Chapter 48:My Name is Minato Namikaze

The seventh class is officially formed

Naruto with a smile, Sasuke with a calm face.

And just woke up.

He also looked at Haruno Sakura of Kakashi, Sasuke, and Naruto with a dazed expression.

"Well, it's a perfect tactic. I was indeed deceived by the two of you. You are indeed the goal of completing the mission. However, as I said before, grabbing the bell just means that you have qualified For qualifications, there are only two bells and only two qualified places. Did you directly choose to qualify yourself and Sasuke?"

Kakashi looked directly at Naruto in front of him, the words spoken directly.

Sasuke's expression on the side has become a little more subtle.

And not far away, Sakura, who was still bewildered, woke up directly after Kakashi's words fell.


what's the situation?

Did Naruto and Sasuke grab the bell?

And now is to ask who can qualify?

Some confusion, but thoughts that were sorted out all at once.

Haruno Sakura, who stood up from the ground, looked at the bell in Naruto's hand not far away. At first, she was a little fascinated. Then, Kozakura, who fully reacted, showed a sad look on her face. Naruto and Sasuke If you grab the bell, you can graduate smoothly, but he almost didn't play a role at all.

Listen to Kakashi's words.

Haruno Sakura believes that it is inevitable that she will go back to school and retake.

Although for a moment, Haruno Sakura had the urge to speak.

Want to graduate!

Want to stay!

I want to be a team with Sasuke!

But then he was forcibly contained by himself.

No qualifications, no courage to speak up.

Sakura knows very well.

Sasuke and Naruto collaborated to grab the bell, and in terms of strength, the two were also far superior to them. It was Naruto and Sasuke who graduated successfully, not the one who was placed in the beginning.

Kozakura thought silently in her heart.

Although it is uncomfortable, it is because I have to accept the facts.

Sakura thinks so.

Sasuke over there also thinks that Naruto would choose this way, or that he thinks this choice is the most appropriate, but the team just formed, Sasuke has no special feelings for Sakura, and even a little bored (no strength is still a idiot) .)

But Kakashi thought Naruto might surprise himself again.

It's just that more consideration may be needed.

However, in the next moment, Naruto's actions once again exceeded the expectations of the three present, especially Kakashi.

There is no entanglement, and there is no hesitation.

It was almost a few seconds before Kakashi's words fell.

The Naruto in front of him smiled faintly, with slightly harder hands, the two bells pulled apart, and then to the sides, amidst the extremely shocked expressions of both Kozakura and Sasuke, they threw them over.

Sasuke and Sakura who both caught the bell hadn't reacted before.

"Then I will directly choose to give the bells to Sasuke and Sakura."

Naruto chuckled, staring directly at Kakashi, who was also surprised, and said.

"Naruto, how did you give me the bell? It should be given to you and Sasuke. As Kakashi-sensei said, I didn't play any role at all. The bell was grabbed by you and Sasuke-kun together. You two are qualified!"

Kakashi hadn't spoken first.

Kozakura, who caught the bell over there, spoke with a firm expression.

Although at the moment of receiving the bell.

A look of excitement and anticipation appeared in the depths of Sakura’s heart, but it was only for a second, and it was completely wiped out, because Sakura knew very well that this was given to herself by Naruto, not She got it by virtue of her strength. Although Sakura's strength at this time was very poor, her mentality was not good, and she was even a idiot, but she was by no means a fool. She knew exactly what to do and what not to do.

This bell is not what I deserve.

Then you cannot take it yourself.

I wanted it very much, but I couldn't accept it.

It was at that moment.

Kozakura still made a decision and wanted to throw the bell back again.

Before throwing it out.

But it was directly blocked by Naruto.

"No, Sakura, here you are, we can graduate together, right? Teacher Kakashi."

After Naruto waved his hand to Sakura not far away.

Sasuke frowned slightly, Kakashi said with a confident smile underneath his smiling face.

"Huh? Graduating together?"

Sakura froze in place, as if she didn't understand it.

As for Sasuke, after frowning his brows slightly, there seemed to be a certain light flashing in his mind. The frowning brows were slowly loosened at this moment, but at this moment, the sight of Naruto was full Complex meaning.

"Oh? Why give Sasuke and Sakura, I will let you all graduate? Naruto?"

Kakashi wrapped his hands on his chest, his face seemed to show a playful look, looked directly at Naruto, and said with a smile.

"Because the focus of the assessment of this survival exercise is whether the three of us have a sense of teamwork! Whether it is the bell-robbing battle or the current sub-bell, what Kakashi wants to assess is that the three of us can become a real The team! As long as this point is reached, it can be considered as fulfilling your request of Mr. Kakashi, otherwise, even if you ** the bell, if it is alone, it will be unqualified in the end! And Sakura finally decided to turn the bell. Give it back to me to prove Sakura’s team spirit, so all three of us are qualified! Right? Teacher Kakashi!"

Naruto raised his head slightly, looked at Kakashi standing in front of him, and said loudly.

Wise, bold, calm, and decisive when necessary.

Very keen perception.

The most important thing is to believe in yourself and teammates as well.

It must be said.

Naruto's performance far exceeded Kakashi's previous expectations.

Looking at such Naruto.

In the depths of Kakashi's mind, there is no doubt that he once guided Shangnin, Naruto's father, the fourth generation of Naruto-Minato Watergate.

"Teacher, your child has really grown up."

Kakashi looked at the Naruto in front of him, and a ray of mixed emotions such as gratification, sighs, recollections appeared in his pupils, but it was only for a moment that Kakashi was completely taken away by Kakashi, and immediately greeted him. The three people have different looks.

Kakashi finally no longer appetite, but nodded gently.

"Yeah! All three of you are qualified!"

This calmly sounded words.

Naruto and Sasuke in front of them did not change their expressions.

And Kozakura, who was not far away, came out with an expression of disbelief and extremely joy after a slight daze.


I am finally qualified!

No need to go back to Shinobu school! You can continue to be teammates with Sasuke!

at this moment.

Sakura can't, or doesn't want to suppress her emotions.

And the sight in the direction of Naruto was full of gratitude.

Because of Naruto, I can graduate.

At this point.

Kozakura can see very clearly.

And it was accompanied by Kakashi's final words.

This graduate!

The seventh class is also officially formed! !

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