could it be! ?

It's painful! So sad! What the ** is this! ? Is it Kyuubi? No, this?

No way!

Let me out!

It seems to be the most original shock deep in my heart.

It was like a space that was torn apart in an instant, and a bright brilliance flashed in the sky instantly.

Dispel the shady.

The scene in front of you.

At the moment.

The intense scene of gold and blood intertwined.

It's like the sky fixed in that moment forever.

It was just a momentary trance.

Another huge force struck, and the renewed darkness once again enveloped the entire sky.

He left a low whine.

"Sorry, Naruto..."

But also at the moment when he fell into darkness again.

Only then did he realize that he seemed to have come to a rather incredible world.

--Dividing line--

Fire country, Konoha Village, Konoha 53 years, this is the most central location in the whole continent. As the only Shinobu village in the most prosperous country, Konoha Shinobu is the head of Shinobu village at this stage. After three wars in the world of Ninja and many other incidents, Konoha Shinobu’s strength has been extremely weakened. However, thanks to its deep heritage and the continuous support of the world’s largest country, the country of fire, it still remains. Let the current Konoha Village at least nominally occupy the top of the five ninja villages.

And in this extremely peaceful country.

But there is such a figure incompatible with it.

A blond boy who was only about five years old bowed his head and walked down the most prosperous street in Konoha Village, while other residents of Konoha Village who met this teenager along the way avoided one after another, and everyone returned. He looked at the blond boy with extreme disgust, horror, and even a faintly murderous look.

But the blond boy did not move at all. He seemed to be used to it a long time ago. He just lowered his head and made small steps towards his goal. After turning a corner, he came to the door of a very business hotel. After smelling the aroma from inside, the blond man's stomach screamed in despair. The boy crouched out the window, looking at the various dishes inside, his pupils showed a very longing look uncontrollably.

Just at this time.

It seems that the owner of the restaurant noticed the blond boy, and a faint murderous intent flashed in the depths of his eyes at this moment. The next second, he waved his hand. There was a scar on his left face and his face was extremely The ferocious middle-aged man walked out carrying a lunch box.

"Hmph, this is for you, take it, just get out of here!"

It was a lunch box that was thrown ** the blond boy.

The lunch box opened in an instant, and the rice and dishes poured out from it.

The blond boy immediately squatted down, hurriedly dialed back the spilled rice and dishes, and then carefully covered the lunch box. At this moment, the middle-aged man watching the blond boy's behavior appeared in his pupils. There was a very direct and obvious look of disgust and resentment.

If it hadn’t been ordered by someone in the village, he would have to distribute food to the blond boy on time. This middle-aged man would have wanted to slaughter the blond boy a long time ago, let alone distribute food to the boy. The faint murderous aura emanating from up and down is not a joke, but a real existence!

"Damn monster! Why didn't you die sooner!"

The seemingly whispered words were actually enough to make the blond boy hear the tone.

The boy trembled uncontrollably a few times, biting his lips tightly, the blond boy still lowered his head. After finishing the lunch box, he took the lunch box in both hands, turned and left the restaurant, and walked along the shadowed corner of the street. Paceed away in the other direction.

The blond boy tried to avoid crowded places as much as possible along the way.

Winding around, passing some very remote paths, the blond boy came to a run- down apartment building, here is the blond boy’s residence, the boy lived on the third floor, originally there were other residents here, but when After the blond boy was arranged to live here by three generations of Hokage five years ago, the residents here moved out of the apartment building one after another.

So in fact, in this apartment building, only the blond boy lives alone.

After the blond boy returned to his room on the third floor, he came to his kitchen with ease, then stood on a small bench, and distributed the rice and side dishes in the lunch box very carefully. Jump out the rice and side dishes that have just been stained with dust, clean it up with clean water, then pick out the obvious rotten parts, and then return the remaining food to the pot and reheat it skillfully.

"It's really a terrible place. Has it been five years since I came to this world? Uzumaki Naruto? It's really a mocking name."

The blond boy looked at the food that was gradually heating up in front of him, his face showed a mocking look that was obviously not suitable for his age, and he whispered.

That's right, the name of this blond boy is Naruto Uzumaki.

It's just that the current Naruto Uzumaki is no longer a simple five-year-old.

It is a child who is mixed with the soul of another world for more than 20 years.

Of course, what kind of world is the previous life, and what is the identity of the previous life.

For the blond boy, it doesn't matter at all.

On that night five years ago, when I came into this world, I immediately realized what kind of existence I became.

Uzumaki Naruto.

The world of Naruto.

When Naruto fully understands what a cold-blooded and cruel world he has come to, especially after realizing how bad the environment he is in, he can't even laugh out a fake smile, but Naruto happens to be in many moments. You must also act as a very innocent child.

The feeling of putting on a mask.

The surrounding environment is harsh, and almost everyone is hostile.

And there are those who constantly monitor themselves in their surroundings.

It is even more so that Naruto has to bear great pressure mentally over the past five years.

Although I was reading the original in my previous life.

Naruto has understood that the childhood life of the Lord is extremely miserable.

But the original book didn't mention it in detail.

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